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Second Stage Addiction Rehab Program

8 Ways You Could Benefit from Second Stage Addiction Treatment

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Hope Rehab Center Thailand’s advanced customised second stage addiction rehab program is the stage after completing a detox and primary treatment. Hope rehab is the ideal place for you or a loved one to learn to live and appreciate life without drugs or alcohol.

This is a natural progression after stabilisation and an opportunity for our clients to apply what they have learned in the community safely and with support. This is recognised as an important transitional stage in recovery for addicts and alcoholics, practising living in a therapeutic environment with a program that includes freedom and choice to manage their time and day-to-day lives.

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The second stage addiction rehab program can be seen as a reward for all their hard work whilst in primary treatment.

How you could benefit from second stage addiction treatment

There are some compelling reasons for why you might want to consider Second stage addiction rehab program here at Hope Rehab Center. It may even be what is necessary so you can properly develop the tools you need to create a better future. Staying longer in addiction treatment does require more of commitment, but you can think of it as an investment that is going to repay you handsomely.

Recovery requires effort and the right resources

I used to think, ‘wouldn’t it be great if there was some pill I could take that would turn me into a normal person’. For years, I believed substances could provide me with this ability to function normally, but this didn’t work out well at all. I needed to accept there was no magic solution, and I would have to apply effort and use the right resources in order to succeed.

8 reasons you might want to consider second stage treatment

Our second stage addiction rehab program is going to provide you with the opportunity to take full advantage of all the resources you need to succeed in recovery. This type of program can last anywhere from 30 days, and this gives you sufficient time to develop a solid sobriety. Here are just eight reasons you might want to consider this option:

By the time you complete a 30 – 60-day rehab program, you will have had the opportunity to pick up the basic skills and strategies you need to stay sober. Thirty days is not much time, so there is only the opportunity to focus on the most crucial elements of recovery – just enough to give you a solid foundation for your new life.

By choosing second stage addiction rehab program, you are going to have the opportunity to develop more advanced skills and strategies. One way to look at the process of recovery is to see it as an attempt to build up a toolbox of effective coping strategies. The more tools you have in your toolbox, the easier it is going to be to manage your life in the future.

Most of us have a good idea about what we ‘should’ be doing, but there is a huge difference between knowing and actually doing. Look at it this way – just hearing about effective sobriety tools is similar to being given a brand new iPad that is still in its box. You need to take this gift out of the packaging, and start playing around with it, in order for it to actually improve your life.

The problem with experimenting with your new sobriety tools at home is you may not yet feel confident enough at using them. It’s like learning a new language, you have to actually practice saying phrases correctly, or the native speakers are just going to give you confused looks. By staying longer at Hope Rehab, you are going to have time to become comfortable with using these tools.

You can achieve more with your life than you realise. There is all of this potential inside of you that has been suppressed by alcohol or drugs. It is like there are all of these seeds inside you just waiting to blossom and all you need are the right conditions for this to happen. We are providing you with the nurturing environment where you can begin to discover your potential.

Successfully breaking away from alcohol or drug abuse requires making some major life changes. This work can be the difference between a future full of joy and achievement and continued loss and suffering due to addiction. Getting sober is going to be one of the most important things you ever do, so doesn’t it make sense to give yourself the space to do it properly?

Returning home from a 30-day rehab program can involve a challenging transition. We have been careful to provide an effective aftercare program, but this transition would be easier following a longer stay in our Second stage addiction rehab program. Some second-stage rehabs are better known as ‘half-way’ houses, and this refers to the fact that they are like a step between regular rehab and normal living, and this is a good way of describing it.

The goal of therapy is to dig down to the root of your problems and provide guidance as you develop better ways of dealing with life. You do get plenty of time with a therapist during a 30-day program, but there is usually more work that needs to be done once you return home. By staying in rehab longer, you get to benefit from continued therapy multiple times per week.

By staying longer at rehab, you are giving yourself a better chance of achieving permanent sobriety. If you have struggled to stay sober in the past, you’ll understand the value of being properly prepared and mentally strong. There is no telling how many more opportunities you are going to have to escape addiction, so it is important to treat this as if it were your last chance and commit to a Second stage addiction rehab program.

Stay at Hope’s Second stage addiction rehab program means you get to enjoy the culture, natural beauty, and wonderful quirkiness of Thailand. There is going to be plenty of serious work to do, but you are also going to have time to explore the Sri Racha area and interact with the local community. It is sure to be an unforgettable experience that will change the way you see the world and yourself.