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    Welcome to Hope Rehab in Thailand, fully licensed by the Thai Ministry of Health and an accredited international Drug and Alcohol treatment centre located on the coast in Thailand. Our program combines effective evidenced based therapies including, counselling, CBT, mindfulness, meetings, relapse prevention, fitness, Thai massage and much more.

    Our world class service is delivered by a team of over 40 staff, provided in an inspiring facility leased by the Thai Consulate General to Monaco. The grand estate extends within protective beautiful stone walls. Client rooms are private with shower and internet. Hope is one of the best Rehabs in the world.

    Hope Rehab Welcomes You To Thailand

    The admissions process – To get started please use the  Contact Form  on this page and we will send you all the information you need including the cost and then talk you through the admissions process. The next step is to arrange a telephone call and clinical assessment to ensure Hope is the right place for you or your family member.  We will be in touch as soon as possible (please allow for different time zones). Our admission team is located in the UK and Thailand. Natalie or Parice will help guide and support you through the process of getting to Hope. Warning when “Choosing a Rehab in Thailand”

    Healthy & Happy in Thailand – Celebrate with a Great Opportunity

    Many clients are in treatment already and booking for the New-Year 2022. For clients planning to join us in the New-Year we will reduce our usual treatment fee when you book our two-&-three-month primary and advance programs. Remember the more you put into treatment the more you get out of it. This opportunity will only last until we are at maximum capacity again which will not take long! If you do not require detox there may be a further reduction in cost. Our admissions team will help you get here; all you have to do is book your place. Use the contact form on this page and Natalie or Parice will be in touch.

    Addiction Professionals Client Referral Procedure

    Doctors and Therapists referring clients should contact with client details to confirm eligibility criteria. NOTE: To keep our rates as low as possible we do not pay referral fees to third party agencies or referral websites. Read more here….

    Online Combined Residential Rehab

    To join Hope Rehab some clients start with online support and preparation until they can get to Hope Rehab in Thailand. Don’t be afraid the technology is simple, and the counsellors will guide you all the way. If you have any questions about how online counselling works, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You will look forward and enjoy the sessions and build a relationship with your counsellor before you get to Hope. Go to our online Services page here…

    Please Note: Using our latest online help that we are providing is not meant to replace or substitute actually being at Hope Rehab itself for detox and treatment. Hope Rehab is where you experience the powerful realizations and unity working together as a group, learning to work as a team, or the face-to-face intimate relationship with your counsellor. Part of what makes Hope one of the best treatment centers is our secure environment and unique atmosphere, the Thai culture, the diverse team, the facility and accommodation, the food, sharing the everyday lessons learned by living in our community, also all our many recourses and much much more…we do understand this! — However, our online program that we have (initially used for aftercare) now also used for pre-Rehab preparation due to delays in getting here is working very well and is now part of our package.

    How much is Treatment going to cost?

    To request treatment rates please fill in the Contact Form on this page. The cost of treatment is calculated according to length of stay. We understand cost is a significant factor for our clients and families, so we keep our rates as low as we can without compromising quality and clinical safety. Once we arrange your booking you pay a deposit to secure your place. After you arrive you will then have three days to decide if you are comfortable before paying the balance. Typically, Hope costs less than a third of the cost of  rehabs in western countries. We have no hidden costs, only a little spending money for personal effects. For more details about our rates and treatment options read our what’s included page.

    Does Hope offer Any discounts?

    Yes we are currently offering all-inclusive 4-week, 6-week and 8-week discounted packages for 2020. This is to encourage the longest possible commitment for your success in recovery. In addition, we have recently built new rooms in our advanced facility so will offer special rates for longer term 3-month programs. Let us know if no detox or medication supervision is required as we may be able to reduce the cost further.

    No Public funding for Treatment in Thailand

    Unfortunately, we have no information regarding public funding, or charitable scholarships that will pay for addiction treatment in Thailand for foreigners. However, we would encourage you to seek funding for treatment in your home country.

    Hope’s Refund policy?

    Hope has a clear Refund policy that we suggest you read via the link below. The booking deposit/Fee is non-refundable to cover our costs (except cancelation due to current global health issues). Rehabs must have strong boundaries regarding easy-refunds as clients could create chaos by leaving treatment every time they have a strong craving. Read our fair but strict refund policy here 

    How long should I stay at Hope Rehab?

