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Refund Policy

Hope Rehab’s Refund Policy

Please read the following refund terms and conditions policy carefully: We believe at Hope Rehab Center Thailand we offer an outstanding service for a fair and affordable price. We have a limited number of places available on our treatment program. We do adhere to tightly controlled reservation dates and bookings. Below you will find the details of our refund policy, which we believe is reasonable for all those concerned. Please take into concideration quality Rehabs like Hope are extremely costly to operate, even being in Thailand. More details can be found on our costs page…

To keep treatment costs as low as possible and affordable, Hope Rehab needs to operate at full occupancy, so the non-refundable deposit covers cancellations, admissions team costs, assessments and administration, marketing and allows us time to fill the bed again. Your understanding is appreciated. Remember Hope costs about a third of what you would pay in a western country, also you get so much more for your money.

NOTE: Any excess funds are donated to our foundation and the “Hope Thankyou Fund” and used wisely to support clients who require discounts to stay longer in treatment. We encourage anyone leaving prematurely not to claim a refund so we can help people less fortunate with the money.

Ethical dilemma: Hope adheres to the standard client confidentiality policy. If an adult client decides to leave for a sensitive reason and then their family contacts us to know why they left, we cannot always disclose the reasons unless they are under threat of harm under “Duty of care” criteria. Especially when the client have refused permission to speak to family. This is true even if the family have funded the client’s treatment. The refund conditions below apply to all clients no matter who funded the treatment as I am sure you understand. 

‘Hope over delivers and under charges’

This is our subscribed Paypal refund conditions and agreement.

Integrity and Ethics are very important to Hope Rehab, so we want to be clear about our terms and conditions as regards payments. Should you not agree with these terms, we will be unable to accept you into our program. Make no mistake, Addiction and Rehab treatment is a serious ‘Life or Death’ situation. Below you will read some text which may seem rather strong however we have been working in this important field for decades, so I ask you to accept and understand our tough approach. Hope is also one of the best Rehabs in the world and has a glowing track record with saving lives. If you choose Hope you choose Life however expect to be challenged and to make changes.

Admissions and Accounting Department: Refund claims are managed by our international admissions department, not by therapeutic or support staff at Hope.

NOTE: Hope realises that many families pay the cost of Rehab out of hard earned funds so we always consider this when processing a refund. Rehabs must have strong boundaries regarding easy-refunds as clients could create chaos by leaving treatment every time they have a strong craving.

Refund Policy In Brief


we want to discourage clients from leaving treatment early for any reason other than therapeutic reasons.


A minimum non-refundable deposit of $2,000 is required for Hope Rehab Center Thailand to confirm your reservation and secure a place in our treatment program. In some cases the deposit is transferable, meaning if you are delayed in starting the program we will hold the booking for you.

Full Payment

We expect the balance of any payments due to be paid on arrival unless we have made an alternative arrangement – in practice, we do tend to give clients 3 days to settle in so they can decide if Hope Rehab is the right choice for them before final payment.

Refund Stipulations

A refund can only be claimed if a client leaves with in the first week of treatment, otherwise no refund is payable. The $2000 deposit is never refunded anyway. Any refunds must be agreed on by both sides before funds are paid. We have the right to take 30 days to complete this process.

What Happens if I Relapse Post-Treatment?

Hope Rehab does not accept complaints about Hope staff, the facility, or treatment after clients leave the center. Complaints must be lodged while at Hope so we can address them and so we know they are genuine. One reason being ”this would leave the door open to so called “relapse complaints” (i.e. if an ex-client has a relapse post-treatment, they can blame Hope in an attempt to shun responsibility).

It is a natural human instinct to want to blame someone else when things go wrong. Especially if the attitude is we paid for treatment, so they owe us, and I can take it out on them. I attended numerous rehab facilities before I finally got clean, however, I know my decision to use was most definitely not the rehabs fault. It would be like holding a Rehab responsible for being an addict in the first place.

Accepting responsibility is the most empowering life changing thing I ever did.

