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All-Inclusive Treatment Package at Hope Rehab

All-Inclusive Treatment Package at Hope Rehab

This page explain what is the All-Inclusive Treatment Package at Hope Rehab Thailand. However we also suggest you take some time and navigate around our helpful website to get a better idea about our approach and service. It is difficult to truly describe in words the experience you will have at Hope however below are some of the ingredients.

Please Note: All clients require a small weekly allowance to cover personal expenses, pocket money and refreshments/lunches when on outings and activities off site. These costs are very low in Thailand. The reason for this is not only so clients can choose what the consume but it also helps clients develop a sense of responsibility around budgeting especially in the Advanced program. 

The changes that happen for clients at Hope may feel like magic for many people however it is achieved with the hard work and commitment by everyone involved, and of course our comprehensive program.

  1. Airport pick up by team member
  2. Airport drop off by our personal taxi
  3. Your own private Aircon room with shower
  4. Exciting 7-acre facility with DC3 passenger plane and Tuk-Tuk
  5. Highest ratio of therapeutic staff to clients
  1. Detox medication and support
  2. Full admission and intake procedure on arrival
  3. Hope sports Kit t-shirt/hat/shorts
  4. Food: Three excellent meals per day
  5. 8 cooks
  1. Soft drinks & smoothies
  2. Hope’s own bottled water
  3. Filter coffee and tea all day
  4. Electrolytes all day
  5. Twice weekly laundry
  1. Twelve domestic staff
  2. Daily room cleaning
  3. WIFI on site
  4. Telephone kept in room
  5. Personal therapist
  1. 2 x counselling sessions weekly
  2. Weekly Individual mindfulness coaching
  3. Meditation classes daily
  4. Daily group-work therapy program
  5. Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
  1. Offsite group meetings in beautiful place
  2. Family feedback therapy
  3. 100-page workbook & Aftercare manual
  4. Mindfulness manual
  5. Meditation beads and compassion bear
  1. Buddhist classes with Alon
  2. Aftercare-Group Membership
  3. Fitness program, outdoor gym
  4. Muay Thai Boxing trainer daily
  5. Yoga & Tai Chi & Pilates
  1. Table tennis tournaments for fun
  2. Outward bound mountain bike rides daily
  3. 2 x Thai massage weekly
  4. Steam and herbal spa daily
  5. 3 Times a week we eat out at local restaurants
  1. Fleet of 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers
  2. Friday evening exercise park in town
  3. Excursions to the beach on island Ko Sichang on Sundays
  4. Temple visits weekly
  5. Elephant visits – seasonal
  1. Supervised shopping trips
  2. Sober-coaching out and about in the local area
  3. Escorted immigration and border runs
  4. Lower rates for second & third months
  5. Opportunity to volunteer sometimes


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