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Welcome to Hope Rehab Thailand. We are a fully licensed, internationally acclaimed Drug and Alcohol treatment center based in Thailand. The Hope program combines the most effective therapies available, including Mindfulness, CBT, relapse prevention techniques with fitness activities.

Our world class service is provided in an exclusive location on a large estate, privately owned and graciously leased by the Thai Consulate General to Monaco. The facility’s grounds extend over 3 acres with 14 buildings, all within peaceful, protective stone walls for your serenity. Each client room is single occupancy with shower and internet access.


Hope Rehab Thailand logoHope Rehab Thailand Admissions: To get started please use the Contact Form on this page and we will send you all the information you need and talk through the admissions process. We suggest you get in touch with us as soon as possible to save time. The next step is to arrange a telephone call and clinical assessment.

You are welcome to email or call our international admission manager [email protected] on +353 89 208 9770  Natalie will help guide and support you through the process of getting to Hope, also booking flights and helping a loved one. We appreciate your patience and will be in touch as soon as possible, in the meantime take a good look at our website which will enhance your understanding of our treatment approach.

Hope Rehab's Admission Manager NatalieHope Rehab Thailand Fees: To request treatment rates please fill in the Contact Form on this page. The cost of your treatment is calculated according to length of stay. We understand cost is a significant factor for our clients and their families, so we keep our rates as low as possible without compromising quality and clinical safety. Once we arrange your booking, you pay a $2000 deposit on PayPal for your security. After you arrive you will have several days to decide if you are comfortable then pay the balance.

Hope offers a special two discount for the New year period. In addition to this we have recently build new rooms in our advanced facility so will offer special rates for 3-month programs. Unfortunately, we have no information regarding public funding streams or private insurance schemes that will pay for addiction treatment in Thailand.

Typically Hope is less than a third of the cost of western rehabs, and the longer you stay the less it costs. We have no hidden costs, only a little spending money for personal effects. For more details read our what’s included in the price page. Hope has a fair refund policy. You are welcome to email or call Natalie, our international admission manager [email protected] on +353 89 208 9770.

Head counsellor Henk welcoming a client at Hope Rehab ThailandHope Rehab Thailand Program Options: Hope offers 30-day intensive treatment programs; that is to say, we pack in a lot of activities, therapy and learning into one month. However we recommend taking a longer option if possible. Some drugs, such as opiates and Benzo’s require a minimum 2-month commitment due to a longer detox period. This is why Hope has developed an  advanced program.

As we all know addiction isn’t conquered overnight. For many, it took time to develop the habits and behaviours that feed addiction. So it stands to reason that it will take time to change. A simple detox or quick fix is a “flight to health” and rarely achieves lasting results. It is after the initial adjustment period that you really begin to deal with underlying issues. With this in mind allow for up to 3 months rehabilitation if possible. Contact us to learn more about our individual treatment plans and time frames.

Preparing for Hope Rehab: Once you have decided to join our program, book your flight to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK). A Hope team member will be waiting at Bangkok airport arrivals hall at meeting point 1 to collect you. All westerners receive a one month visa on arrival at the immigration desk at the airport after the month is over we will get you another month extension at our local immigration office. Go to our What to Bring page this will help you plan your trip. All rooms and accommodation are designed for single occupancy with shower and internet access.

Mobility issues: Hope is restricted as regards physically impaired. The Hope facility is on a mountain side. We do not offer individual care for people living with a disability who require support for basic tasks. All people attending Hope need to live and physically function independently.

Google Reviews Hope Rehab has received many powerful and positive testimonials and reviews from our clients. We recommend you take a few minutes to read some and gain some insight into what is possible. These reviews mean the world to the staff at Hope who dedicate their lives to this work.

Hope Rehab Benefits

There are many good reasons to choose Hope Rehab in Thailand, indeed we are widely acknowledged to be one of the best rehabs in the world, and the best value rehab to be found anywhere. (Download the Hope Treatment Program as PDF)

  • There are no hidden costs

  • We advise families on how to get loved ones into rehab

  • Highest ratio of staff to clients with 45 member team

  • 3 counselling sessions weekly

  • Individual mindfulness coaching & groups

  • 3 times weekly excursions & Sunday Island visit

  • Exciting group program & workshops

  • Private single room with shower

  • Internet & phone access

  • Thai Massage & Muay Thai training

Watch our videos and discover Hope


Chang Beer, ThailandWelcome to Hope Rehab’s Alcohol Addiction program in Thailand. Many clients who attend Hope’s program come due to their alcohol or drinking issues. The clients come from all over the world and from all age groups. Hope offers a safe and comfortable environment to address this issue and overcome the challenges associated.

Alcoholism, or alcohol addiction and alcohol-use-disorder, are all terms used by Doctors, whether binge-drinking or alcohol dependence. Alcohol problems can sneak up on you and can develop progressively in response to difficult life events. The most successful program known to treat all levels of alcohol addiction is the holistic approach incorporating many elements and therapies which you will find listed on our program page. One tip to ensure alcoholism and alcohol addiction treatment is successful is to put all worries about the future aside, especially about whether or not you can drink ever again, as it gets in the way of treatment. Major decisions like these can be dealt with later.  Read more!

Welcome to Hope Rehabs Drug addiction program. At Hope we have created the optimal program to address all the various elements of this destructive condition, giving you the best chance for recovery. You know you are addicted when you cannot stop doing something that is hurting you. For an addict using drugs is like “going back to the problem for the solution” again and again

When searching for a Rehab for Drug addiction it is important to understand that many rehabs differ in what they are capable of offering you. It is important when considering any program that you figure out if the right support is available. Coming to Thailand is surprisingly practical, it is relatively easy to arrange with air travel cost at an all time low, getting to Bangkok is very cheap. Also, you are likely to get a bed when you need it. Thailand is the obvious choice for an international rehab because of our high-quality rehab program available at an affordable price. Read more!

