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Team Sports at Hope Rehab

Team Sports at Hope Rehab

Hope Rehab Basketball

Team building is most often associated with competitive sport and the business world, but it also has an important role to play in rehab. Addiction often leaves us feeling isolated and powerless. Team sports teach us how to harness the power of the group, so we no longer have face our problems alone.

At Hope Rehab, we offer basketball, football, and boot camps (pair exercises). Joining one or all of these team sports will help you to overcome social anxiety, build trust and learn how to be a team player. You’ll also become physically fit again.

The Hope Teams in Action

Hope Rehab Basketball
Aikido Hope Rehab Thailand
Hope Rehab Morning Work Out
Triathlon Event at Hope Rehab Thailand

The Benefits of Team Sports

The benefits you gain from participating in team sports are various and will have a positive impact on your life after rehab. A few examples:

Improved Social Interaction Skills

Many of us who come to rehab will have relied on alcohol or drugs to help us deal with social interactions. It may even have been discomfort around other people that made these substances so attractive to us in the first place. Intoxication doesn’t improve our social skills so much as reduces our inhibition. This can mean we haven’t necessarily developed the skills we need to enjoy smooth social interaction. One of the nice benefits of team sports is it allows us to develop these skills.

Improved Relationship Skills

To perform well in a team, you must be able to cooperate with other people. It sometimes means putting the needs of the team above our own personal preferences. This willingness to ‘give and take’ is important in all relationships, so it is something that can greatly benefit our lives going forward.

Experience the Joy of Being Part of a Group

Being part of a team affects our mental state, and there can be a sense of real joy and connection when we share a common purpose with others. This is one of the reasons fans people can be so enthusiastic about going to support a football team. One of the saddest things about addiction is it often leaves us feeling lost and alone, but the experience of being part of a group shows us we don’t have to feel this way.

Discover Your Potential

We can find it easier to stretch ourselves beyond our self-limiting beliefs when we are working as part of a team. You may find you can achieve things way beyond what you imagined previously. Working with others introduces you to new skills that may play an important role in your future life.

Develop Leadership Skills

A group without some type of leadership can easily fall into disarray. Even if you are not used to taking charge, you may develop the capacity to do this while engaging in team building exercises.