    Hope offers 30-day intensive treatment programs as well as long-stay options; that is to say we pack a lot of activities into each month. We recommend that you stay as long as possible for the best chance of long-term recovery. Some drugs, such as opiates and benzo’s, require a minimum 2-month commitment due to a longer Detox period. This is why Hope has developed an Advanced Program. Addiction isn’t conquered overnight. For most, it took time to develop the habits and behaviours that feed addiction, so it stands to reason that it will take time to change. A simple detox or quick fix is a “flight to health” and rarely achieves lasting results. Hope Rehab Stats and info….

    Can I book one month and stay longer if I like it?

    Yes, Hope Rehab has a minimum commitment requirement of 30 days so most clients start with a month but many decide to stay longer. The typical length of primary treatment programs are traditionally between 4 and 8 weeks depending on your motivation. Many of our clients stay at Hope for 3 months which is an optimal period to embed new behaviours in place of old behaviours. Read more about treatment timeframes here

    What are the Options after completing the Hope program?

    Once you have completed the two-month primary treatment at Hope Rehab, it is then possible to join our advanced rehab program. The advanced program has its own 15 bed cosy facility by the sea opposite the main centre. Here you build upon the foundation of basic treatment. Some ex-clients may get to volunteer at Hope Rehab depending on availability and suitability.

    What about Longer-term Sober House options in Thailand

    If you wish to remain in Thailand long-term, there is also the option of joining our 10 bed Third-stage Sober house in Bang Saray not far away from our main facility. This is where you can begin to experience a more normal life while still having the full support of a recovery community. Clients in third-stage sober-house treatment can choose options such as doing a TEFL course to teach English or volunteer work. email

    Getting to Hope Rehab – Flights

    After you have decided to join the Hope program,  and you have paid the deposit to secure your place, it is time to arrange your flight. Fly to Bangkok’s international airport ‘Suvarnabhumi’ airport code BKK, and  we will meet you in the arrivals hall. Hope Rehab is situated one hour from Bangkok airport on the coast. Long haul international flights are reasonably priced today, especially to Bangkok. Research shows flights are cheaper on weekdays. We recommend taking a direct flight if possible. Once you have booked the flights, forward the confirmation email to our admissions team. Our staff will meet you at ‘Meeting point one’ in the arrivals hall and drive you straight to Hope.

    What do I need to do before coming?

    Our program is all inclusive and we do not have any hidden costs, however,  you will need a little spending money (a few dollars per week for personal effects, cigarettes and maybe shopping on a local market). Pocket money can be transferred via Hope’s account as we do not recommend bringing significant amounts of cash with you.

    Thailands Climate and Recommended Clothing

    Thailand is a country that can be visited all year round, particularly in our area. We have the most number of sunny and dry days with the occasional refreshing tropical shower that keeps a healthy balance. So bring your swimwear and a personal beach towel for weekend Island trips.

    Clients general Healthcare & Insurance

    Thailand is a safe country to visit and has wonderful cheap local healthcare. Our location ‘Sriracha’ is unaffected by current global health scares and an ideal safe secluded alternative place to be until it calms down. Most clients take out tourist & travel health insurance which is inexpensive and wise should you get ill or have an accident while in Thailand (Hope Rehab does not cover these eventualities) Otherwise you will need to bring all medications that you are prescribed, fitness and gym clothing, swim wear and beach towel, and light clothing for a hot climate. Go to our What to Bring page this will help you plan your trip. All rooms and accommodation are designed for single occupancy with shower and internet access. Hope is restricted as regards the physically impaired, disabled and with Mobility issues. The facility is on a mountain side and we have an emphasis on offsite fitness activities.

    Do I need a Visa for Thailand?

    Most visitors to Thailand get a 30 day visa-on-arrival at the immigration desk in the airport. This can be automatically extended for another 30 days at our local immigration office. Thereafter clients take a drive to the land boarder to get a new 30 day visa-on-arrival that can also be extended.

    Contact Parice for further information

      Contact our admissions Counsellor Parice and take the first step towards your new life. Parice will help you with advice and guide you through the simple process of getting to Hope Tel +447376505317.

