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Cost and Payment

We truly understand that cost of Rehab Treatment is a significant factor for our clients and their families. Therefore, we are determined to keep our prices reasonable without affecting the quality of treatment. The cost of your treatment is calculated according to length of stay. We have set our monthly rates to encourage longer term stays whenever possible. For details about our treatment package go to our what’s included in the price page.

Typically three months treatment at Hope costs less than 1 month in an average facility in the UK, USA or Australia. Hope is an all-inclusive, high-quality, intensive unique program. We are currently offering additional discounts on 2 & 3 month packages. This is to encourage longer realistic treatment commitment and help with financial issues caused by Covid and the current economic crisis. Please understand not every month in treatment is charged at the same rate for very good reasons. If you do not require detox there may be a further reduction in cost on the first month.

NOTE: Please use the contact form on this page to get the price of your treatment package, according to duration and medical needs.

Discounts: We are offering discounts on longer treatment packages due to financial issues caused by the Covid crisis for many of our clients – This offer will only last until we are at maximum capacity. Our admissions team will help you get here. Use the contact form on this page and Natalie or Parice will be in touch.

Please feel welcome to reach out to us to get a free consultation – just give us a call, write an email or send us a message via the contact form below. If you provide us with your phone number, we will call you back.

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Once we arrange your booking, you pay the deposit to reserve your space. After you arrive you will have 3 days to decide if you are comfortable and pay the balance. Please also have a look at our fair and well thought out refund policy.

How to confirm your booking? / How to pay?

If you wish to pay your deposit for an agreed booking, you can do so either by Paypal or any credit/debit card. Click the “PayPal” button to access our secure payment system.

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NOTE:Travel insurance and Holiday health insurance is recommended, it easily accessible and very inexpensive so worthwhile. Most clients never need any medical attention other than rehab related detox. However, accidents can happen so consider taking out cover. Hope Rehab do cover all detox costs, but we cannot cover general healthcare costs. The UK Post Office have great deals for travel insurance also.

For long-term treatment plans, we accept “month by month” payments. Special prices can be arranged for longer term commitments as one off single payment plan. However, all fees must be paid before discharging from treatment. For more about the cost of Hope Rehab Thailand here

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Some frequently asked questions more FAQ here

Yes, the monthly rate can be reduced depending on treatment time frames and the length of your stay.

After two months of primary treatment, if you feel ready then you have the option to go on to the Hope Sober Living Facility, and many clients choose to complete an English teaching qualification.

We also have a fair refund policy that helps make coming to us an easy decision.

Unfortunately we are not set up for health insurance coverage at this moment.

Some countries operate healthcare systems that help with the cost of rehab and offer publicly funded basic treatment, but only if you fit the criteria and also if you can wait, as there are often long waiting lists.

In addition it can be hit and miss as to whether it helps or it just creates more damage due to the level of care and the type of other patients you are with. In some countries governments collect information and it could be held against you, so take care to do some research.

Included in the cost of rehab with us is the detox, your accommodation, all meals, all treatment, all fitness and gym, all excursions, massage, transport and transfer from Bangkok airport.

At Hope Rehab Center in Thailand, we pride ourselves in offering single occupancy ensuite accommodation and services at a more moderate cost than other high-end treatment facilities. The recovering addict and his/her family should consider all of the above options and the associated cost of rehab. The recovery process need not be an uncomfortable one. Hope Rehab strives to provide the environment and services necessary for a sustainable and comfortable recovery at very competitive prices.

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Cost breakdown - How we determine the rates?

You will not find better value Rehab treatment anywhere else in the world and no one ever complains about the cost after they have been with us, specially if they have ever been anywhere else and most likely paid a lot more for much less.

Because of the way we’re structured and being in Thailand, we have been able to reduce the cost of attending Rehab. We also focus our resources on our staff and clients – we pride ourselves on the dedication of our team members.

Below is a breakdown of where the money goes. We don’t wish to bore you but we feel the reality is worth sharing. To start with over the last 5 years we have invested two million dollars on infrastructure. To begin with the founder Simon Mott sold his home in the UK to fund Hope, since then he has invested all the income back into Hope. All the people involved in running Hope do it for the love of it but obviously we need to pay our bills.

Online marketing is a necessary evil however the marketing department do a great job. Google and Facebook take a big chunk ($20,000) every month, without this many people would never get to hear of us. Our website has been a massive undertaking with over 500 pages to achieve organic SEO ranking where we can. The website itself is the third edition so since we opened 5 years ago we have invested $200,000 into it, remember its our shop front, the first thing you see. Licensing and Taxation, accountants and lawyers are also necessary in the real world and cost a small fortune every month. So there is a small taste and more details below.

Therapy & counselling

At Hope, we have the largest qualified and trained team of any rehab in the world. Obviously this comes at a huge cost importing western staff on western salaries. Also, our approach is to surround clients with positive role-models, so we have support staff and volunteers for this. Hope employs 12 trained and qualified therapists and counselling staff to deliver the Hope program. We have 5 mindfulness coaches for our daily meditation program, catering for all levels from beginner to advanced. At Hope, you will have 2 addiction nurses helping with health issues and Detox. We have a total of 55 staff working for Hope, from marketing, counsellors, psychologists, domestic staff and builders, gardeners, etc.

Facility & accommodation

Hope has two large impressive grand facilities with 14 new or renovated buildings, ranging from counselling rooms to bedrooms and everything in-between that you need for a wonderful facility. Also, we have just taken a second site by the sea for secondary clients. Basically clients may move when they are stable and live together in a beautiful house. Rents, Electric (Aircon), water all come to $25,000 per month.


Every day our team of cooks and domestic staff prepare 3 delicious meals. We pride ourselves on providing a varied, healthy menu, a fusion of Thai and western dishes. All clients that come to Hope love our food. The Hope food and shopping bill for a month $15,000 and the laundry bill for all washing including clients cloths is $5000 monthly.


Excursions are an important part of the Hope schedule – just like group therapy and counselling. Taking you out to experience Thailand and what it has to offer serves two purposes:

  1. Exposure Therapy: By going to restaurants, bowling, sightseeing or the beach – simply engaging in everyday activities – you will prepare yourself for life after rehab. Life, especially in early recovery, can be a minefield and triggers are pretty much unavoidable. While at Hope you get the chance to expose yourself to potential triggers in a supportive group setting. You will get the help you need to find safe ways to deal with them and learn how to make wise choices in these situations. Exposure therapy is one of the best ways to learn how to stay clean and sober.
  2. Fun in recovery: Overcoming an addiction is often a matter of life and death. That doesn’t mean though that you can’t have fun. Quite the contrary, actually. Many clients who come to Hope expect life in recovery to be dull and boring. After years of addiction, they have forgotten what activities or hobbies they used to enjoy. At Hope, we want to reintroduce you to fun by providing safe, exciting and varied excursions. We see it as a key element of your treatment to teach you how to enjoy life again because we know this is going to increase your commitment to your new life in recovery.

Sports & fitness

Fully trained fitness staff run the busy and diverse fitness program to suit every level. Also, we have a lot of expensive equipment including Muay Thai boxing and cycling, a swimming pool, gym and a lot more.

Support & logistics

For your transport, we have a fleet of 4 x 4 people carriers to pick you up and take you around on excursions (9 Vehicles in total) We have many junior staff, interns and volunteers who are all given free accommodation and food. They help and support you with all the many issues that need taking care of. They also help you in the afternoons to complete your assignment work.


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