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What is Co-Dependency?

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We think of addiction as a family illness as it affects the whole family.  The term co-dependent evolved out of treatment centers in the USA, in the 1950’s. The first Rehabs initially treated alcoholics. Then co-alcoholic meaning ‘alcoholic-with’ described close family members who either enabled or were victims. In the 1960’s, drug dependency started to be treated so the term was updated to co-dependency ‘dependent-with’. In 1986 the first recovery meeting of co-dependency Anonymous CoDA took place. Melody Beattie wrote the first big book ‘Codependent No More – How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself’.

Family feedback is one of the most powerful tools in treatment and we strongly recommend that you involve your loved ones in the therapeutic process.

Our understanding of co-dependency has broadened out to include those people who are attracted to addicts due to care-taking issues, people who are addicted to relationships, and who have a fear of people.

The Drama Triangle

The drama triangle by Stephen Karpman is another useful table to work with. It helps understand any dysfunctional social interaction humans engage in, usually unconsciously.  There are three roles that we can switch into depending on the situation and who.

The Drama Triangle

Additional roles we play in our relationships:

Treatment at Hope Rehab

Cognitive behavioral therapy is now the most popular and widely used form of “talk-treatment”.

At Hope Rehab we view fitness as a level of physical wellbeing where you are able to get the most out of life.

Mindfulness is one of the four pillars of the program we offer here at Hope Rehab.

Helping you quit alcohol or drugs is not going to be enough to ensure your lasting sobriety.

Mindfulness is a way to rebalance ourselves. Instead of being lost in thought.

Leaving rehab is when the work really begins, work you will need support with.

After making changes to your life, it is important to consider how to maintain these.

At Hope, we understand that group therapy can seem daunting if you’ve never participated before.

Counselling enhances your awareness by exploring your intellectual and emotional processes.

Counselling enhances your awareness by exploring your intellectual and emotional processes.

For daily or dependent drinkers, we makes sure you are medicated on a reduction program for 5 days.