      The Hope Method

      by Gabrielle Harris

      Hope has been extremely fortunate that the author, Gabrielle Harris wrote this eye-opening book about her experience’s observing Hope Rehab’s program, including interviewing the staff & clients. A member of her family completed treatment at Hope, so she has very personal reasons for being passionate about the work we do. On our library page you will find Hope’s most pressures recourses, all developed by our team. We have decided to give these Workbooks away to anyone who needs them, although they are designed to be used with the help of professionals.  follow this link 


      There are many good reasons to choose Hope Rehab in Thailand, indeed we are widely acknowledged to be one of the best rehabs in the world, and the best value rehab to be found anywhere. It is important to note that Hope Rehab is not only fully licensed by the Thai Ministry of Health but also an affiliate member of FDAP (Federation of Drug and Alcohol practitioners UK) and NAADAC (association of addiction professionals US) and accredited by APCB (Asia Pacific certification board) and our therapeutic team are FDAP registered practitioners. (Download the Hope Treatment Program as PDF)

      • There are no hidden costs

      • We advise families on how to get loved ones into rehab

      • Highest ratio of staff to clients with 45 member team

      • 3 counselling sessions weekly

      • Individual mindfulness coaching & groups

      • 3 times weekly excursions & Sunday Island visit

      • Exciting group program & workshops

      • Private single room with shower

      • Internet & phone access

      • Thai Massage & Muay Thai training

      Watch our videos and discover Hope

      Chang Beer, ThailandWhy Choose Residential Rehab for Alcohol Issues?

      Residential Rehab is proven to be the best way to manage alcohol or drug problems. Whether you want to stop drinking, or stop anything, whether you identify as an addict or not, or you are experiencing difficulty’s coping with issues such as stress, depression and anxiety. Residential Rehab gives you the breathing space and support needed to heal and to learn the skills necessary to remain sober. In-patient Detox is the safest way to stop using alcohol while avoiding being overwhelmed with triggers and cravings while at your most vulnerable. Alcohol affects the central nervous system and acts as a depressant like many sedative medications. It releases Endorphins in the brain with an opiate like effect, triggering a pain response and a euphoric buzz. So when detoxing surges of anxiety and emotional turbulence are common, this is why residential treatment is preferable to home detox.

      What to Expect from Hope Rehab’s Alcohol Treatment Program

      Welcome to Hope Rehab’s Alcohol Addiction program in Thailand. Many clients who attend Hope’s program come due to their alcohol or drinking issues. The clients come from all over the world and from all age groups. Hope offers a safe and comfortable environment to address this issue and overcome the challenges associated with alcoholism. Recognising and accepting you have an alcohol problem is the first step to the solution, so well done and we hope this website about alcohol rehab treatment in Thailand will help.

      More about Hope Rehab Alcohol Treatment options?

      Alcoholism, or alcohol addiction and alcohol-use-disorder, are all terms used by Doctors, whether binge-drinking or alcohol dependence. Alcohol problems can sneak up on you and can develop progressively in response to difficult life events. The most successful program known to treat all levels of alcohol addiction is the holistic approach incorporating many elements and therapies which you will find listed on our program page. One tip to ensure alcoholism and alcohol addiction treatment is successful is to put all worries about the future aside, especially about whether or not you can drink ever again, as it gets in the way of treatment. Major decisions like these can be dealt with later.  Read more!

      What to Expect from Hope Rehab’s Drug Addiction Treatment Program

      Welcome to Hope Rehabs Drug addiction program. At Hope we have created the optimal program to address all the various elements of this destructive condition, giving you the best chance for recovery. You know you are addicted when you cannot stop doing something that is hurting you. For an addict using drugs is like “going back to the problem for the solution” again and again. Destructive and unhealthy behaviours of drug addiction are symptoms of the condition not the disease itself. The state of addiction is not the same as the state of intoxication or even physical dependency from self-medicating. Addiction is a disease of compulsion and reward and best treated as such. The healing process starts at the point of accepting this and that serious help is required.

      More about Hope Rehab Addiction Treatment Options

      When searching for a Rehab for drug addiction, it is important to understand that  rehabs differ in what they are capable of offering you. It is also important when considering any program that you figure out if the right support is available. Coming to Thailand is surprisingly practical, it is relatively easy to arrange with air travel cost at an all time low, getting to Bangkok is very cheap. Also, you are likely to get a bed when you need it. Thailand is the obvious choice for an international rehab because of our high-quality rehab program available at an affordable price. Read more!

