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Hope Program – How We Help

The Hope Program & Treatment Model

Hope’s approach to treatment is briefly described on this page. We are a practical and action based therapeutic program. The treatment model used in Hope Rehab Center has been specifically designed to restore your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. We use the tried and tested Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) model combined with the psychological and scientifically proven principles behind all 12-step programs. Combining these therapies with physical fitness, mindfulness and meditation, recovery coaching and outside activities Hope Rehab Center helps you bring about the mental, physical and spiritual changes necessary for recovery (as described by the American Society for addiction medicine, ASAM, in 2011).

Some say ‘addiction is like going back to the problem for the solution’ that is to say when an addict is in pain we tend to do the very thing that causes more pain. The challenge is to find a healthy solution and by attending Hope Rehab, you will.

We describe our program as intensive, we pack-in as many activities as is healthy to ensure you get value for money and the best chance of success. Below is some general information meant as a guide to joining our program, more detailed information can be found on various pages on our website.Hope offers primary and second stage treatment programs as returning home from a 30-day rehab program can involve a difficult transition for some.

The second stage program includes learning to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) to Thai children and voluntary work; these experiences help clients change profoundly. The appropriate candidates will be allowed to stay on and do voluntary work at Hope.Family feedback and involvement is a personal choice and is highly recommended; we find a balance between client conditionality and family involvement that helps with treatment.

Holistic treatment delivered by fully qualified and highly experienced staff

Hope Rehab Center is a fully equipped, state-of-the-art facility in beautiful Thailand, offering care and treatment in a safe, friendly environment for anyone struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.

At Hope, we understand that addiction is often linked to depression and unhappy events that have occurred in your life. That is why we concentrate on treating the whole person, using a treatment plan that has been developed by experts and is delivered by fully qualified, highly experienced staff. It combines the latest research into the treatment of addiction with proven therapy techniques and fitness activities, to begin the healing process of both mind and body, helping you to rediscover the beauty of life after addiction.

Welcome to our Workbook library Page. You can read online or download our pdf workbooks related to addiction recovery. Titles such as the ‘Hope Workbook’ and ‘Aftercare Manual’ are the same texts we use with our clients, and we hope they are of some value on your own journey. You can also download ‘the Hope Treatment Model’

The Three Main Pillars of the Hope Program

Actions are what makes your hopes a reality. The therapeutic process can be more exciting than you could ever imagine: Mountain running in the morning, Buddhist chanting, food fits for the gods, sharing your life story with your peers and having a counselling session on the beach.

One reason why many of us turn to alcohol or drugs in the first place is that we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin. Life is an emotional roller coaster, and discursive thinking can make us miserable a lot of the time. Mindfulness provides an effective path to inner calm…

Every client gets fitness training sessions. You can choose what and where you do the session. It could be boxing, yoga, or in the gym. Some people prefer to go for a cycle ride or for a run. Our fitness coaches are all in recovery so the session doubles as a sober-coaching session also…

Our Approaches


Cognitive behavioral therapy is now the most popular and widely used form of “talk-treatment”…


At Hope Rehab we view fitness as a level of physical wellbeing where you are able to get the most out of life…


Mindfulness is one of the four pillars of the program we offer here at Hope Rehab. It is a way to rebalance ourselves.

Sober/Recovery Coaching

Helping you quit alcohol or drugs is not going to be enough to ensure your lasting sobriety…


Leaving rehab is when the work really begins, work you will need support with…

Relapse Prevention

After making changes to your life, it is important to consider how to maintain these…

Group Therapy

At Hope, we understand that group therapy can seem daunting if you’ve never participated before…


Counselling enhances your awareness by exploring your intellectual and emotional processes…

Weekend Excursions & Activities

By providing safe, exciting and varied excursions, we reintroduce fun into the lives of our clients…

Minnesota Model

Hope has a progressive and modern way to present the 12 step tools of recovery…

Hope’s Timetable

Most clients stay between one and two months, some stay three months and move on to our Sober House project. The program has been designed so clients get to experience Thailand while receiving treatment. Supervised outings and weekend excursions help lift people’s depression and nurture an interest in health activities.

The approach here is also strongly focused on individualised care planning. This means each client is fully assessed on admission, and the treatment plan is based on this assessment. If the needs of the person change during their stay, the treatment plan is adjusted in response to this – assessment is an ongoing process.

Discipline and structure are seen as transferable from the rehab program to the client’s new life after addiction. Many clients have lost all self-control, so need re-habituating in positive and healthy behaviours.

Nothing compares with the camaraderie you feel, the support you get and learning that is gained from the group therapy process. Even the very risk taken by attending and participating in group is of unparalleled value.

Aftercare Planning

Before departing Hope each client receives a one-on-one session with one of our dedicated Recovery Coaches. In Recovery Coaching clients will have the opportunity to discuss any potential issues regarding their reintegration into home life. This can include their living situation, work or career choices, transportation, social environment, support network, or anything else that could use some extra attention. With the help of their Recovery Coach clients are empowered to discover and develop their own solutions, set goals, and follow through with those goals to guarantee the smoothest possible transition back to everyday life.

After returning home each client remains in personal contact with their Recovery Coach for assistance and support in remaining motivated and focused during this key transition period. During this time clients are able to practice and grow techniques for keeping themselves safe and for getting involved in local support groups.

Hope also offers a weekly online aftercare video meeting. This meeting provides a digital venue where clients are able to check in on their recovery with peers they know personally from treatment and with whom they already have a strong bond. Joining the online aftercare supplies clients with a continuation of the same peer support they received in treatment while also offering the opportunity to give back to other clients after they too make the journey home.

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