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Welcome to Hope Rehab in Thailand, fully licensed by the Thai Ministry of Health and an accredited international Drug and Alcohol treatment centre located on the coast in Thailand. Our program combines effective evidenced based therapies including, counselling, CBT, mindfulness, meetings, relapse prevention, fitness, Thai massage and much more.

Our world class service is delivered by a team of over 40 staff, provided in an inspiring facility leased by the Thai Consulate General to Monaco. The grand estate extends within protective beautiful stone walls. Client rooms are private with shower and internet. Hope is one of the best Rehabs in the world.

Hope Rehab Welcomes You To Thailand

Thailand is Open to All Visitors with Visa-On-Arrival
All Covid Requirements are Lifted

The admissions process – To get started please use the  Contact Form  on this page and we will send you all the information you need including the cost and then talk you through the admissions process. The next step is to arrange a telephone call and clinical assessment to ensure Hope is the right place for you or your family member.  We will be in touch as soon as possible (please allow for different time zones). Our admission team is located in the UK and Thailand. Natalie or Parice will help guide and support you through the process of getting to Hope. Important reading when “Choosing a Rehab in Thailand”

Healthy & Happy in Thailand – Celebrate with a Great Opportunity

We are offering discounts on longer treatment packages due to financial issues caused by the Covid crisis for many of our clients – This offer will only last until we are at maximum capacity. Our admissions team will help you get here. Use the contact form on this page and Natalie or Parice will be in touch. Thailand has reopened to international visitors now and can be organized easily online before traveling. Our location in Thailand on the coast is an ideal, healthy, safe and secluded place to be due to our tropical sunny climate.

Addiction Professionals Client Referral Procedure

Doctors and Therapists referring clients should contact with client details to confirm eligibility criteria. NOTE: To keep our rates as low as possible we do not pay referral fees to third party agencies or referral websites. Read more here….

Watching a family member, loved one or friend struggle with addiction is painful and can feel overwhelming at times. Substance abuse might be the toughest challenge your family ever faces. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a lot of the phone calls we receive at Hope Rehab are on behalf of a dear one. Our team is experienced in offering you advice and guidance on how best help your son / daughter / mother / father / husband / wife or friend. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free consultation. We also created a FAMILY GUIDE with comprehensive information on addiction in general and why it’s a family disease, how to spot symptoms, what you can do, things to avoid and where to get help & support. Read more…

The Journey Continues

Taking the next step after Hope Rehab: Options after completing the Hope program includes attending our affiliated long-term recovery house. The financial cost is relatively low, especially compared to returning home. We work with Embrace Sober House located in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai. For many clients coming to Hope Rehab Center is just the beginning of their Recovery journey in Thailand. You can stay and live together in a supportive environment with your peers and build a new life. The activities include, being able to focus on your recovery, Volunteering at Hope, Dog sanctuary, Orphanage, Teaching English, TEFL , College courses etc   Anything is possible with Hope ………


Women’s Rehab Program

Hope is a safe place for everyone including women.  Hope’s clients come from all walks of life, sexuality, gender, culture and age groups. This is important for a realistic environment. Think of the group as an extended family where you can learn from each other. However we understand some women face unique challenges in overcoming addiction issues.  At Hope we have many female counsellors and provide Woman’s recovery groups and activities. Research indicates that women are especially vulnerable to victimization and trauma especially as part of the consequences of addiction.

Read more on Women’s issues here……

Contact Parice for further information

Hope Rehab support worker Parice

Contact our admissions Counsellor Parice and take the first step towards your new life. Parice will help you with advice and guide you through the simple process of getting to Hope.

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The Hope Method

by Gabrielle Harris
Hope has been extremely fortunate that the author, Gabrielle Harris wrote this eye-opening book about her experience’s observing Hope Rehab’s program, including interviewing the staff & clients. A member of her family completed treatment at Hope, so she has very personal reasons for being passionate about the work we do. On our library page you will find Hope’s most pressures recourses, all developed by our team. We have decided to give these Workbooks away to anyone who needs them, although they are designed to be used with the help of professionals.  Follow this link.

There are many good reasons to choose Hope Rehab in Thailand, indeed we are widely acknowledged to be one of the best rehabs in the world, and the best value rehab to be found anywhere. It is important to note that Hope Rehab is not only fully licensed by the Thai Ministry of Health but also an affiliate member of FDAP (Federation of Drug and Alcohol practitioners UK) and NAADAC (association of addiction professionals US) and accredited by APCB (Asia Pacific certification board) and our therapeutic team are FDAP registered practitioners. (Download the Hope Treatment Program as PDF)


Hope Trauma (PTSD) Treatment

At Hope many clients report some sort of traumatic experience or significant painful event in their lives. These events tend to affect and influence their lives and addictions or self-medicating. At Hope we validate all traumatic experiences. We treat veterans, abuse victims, clients with troubling childhoods, grief, physical injury, and anything that has a lasting impact. Customizing your rehab treatment to include specific trauma therapy sessions is proven to help. Even simply living in our community and socializing rather than isolating and feeling alone with these issues. Trauma usually triggers a human’s natural defense mechanisms known as the fight or flight response. We then lock on to the threat or our escape route and/or survival method. This can cause long term changes in behavior that need addressing or they become self defeating. Read our post on Trauma and Addiction in Women here…