      Hope Rehab Nurse

      Does Hope Rehab Provide Medicated Detox?

      Yes, we provide medication assisted alcohol detox and opiate replacement & reduction detox, as well as detox for many other substances. In addition Hope Rehab has both, female and male nursing staff. Senior team member Paul Garrigan is a registered nurse specializing in addiction working in partnership with our local private Hospital who provide all medical services which is only a few minutes away from Hope’s facility. We keep you comfortable and safe with 24/7 care and support while achieving recovery. The Hope facility is staffed 24 hours a day. More medical and detox information can be obtained during your telephone assessment before enrolling in the program.

      Is Hope Rehab a Safe Environment for People Quitting an Addiction?

      The safety and well-being of clients is our top priority. New arrivals who are at risk of serious withdrawal symptoms are closely monitored in our detox unit located in the main house. There is a high-quality hospital opposite just 5 minutes away by car in case of emergency. We work in partnership with the medical team at Samitivej Hospital to ensure that withdrawal symptoms are managed so that clients are not only kept safe but also as comfortable as possible.

      Mobility issues: Hope is restricted as regards the physically impaired, disabled or acute physical health issues that make moving around difficult. The Hope facility is located on a mountain side and we focus a lot on fitness activities and weekend off-site excusions.

      Does Hope Rehab Offer Detox Only?

      At Hope we do not offer a Detox only service because Just a detox, also known as the acute phase of treatment, is unlikely to be a lasting answer for anyone, in fact it can often create more harm than good. It can lead to disappointment, denial and physical punishment. Medical Detox is helpful, but it needs to be combined with talk therapy and lifestyle change. Also, humans become tolerant to all drugs/medication so a sustainable long-term solution must be found. Read more!

      Can Hope Rehab Thailand Help with Anxiety or Depression?

      Most of the clients who attend Hope Rehab suffer from depression and/or anxiety. Both are common experiences for most human beings at some point in their lives. Anxiety and stress are common feelings shared by addicts and alcoholics. Stress can suck all the joy out of living. It creates a feeling of apprehension and it can lead to depression, hopelessness, and despair. Some of us turned to alcohol or drugs in an attempt to deal with this discomfort, but this only made things worse. At Hope, we use the combined powers of our skilled counsellors and the healing therapeutic community as well as the tools available through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and our mindfulness program to help individuals manage this more effectively.

      Hope Rehab Mental Health Treatment?

      At Hope we practice a holistic approach. That means we look at the whole person and that often also includes Depression, Anxiety issues, Trauma, PTSD, ADHD, dyslexia, self-medication, childhood struggles alongside the addiction. Doctors often refer to this as ‘concurrent disorders’ or ‘dual diagnosis’.

      Is There Psychiatric support?

      We do not have a Psychiatrist onsite at Hope and we are not a substitute for a Psychiatric clinic. However psychiatric support is offered in partnership with Samitivej Hospital opposite the rehab (mainly used for medication prescriptions) which is just 5 minutes away by car.  Hope Rehab Thailand would not be an appropriate choice for anyone who requires 24-hour on-site monitoring by a psychiatrist. To understand what we can treat and what we cannot treat and why, see our Dual diagnosis page



      Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is about the relationship between thoughts and behaviour. More…


      Hope's unique mindfulness program

      Mindfulness will help you develop an improved relationship with your thoughts and feelings. More…



      Our team provides you with effective tools for managing stress & anxiety levels as well as old trauma.



      Healthy body = healthy mind = healthy soul. That’s why fitness is one of the main pillars of the Hope program. More…



      Relapse prevention will equip you with the tools you need to ensure that don’t fall back into old habits throughout recovery. More…



      Leaving rehab is when the work really begins. Our aftercare program will provide the support you need. More…


      Contact Natalie for further information

        Contact Natalie our Admissions Manager and take the first step towards your new life. Natalie will help you with advice and guide you through the simple process of getting to Hope Tel +353892089770.

        Team photo

        Hope Rehab is a fully licensed and accredited international drug and alcohol treatment centre located on the coast in Thailand. Our intensive program combines a highly professional team, effective evidenced based therapies, individual counselling, CBT, mindfulness meditation, beach activities, mutual-aid-meetings, relapse prevention, a wide range of fitness, and Thai massage.

