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Rehab Mindfulness Program

Buddha Hill at Hope Rehab

Up until this point, you will have been using drugs and alcohol to help you cope with life. Our mindfulness program at Hope Rehab Thailand will increase your ability to deal with negative thoughts, stress, negative emotions, and relapse triggers. This is important because once you feel more in control of your life, the pull towards addiction will become much weaker.

One of the particularly unpleasant aspects of being caught up in addiction is the feeling of complete powerlessness – it is like we become a prisoner of our own brain. There may have been many times when you felt determined to change, yet you still ended up back where you started.  One of the great benefits of our rehab mindfulness program (along with other approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is it teaches you to manage your own brain. Instead of your life been driven by habitual behaviours, you win back your freedom.

Our residential rehab mindfulness program can be a path towards the inner-peace you have always longed for. Most of us who fall into addiction describe how we always felt uncomfortable in our own skin or like we had a hole in our soul. Alcohol and drugs can seem to make this feeling go away in the beginning, but it actually makes us feel much worse. Mindfulness can help us become at ease with ourselves and the world – it can provide the piece of the jigsaw that we always felt was missing.

The mindfulness program at Hope Rehab is led by Alon Kumsawad and Paul Garrigan and includes:

  • Thai-style mindfulness training (the Mahasati ‘great mindfulness’ technique)

  • Other mindfulness practices including candle meditation, yoga, walking meditation, and tai-chi

  • Brahma Vihara training (training our minds to develop self-compassion and loving-kindness)

Mindfulness Program at Hope Rehab: Unique and Comprehensive

TThe rehab mindfulness program we offer at Hope Rehab Thailand is unlike anything you will find elsewhere in the world. Some powerful mindfulness practices have been developed locally, and one of these is Mahasati meditation which can be translated as ‘great mindfulness’. This technique is particular good for people in early recovery because it doesn’t require high levels of focus – it is the same technique that is taught to young kids here in Thailand. We also teach other mindfulness practices such as mindful walking, loving-kindness meditation, yoga, and tai-chi. You will be asked to keep a mindfulness journal to encourage you to engage in informal practices too (e.g. be completely present in the moment to enjoy the sunset from our balcony).

The mindfulness program offered at our treatment center covers a comprehensive range of topics including: dealing with cravings, escaping autopilot mode, objectivity around thinking, mindful eating, developing self-compassion, and dealing with relapse triggers. These subjects are covered in our fun twice-weekly rehab mindfulness classes.

One of the unique aspects of our rehab mindfulness program is we provide one-on-one coaching. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your development with an experienced mindfulness coach, and you will be given advice on how to apply this approach to your daily life.

Mindfulness Classes

Our mindfulness class is where clients learn about the theory and practical aspects of using this approach. There are two classes per week. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Mindfulness for addiction cravings

  • Escaping auto-pilot mode

  • Mindfulness relapse prevention

  • Mindfulness for anxiety and stress

  • Developing self-compassion

  • Mindful eating

  • Mindfulness for depression

  • Mindful living

  • Mindfulness for anger (and other negative emotions)

  • Developing mindful relationships

  • Finding meaning (life purpose) in recovery using mindfulness

  • Obstacles to mindfulness

  • Mindfulness journaling

Meditation and Self-Compassion

We offer meditation and self-compassion training as part of the program here at Hope Rehab. These classes are led by Alon Kumsawad, and she is able to offer an authentic Thai perspective on this Buddhist practice. Alon is an accomplished meditation teacher, and she has already helped many of our clients add this effective tool to their sobriety toolbox.

Meditation at Hope Rehab Thailand
It is common for those of us who fall into addiction to suffer from a bit of self-loathing. It can feel like there is a part of our thinking that almost enjoys it when we mess up, so it can criticise us and make us feel bad. This type of self-loathing can be a serious obstacle in recovery, because it can steal your motivation and lead to symptoms of depression.

What normally happens with your thinking when you make a mistake or there are problems in your life? Are your inner thoughts supportive and soothing, or are they negative and bullying (e.g. ‘Why am I such a loser?’). If your thinking tends to be more like the latter, it means you are going to be making a bad situation even worse.

One of the benefits of mindfulness is getting to see that all of those negative judgements you make about yourself are unnecessary. You develop the understanding that you are a fallible human being, and you are going to make mistakes. If your best friend did something unwise, would you use this as an opportunity to bully them and make them feel worse? I’m guessing, probably not. You would probably say something like “Hey, we all make mistakes”.

If you can offer this type of understanding compassion to a friend, why can’t you offer the same to yourself?

Mindfulness practice is going to help you become more aware of what is happening inside of your head, so this should mean you are able to develop more self-compassion. If you are dealing with a lot of inner negativity, it can also be helpful to do some loving-kindness (metta) meditation.

Join Our Recovery Mindfulness Program at Hope Rehab

If you would like to use mindfulness as part of your recovery from addiction, you will benefit from our program here at Hope Rehab Thailand. We offer our comprehensive addiction mindfulness program along with other effective approaches including CBT, wellness therapy, and 12-Step work. Contact us now to find out more about how mindfulness could help you transform your life.



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