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Hope Rehab quality assurance and integrity

If you work our program and follow our suggestions Hope Rehab can guarantee recovery from addiction and alcoholism, you will never need to use again however, we cannot completely cure you.

We do not claim to have a cure because that is impossible, also the term de-addiction is misleading. Some centres use vague terms like holistic, or CBT, or non-12 step

E.g. a mindfulness rehab cannot teach you to drink mindfully. I have even heard Doctors claim they can medicate addiction away.

I always say why limit yourselves, 12 steps = 12 tools, plus mindfulness, plus fitness, plus CBT and whatever else you may benefit from.

There is no doubt that addiction has a detrimental effect on the brain, causing long-term damage to brain chemistry and pathways now considered a chronic disease, because we cannot remove the damaged parts of your brain. Also what triggered the addiction is individual and interesting, reconciling abuse, trauma or changing your environment unfortunately does not remove the pathways of addiction so on-going self-management is essential.

The majority of Rehabs across the world use the 12 step program because it works so well and is evidenced based, so some businessmen have set up alternative treatments to take advantage of people with understandable resistance to AA or NA, the God thing, abstinence and meeting attendance all put some people off.

Conclusion, in my experience all these vulnerable people of doing are putting off the inevitable and putting their money in the pockets of dishonest businessmen.

By Simon Mott