        Our world class service is delivered by over 40 staff and provided in an inspiring facility leased to us by the Thai Consulate General to Monaco. Our unique facility is on a large estate that extends over 5 acres – all within protective stone walls for your peace and serenity. Each client room is single occupancy with shower and internet access.

        Healthy & Happy in Thailand

        Hope Rehab Swimming

        The good news is Hope Rehab Thailand is accepting international clients again. Thailand is prioritizing medical tourism visitors for licensed facilities like Hope. The first step is to get in touch via the contact form on this page and we will start your online application. Natalie or Parice will organize a telephone assessment and support you on your journey to Hope.

        COST & CONTACT

        The Hope Method

        Hope is fortunate to have a fly-on-the-wall book written about us by the author Gabrielle Harris. The content is based on her impressions of our program that she gained while staying with us and interviewing staff and clients. We recommend that anyone interested in what we do has a look at it. You can read this eBook for free by clicking on the link to our library. There are also many other useful titles and free resources such as our mindfulness manual, workbook, and aftercare book.  Follow this link….


        Addiction Help at Hope

        Addiction is treatable with the Hope program. The team at Hope have designed a program that offers you the best chance of recovery. We go above and beyond to help you or your loved-one find a new way of living without addiction. Our program uses evidence-based approaches, below we have listed some examples of what you will experience while at Hope, for more info follow the links below….

        Hope Rehab is fully licensed by the Thai Ministry of Health and also an affiliate member of FDAP (Federation of Drug and Alcohol practitioners UK) and an organisational member of NAADAC (association of addiction professionals US) and accredited by APCB (Asia Pacific certification board) and our therapeutic team are FDAP registered practitioners.

        Someone You Care About

        Watching a family member, friend, or partner struggle with addiction is painful and may feel overwhelming at times. Substance abuse might be the toughest challenge your family ever faces. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a lot of the phone calls we receive at Hope Rehab are on behalf of a loved one. Our team is experienced in offering you advice and guidance on how best to help so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation.

        Where is Hope Rehab?

        Hope Rehab is conveniently located less than an hour from Bangkok International Airport (BKK). We are situated on the coast just outside the small and charming town of Sriracha. Our Thailand is a gentle and spiritual place. The right environment and location can make a huge difference to your recovery and all-round experience.

        Client Reviews

        Watch Our Video

        Rehab Rates

        Cost: We understand that cost is a significant factor for clients and their families. Therefore, we are determined to keep our rates as low as possible without affecting the quality of treatment or your clinical safety. Please enquire as fees are calculated according to length of stay.

        Important: To get started, fill in the contact form, then we email & arrange a telephone assessment. Once your admission is agreed, you pay a deposit (via PayPal for your security) to book your room. After your admission you have 3 days to settle the balance.

        Discounts: Hope is now offering a special opportunity for clients planning to join us in the New-Year. We will reduce our usual treatment fee by 15% when you book our two-&-three-month primary and advance programs. Remember the more you put into treatment the more you get out of it. This offer will last until we are at maximum capacity again which will not take long! If you do not require detox there may be a further reduction in cost. Our admissions team will help you get here; all you have to do is book your place. Use the contact form on this page and Natalie or Parice will be in touch.

        Detox & Treatment Options

        Hope provides medication assisted alcohol and opiate detox, also for many other substances. Senior team member Paul is a specialist addiction nurse. The safety and comfort of clients is our priority. We work in partnership with our local Hospital who provide all medication.

        Rehabs in Bangkok - Hope Thailand

        Hope Rehab Thailand Program Options: Hope offers 30-day intensive treatment and 60/90-day long-term advanced options. Hope is a practical and stimulating recovery program, we pack in a lot of activities, therapy and learning into the course designed for people who are motivated to change.

        Hope Rehab’s Media Page

        What Makes Hope Special

        Download our Brochure

        Hope information Booklet

        Getting Started

        We suggest you get in touch as soon as possible to have an assessment or start the admission process. Contact our international admissions manager Natalie, and take the first step towards your new life.  Fill out the contact form and Natalie will email and call you back. Admissions is based in the UK which can help with communications.