Relapse after treatment happens and is upsetting for the clients, the families, and our staff members. Sadly, addiction is well known as a “relapse and remission” chronic illness. So however unfortunate this is, blaming others is not the solution. That said Hope will do everything within our powers to help clients if this should happen. Only an addict is responsible for choosing to use again.

Involuntary Discharge

Hope Rehab Center Thailand reserves the right to discharge any client from our treatment program – and no refund will be given – for any of the following reasons:

Please note: The above refund policy is implemented to ensure that anyone who stays at Hope Rehab Center can and will receive the level of service and treatment that not only they would expect, but also that we insist on is provided. Rehabs must have healthy boundaries regarding refund policy, or addicts/alcoholics would create a chaotic and unsustainable financial mess by leaving treatment every time they have a strong craving – make sense?

NOTE: We never give a client who leaves treatment prematurely a cash refund, we wait until they are safely back in their home country due to relapse risks and concerns – otherwise this could be a recipe for disaster. All refunds must be agreed before departure and discharge from Hope Rehab – belated refund requests are not applicable.

Hope Rehab is proud to report a 97% completion rate so rarely does the issue of refund ever come up. However occasionally a client is discharged for bad behavior or self-discharges for equally negative reasons. On the odd occasion a client has booked in but decides not to show up. In such cases, most likely they did not want to attend but family pushed them into making the booking. Below are some reasons for discharge or being transferred to another treatment facility in Thailand.

  1. Undisclosed/undiagnosed serious health issues or illness
  2. Undisclosed/undiagnosed serious psychiatric issues
  3. Duty of care issues
  4. A client chooses to leave prematurely for personal reasons
  5. Relapse on drugs or drink whist in our care
  6. Disruption to the community
  7. Refusing to follow our rules
  8. Refusal to follow the program
  9. Threats or aggression toward staff or clients
  10. Low motivation and refusal to change
  11. Being forced into treatment by others
  12. Sexual relationships in treatment
  13. Unresponsive to treatment
  14. Believing they are cured after detox stage
  15. Denial, Dishonesty or Lying
  16. Anti-social behavior
  17. Negative influence on other clients
  18. Destruction of property
  19. High risk and irresponsible behavior
  20. Bringing Hope’s reputation into disrepute

Extortion and threats:
 For an addict the pull to use can be so strong they are prepared to deceive themselves, family, and others to continue, and engage in bad behavior. On rare occasions a client leaves Rehab and schemes to somehow try to get cash to fund their using locally even after taking our services. If a client makes any threats or false claims, we will pass on their details to the local police/immigration services who support Hope Rehab 100%.

Hope Rehab Quality Assurance and Integrity

If you work our program and follow our suggestions Hope Rehab can help you recover from addiction and alcoholism, however, we cannot completely cure you. We do not claim to have a cure because that is impossible. Also, the term de-addiction is misleading. Some centers use vague terms like holistic, or CBT, or non-12 step…e.g. a mindfulness rehab cannot teach you to drink mindfully. I have even heard doctors claim they can medicate addiction away.

I always say: Why limit yourselves? 12 steps = 12 tools, plus mindfulness, plus fitness, plus CBT and whatever else you may benefit from. There is no doubt that addiction has a detrimental effect on the brain, causing long-term damage to brain chemistry and pathways. Therefore, addiction is now considered a chronic disease because we cannot remove the damaged parts of your brain. Also, what triggered the addiction is individual and interesting. Reconciling abuse, trauma or changing your environment, unfortunately, does not remove the pathways of addiction, so on-going self-management is essential.

The majority of rehabs across the world use the 12-step program because it works so well and is evidenced based, so some businessmen have set up alternative treatments to take advantage of people with understandable resistance to AA or NA, the God thing, abstinence and meeting attendance all put some people off. Conclusion: In my experience, all these vulnerable people are doing, is putting off the inevitable and putting their money in the pockets of dishonest businessmen.


We never give a client who leaves treatment prematurely a cash refund, we wait until they are safely back in their home country due to relapse risks and concerns – otherwise this could be a recipe for disaster. All refunds must be agreed before departure and discharge from Hope Rehab – belated refund requests are not applicable.

If you should have any further questions about our refund policy, the Hope program or treatment in general, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message via the contact form below.

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