Hope Rehab NurseHope has both, female and male nursing staff. Senior team member Paul Garrigan is a registered nurse specializing in addiction working in partnership with our local private Hospital who provide all medical services which is only a few minutes away from Hope’s facility. We keep you comfortable and safe with 24/7 care and support while achieving recovery. More medical and detox information can be obtained during your telephone assessment before enrolling in the program. Medication can be helpful, but it needs to be combined with talk therapy and lifestyle change. Also, humans become tolerant to all drugs/medication so a sustainable long-term solution must be found. Read more!

Most of the clients who attend Hope Rehab suffer from Depression and/or Anxiety. Both are common experiences for many addicts. At Hope we use the combined powers of our skilled counsellors and the healing therapeutic community as well as the tools available through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and our mindfulness program to help individuals manage this more effectively.

At Hope we practice a holistic approach. That means we look at the whole person and that often also includes ADHD, Dyslexia, self-medication, childhood struggles alongside the addiction. Doctors often refer to this as ‘concurrent disorders’ or ‘dual diagnosis’. Note: Hope Rehab is not a substitute for a psychiatric clinic – Unfortunately we cannot treat Eating disorders/self-harm. See our Dual diagnosis page to understand what we can treat and what we cannot treat.



Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is about the relationship between thoughts and behaviour. More…


Hope's unique mindfulness program

Mindfulness will help you develop an improved relationship with your thoughts and feelings. More…



Our team provides you with effective tools for managing stress & anxiety levels as well as old trauma. More…



Healthy body = healthy mind = healthy soul. That’s why fitness is one of the main pillars of the Hope program. More…



Relapse prevention will equip you with the tools you need to ensure that don’t fall back into old habits throughout recovery. More…



Leaving rehab is when the work really begins. Our aftercare program will provide the support you need. More…

Buddha Steps in Sri Racha
Thai Massage at Hope Rehab Thailand
One-on-one Counselling Session at Hope Rehab

The Management team welcomes you to Hope Rehab Thailand

HenkProgram Manager
PaulAddiction Nurse
VinnyWeekend Manager
JennyCustomer Service Manager
LukeTeam Manager
AoyAddiction Nurse

Contact Us

Hope Rehab's Admission Manager Natalie

Contact our admissions manager Natalie and take the first step towards your new life. Natalie will help you with further information & advice. She will also guide and support you through the simple process of getting to Hope.


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Hope Rehab Thailand is a fully licensed, internationally acclaimed Drug and Alcohol treatment center based in Thailand. The Hope program combines the most effective therapies available with mindfulness and a well-thought-out fitness curriculum. We are NAADAC registered in USA, also APCB certified in Asia and FDAP affiliated in UK.


Hope Rehab Thailand Program Options: Hope offers 30-day intensive treatment and 90-day long-term advanced options. Hope is a practical and stimulating recovery program, we pack in a lot of activities, therapy and learning into the course designed for people who are motivated to change.


Our timetable consists of daily mindfulness and meditation, early morning fitness activities, therapeutic groupwork, one-to-one counselling, SMART-Recovery, positive-psychology, sober-coaching, weekend excursions, relapse prevention, aftercare and much much more.

Group meditation with Alon at Hope Rehab Thailand

Getting Started

We suggest you get in touch with us as soon as possible to get a free consultation and/or to start the admission process right away. Call or send us a message to get further details and information on joining our program. We will then arrange for a telephone assessment and talk you through the next important steps. We recognize how difficult it is to ask for help, therefore we want to make it as easy and convenient for you as possible to reach out to us.

Feel welcome to call our admission manager Natalie on +353 89 208 9770 if you prefer reaching out via phone – but pllease allow for time differences.


Open our pdf information booklet below to get a comprehensive impression of what we do and who we are…

Hope information Booklet

Read our wonderful reviews on Google

Hope has received many powerful and positive testimonials from our clients. We recommend you take a few minutes to read some and gain insight into what is possible. click the link below…

Hope Rehab Benefits

  • There are no hidden costs

  • Support & help for families and loved ones

  • Highest ratio of staff to clients

  • Your own comfortable room with shower

  • 3 x weekly eating out & Island excursions

  • Western addiction nurse

Watch our video to get a first impression of Hope Rehab


Hope in the Media

Hope Rehab is located less than an hour from Bangkok International Airport in Thailand. We are situated on the coast just outside the small and charming town of Sriracha. Our Thailand is a gentle and spiritual place. The Centre’s grounds spread across almost 5 acres of land. In addition, we are surrounded by jungle and rain forest – the wildlife is amazing. The right environment and location can make a huge difference. So, whether you want to stop drinking, drugs or you are experiencing difficulties coping with issues such as Stress, Depression and Anxiety, we can help you.


Addiction is treatable with our help and program. You achieve a state of lasting wellness by incorporating evidence-based Cognitive psychology with holistic disciplines that include the universal spiritual practice of mindful-meditation, a proven coping technique for some of the triggers of addictions, such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Even our beach activity weekends provide a chance to relax and enjoy time off.

Below are links to our podcast and youtube channels for interesting topics and more information, also 2 useful pdf worksheets.

Hope Podcasts
Hope Podcasts
Hope Podcasts
Hope Podcasts