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Hope Program

Worksheets for Group Therapy at Hope Rehab

Welcome to Hope Rehab Center, a fully equipped, state-of-the-art facility in beautiful Thailand, offering care and treatment in a safe, friendly environment for anyone struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.

At Hope, we understand that addiction is often linked to depression and unhappy events that have occurred in your life. That is why we concentrate on treating the whole person, using a treatment plan that has been developed by experts and is delivered by fully qualified, highly experienced staff. It combines the latest research into the treatment of addiction with proven therapy techniques and fitness activities, to begin the healing process of both mind and body, helping you to rediscover the beauty of life after addiction.

The Three Main Pillars of the Hope Program

Our Approaches

Hope’s Timetable

Hope Rehab Thailand Daily Schedule 2017

Most clients stay between one and two months, some stay three months and move on to our Sober House project. The program has been designed so clients get to experience Thailand while receiving treatment. Supervised outings and weekend excursions help lift people’s depression and nurture an interest in health activities.

The approach here is also strongly focused on individualised care planning. This means each client is fully assessed on admission, and the treatment plan is based on this assessment. If the needs of the person change during their stay, the treatment plan is adjusted in response to this – assessment is an ongoing process.

Discipline and structure are seen as transferable from the rehab program to the client’s new life after addiction. Many clients have lost all self-control, so need re-habituating in positive and healthy behaviours.

Nothing compares with the camaraderie you feel, the support you get and learning that is gained from the group therapy process. Even the very risk taken by attending and participating in group is of unparalleled value.

Aftercare Planning

Once you have completed the Hope program, you will remain in contact with your counsellor who will support your as you start your new life. Self-help groups such as SMART-Recovery and the 12-step support meetings offer the most sustainable recovery network available currently. A relapse prevention program helps identify your personal relapse triggers.

Life at Hope is all about healing. That healing starts from within, with your brave decision to try to beat your addiction. We will help you every step of the way and also encourage our clients to help each other, as it can be a great support to be surrounded by like-minded people in the same position. Most of our clients stay with us for between one and two months, with the option of a third month in our Sober House. It isn’t all about routine and treatment plans, either. Our clients also have the opportunity to discover the beauty of Thailand through supervised outings and weekend excursions, which help to cement the bonds between our clients and prepare them for life after treatment.

Our name is what we want to offer you: Hope. Staying with us will help you to have a more positive relationship with yourself, healing your body and mind, and setting you free to begin a new and happy life.



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