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Secret Beach Surprise

Hope is uniquely situated with beautiful quiet beaches all around us. We take full advantage of our special location and spend weekends either at Secret beach or on the island of Koh Srichang for recovery meetings, lunch and fun. This wonderful island is a short ferry ride in the middle of the Bay of Thailand. It has a slow pace taking you back to old Thailand with its rustic charm and lack of development. We visit Temples as well as the Beaches. The multi-level cave temple perched high on the cliff with breathtaking views with a cute funicular train taking you to the top if you don’t fancy the walk. The local monks will be happy to show you around and offer you a blessing. Follow this link for more information about Activities and Excursions follow and follow this link for information about Koh Si Chang beach excursions and things to see on the Island.

Why Choose Residential Rehab for Alcohol Issues?

Residential Rehab is proven to be the best way to manage alcohol or drug problems. Whether you want to stop drinking, or stop anything, whether you identify as an addict or not, or you are experiencing difficulty’s coping with issues such as stress, depression and anxiety. Residential Rehab gives you the breathing space and support needed to heal and to learn the skills necessary to remain sober. In-patient Detox is the safest way to stop using alcohol while avoiding being overwhelmed with triggers and cravings while at your most vulnerable. Alcohol affects the central nervous system and acts as a depressant like many sedative medications. It releases Endorphins in the brain with an opiate like effect, triggering a pain response and a euphoric buzz. So when detoxing surges of anxiety and emotional turbulence are common, this is why residential treatment is preferable to home detox.

What to Expect from Hope Rehab’s Alcohol Treatment Program

Welcome to Hope Rehab’s Alcohol Addiction program in Thailand. Many clients who attend Hope’s program come due to their alcohol or drinking issues. The clients come from all over the world and from all age groups. Hope offers a safe and comfortable environment to address this issue and overcome the challenges associated with alcoholism. Recognising and accepting you have an alcohol problem is the first step to the solution, so well done and we hope this website about alcohol rehab treatment in Thailand will help.

More about Hope Rehab Alcohol Treatment options?

Alcoholism, or alcohol addiction and alcohol-use-disorder, are all terms used by Doctors, whether binge-drinking or alcohol dependence. Alcohol problems can sneak up on you and can develop progressively in response to difficult life events. The most successful program known to treat all levels of alcohol addiction is the holistic approach incorporating many elements and therapies which you will find listed on our program page. One tip to ensure alcoholism and alcohol addiction treatment is successful is to put all worries about the future aside, especially about whether or not you can drink ever again, as it gets in the way of treatment. Major decisions like these can be dealt with later.  Read more!

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Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy


Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is about the relationship between thoughts and behaviour.


Hope's Unique Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness will help you develop an improved relationship with your thoughts and feelings.

Stress & Trauma

We'll Help You Deal With Stress & Trauma

Our team provides you with effective tools for managing stress & anxiety levels as well as old trauma.


Join Our Health & Fitness Program

Healthy body = healthy mind = healthy soul. That’s why fitness is one of the main pillars of the Hope program.

Relapse Prevention

Identify & Deal With Your Triggers

Relapse prevention will equip you with the tools you need to ensure that don’t fall back into old habits throughout recovery.


We Won't Let You Down After Treatment

Leaving rehab is when the work really begins. Our aftercare program will provide the support you need.
Hope Rehab TukTuk

Our clients come from UK, Hong Kong, New York, London, Singapore, Asia, Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark – just to name a few. Read our Testimonial page – they all share the same common goal: to recover and find a solution to their difficulties. We also get a mix of all age groups, sexes, cultures, professions, and substances which make for a realistic and interesting experience and therapeutic community.


Most of our guests choose the one month option to begin with. However, the majority decide to stay longer. It took time, to develop the habits that feed your dependence, and it will take time to change. A simple detox or quick fix cannot achieve lasting results. If you decide to stay longer you will be able to move into our Advance program and Sober House. Options include teaching English locally (TEFL) to Thai children and voluntary work. We have found that this is a profound way to grow and change.

Hope Pool
Hope Online Support and Aftercare

At Hope we believe rehab aftercare is important. Our Rehab aftercare is designed to keep you connected to both Hope Rehab Thailand and your Counsellor after leaving treatment. Our program will introduce all clients to different types of support groups that exist in most parts of the world. This will help prevent relapse. 

Hope Foundation Thailand

Hope Training Services: Hope Foundation provides training. See the official letter PDF from Thai Government thanking the Hope team for our efforts

The Management team welcomes you to Hope Rehab Thailand
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Contact Natalie for further information

Hope Rehab Natalie Shalson Admission Manager

Contact Natalie our Admissions Manager and take the first step towards your new life. Natalie will help you with advice and guide you through the simple process of getting to Hope.

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