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          The Hope Fitness Program

          At Hope Rehab we view fitness as an essential aid for physical well-being enabling you to get the most out of life. An important part of rebuilding life after addiction is to develop healthy habits for both body and mind. At first, a fitness routine might seem hard to adopt while trying to stay clean & sober. There is no doubt that exercise will become your number one ally on your journey to recovery.

          Muay Thai Boxing

          Hope Rehab Thailand Boxing

          Fight your way out of addiction with Muay Thai Boxing! At Hope, you can train the famous ‘art of the eight limbs’ 6 days a week. Our experienced coach Yuth will help you get a grasp of the basic kicks & punches. If you enjoy Muay Thai you’ll get the chance to advance your skills.

          “EveryBODY deserves a Massage”

          Traditional Thai Massage: A bit of pampering is going to make your stay at Hope all the more enjoyable, but this is not the only reason we offer Thai massage. It is also an effective therapy that eases any lingering withdrawal symptoms, increases energy levels, releases deep stress, and promotes relaxation. Our programs includes two Thai Massage sessions weekly with highly trained and experienced local Massage therapists.

          Thai Massage at Hope Rehab Thailand

          Take a Tour of Hope

          Here is a short film made by Pete when he was a guest at Hope. We are very grateful to all those people that have helped build and promote our wonderful service, either in the media or by word of mouth. Hope has changed quite a lot since this film was made and has many new facilities and a brand new separate advanced program facility.

          Hope Mindfulness Program

          Mindfulness is one of the four pillars of the Hope Rehab approach to recovery. We encourage clients to use it alongside CBT, psychological tools and fitness activities. We believe mindfulness should be viewed as one of the tools of recovery. The more effective tools our clients have when they leave us, the higher their chances of success..

          Therapy & Counselling

          Hope’s Individual Counselling & Therapy program. Hope provides two Individual counselling sessions weekly, in addition to this you get a further session with your mindfulness coach and afternoon sessions with you Sober-Coach who help you complete your assignment work. Our intensive program has been designed to give you the best chance of success.

          Hope Groupwork Program

          The Daily Groups and Workshops at Hope Rehab often start with presentations by our counsellors and psychologists followed by an exercise with client participation and Group psychotherapy. Our Group program is powerful and stimulating. It best prepares you for recovery and the challenges in life after treatment by sharing with peers and getting feedback.

          Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

          DBT-Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychotherapy (talk therapy), and mindfulness. The word ‘dialectical’ means the interaction between two opposing forces which in this case would be change and acceptance. This approach has been around since the 1980’s introduced the psychologist Dr. Marsha Linehan and her team.

          Hope Rehab Benefits

          • There are no hidden costs

          • Support & help for families and loved ones

          • Highest ratio of staff to clients

          • Your own comfortable room with shower

          • 3 x weekly eating out & Island excursions

          • Western addiction nurse

          Hope Cuisine

          Healthy eating is a key part of Recovery. There is more to eating than just putting fuel in the body, so we do all we can to make mealtimes something to look forward to. The food is a fusion of western and Asian cuisine.

          Uplifting Accommodation

          Your comfort is important to us for personal and therapeutic reasons. All 30 client rooms are single occupancy, cleaned daily, with shower and internet access.

          A high quality program

          We are committed to providing high-quality, evidence-based treatment at Hope Rehab. Our team is made up of trained, qualified professionals from the UK, Netherlands, Ireland, USA, and Australia. Our program is internationally recognised, and our internship program attracts students from some of the top universities around the world.

          Options after Hope Rehab

          Once six week primary treatment is complete, it is possible to join our advanced program in its dedicated facility by the sea. Here you build upon the foundation of basic treatment with many options such as ACT, Advanced Mindfulness/insight training, Sober-coaching, Recovery meetings and SMART Recovery. Clients in our advanced treatment program also enjoy more peer and self supervise activities. Some ex-clients may get to volunteer depending on suitability.

          Rehabs in Hong Kong

          Contact Parice

          Contact Parice our international admissions Counsellor in the UK, and take the first step towards your new life. She will guide and support you through the simple process of getting to Hope. Fill out the contact form below.

            Why Hope ?

            HOPE reflects the attitude we have on behalf of all our clients until they have it for themselves. HOPE is the seed of a positive belief system that will start to grow. Modern psychologists put a great emphasis on developing a positive belief system in order to make significant changes in life.