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A Typical Day at Hope Rehab Thailand

A Typical Day at Hope Rehab Thailand

Group Therapy Hope Rehab Thailand

We understand that choosing the right treatment program can be challenging, that’s why we give you as much information as possible.  Questions we often get asked include; “what will I be doing on a typical day at Hope?” , “what kind of group therapy sessions are there at Hope?” and “what fitness activities/excursions do you offer?”  This page will give you a little insight into what you can expect from the Hope program.

6.30 am - Morning Exercise

The day begins with early morning exercise. You can choose either walking or running through the extensive parkland surrounding our estate, cycling in the beautiful early morning mist in the local countryside, joining a yoga or pilates class, working-out in our on-site gym with weights, calisthenics, pool volleyball, bike ride, crossfit training, or Tai Chi.

At hope we say “get up before your addiction does”

7.30 am - Breakfast

After all that exercise, you’ll be ready to enjoy our healthy breakfast of local seasonal fruits, natural or fruit yogurts, muesli and other cereals, eggs and continental-style cuisine.

9 am - Meditation

All clients come together for a guided meditation at 9 am. It helps with grounding yourself and calming down the ‘monkey mind’. Meditation helps to bring the attention to the ‘here and now’ so we become comfortable with the present moment, and develop the ability to see thoughts and feelings in a more objective way and can improve your mental and physical health.

Mornings - Dentist & Hospital

General healthcare and physical health issues are managed by our local hospital. If you need any help just put a request into the support office, and we can make an appointment for you. New clients may visit our doctor for a detox assessment and medication.

Make up room

Our 20 strong domestic team take the opportunity while you are in group to clean and make up your rooms.

All Day Swimming

All day swimming pool access as needed. Some clients then enjoy a morning swim before the therapeutic day begins.

9.30 am - Gratitude Circle

After a short break, clients then have an opportunity to express gratitude for any positive feelings or events they’ve experienced in the last 24 hours, which helps affirm their evolving positive mindsets.

9.30 am - Celebrations

Sometimes we use this slot to celebrate client graduations with positive feedback along with a Hope Coin and Certificate of Completion.

10 am - Smoothie Break

It’s smoothie time! Healthy banana and mango smoothies are waiting for the clients after gratitude. Our kitchen team makes them from scratch with fresh, local fruit every day. All day refreshments and coffee are available – please drink lots of specially bottled Hope water!

10.30 - 12.45 pm - Group Therapy

Group therapy usually focuses on a particular aspect of recovery. Topics vary every day and include CBT tools, relapse prevention, co-dependencyassertiveness, negative self-talk/beliefs, anger, shame, anxiety management, etc. … On some days, it will be an assignment and presentation group, where clients share their personal assignments in order to gather strength, identification and evaluation from their group of peers and counsellors. This can be an incredibly powerful and empowering experience. It may often be the first time a client learns to share honestly with others about the full extent of their addiction. In  ‘process groups’, clients are checking in with how they’re feeling and if they have any particular issues or concerns. This is a valuable therapeutic exercise designed to increase awareness as to how and why current personal issues may be affecting them. It is also a time when the clients get to know each other on a deeper level in a safe, facilitated environment.

1 pm - Lunch Time

Lunch is enjoyed by clients and counsellors alike around the Hope family dining tables and consists of a delicious and nutritious variety of freshly prepared foods, catering for all dietary needs and tastes..

Afternoon Shopping trips

All clients get an opportunity to go shopping in our local shopping mall ‘Robinsons’ where all the shops you need are under one roof which makes it safe and easy – just fill in a request slip and you will be put on the list.

Personal Time

Afternoons tend to be busy, however, you will usually still find time for yourself and either take a break/shower or catch up on emails/work in your room, alternatively join a study group on the terrace. Your private sanctuary is important in recovery. Once the work for the day has been done, you can then retire to your own room. Clients often personalise their rooms to their own taste – a home away from home. Your room is fully air-conditioned, and we do our best to make everything as comfortable as possible for you so you get a good night’s rest.

2 - 5 pm - Fitness Assessment ...

One service you will want to make use of is our clients fitness assessment and goal setting. Hre you will explore fitness goals by completing our onsite fitness test, and then your personal trainer will set up a training program to help you achieve your goals.

2 - 5 pm - Counselling / Homework / Sports / ...

Clients have one to one counselling twice a week, also one session of mindfulness coaching once a week. In counselling, you will explore your issues and work through the Hope handbook.

2 - 5 pm - Assignment Work

The Hope program is based on a 100 page workbook. Your counsellor will use this when setting weekly therapeutic assignments for you to complete. To make this as easy as possible, we have informal homework groups going on in the afternoon with junior staff, peers, and interns assisting and helping you.

2 - 6 pm - Muay Thai Boxing

Onsite Muay Thai training is available 6 days a week in our boxing gym with our very own friendly and experienced Muay Thai trainer/fighter. You can sign up for our personal thai boxing training when you are ready.

2 - 6 pm - Massage

Onsite Thai & aroma oil massage and herbal steam spa is available twice per week in our relaxing massage rooms.

6.30 pm - Meditation / TED-Talk / Meeting

As the daylight turns to darkness, the daily program at Hope Rehab begins to wind down with meditation, mindfulness, a TED-Talk with discussion afterwards or an in-house meeting (either Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous) with visiting guest speakers.

7.30 pm - Dinner Time

The ship’s bell rings out at 7.30 pm, signalling the end of another busy and fruitful day. And again, the wonderful Thai staff under the auspices of Alon provide a sumptuous selection of foods to satisfy even the hungriest amongst us. Again, we all eat together, and there is always laughter and chatter as we reminisce the events of the day and the opportunities for tomorrow.

There are many variations of our typical day:

On Fridays...

At 6 pm, we walk around the beautiful Sri Racha exercise park and after this we all go to eat at our local Japanese restaurant.

On Saturday...

Off-Site Saturdays – In the morning, after Vinny’s recovery talk at 9am, we go over to a lovely tranquil spot by the sea for an AA meeting and then lunch out. The afternoon is spent in a group leisure activity. We might visit our local fishing village where they build their own wooden boats, go for Temple walk up the mountain to the Buddha statue, or go to the female monastery on the mountain – as well as many other options. Later, when we are back at Hope, it is pizza and movie night.

Saturday Football

On Saturday afternoon, there is also the opportunity to go to a local football field to play against the local Thai teams. We have our own ‘Team Hope’ football kits, and this is a highlight for many of our clients – whether they are playing or simply spectating..

Sunday Island Beach Outing

Sunday is taken up with all-day excursions to various attractions or outward-bound activities. We regularly go to Koh Sichang. The Island has a lovely secluded beach in a bay. On the way there, you get to enjoy both the 45 minute ferry ride and 10 minute tuk tuk ride taking in the local community on the way. You will be served a preordered local lunch on the beach.

Sunday Lunch in Sriracha

For clients who are new or for any reason do not wish to visit the Island or beach we provide an alternative, Lunch with Vinny in a traditional Seafood restaurant in Sriracha – this is very popular.

Nature Breaks

Even though there are plenty of scheduled activities throughout the day at Hope, there is always time for client to just chill-out in nature. These periods of relaxation are necessary for both body and mind as it aids recovery from addiction and provides breaks from the mental, emotional, and physical work of the program. The grounds at Hope is abundant with tropical flowers, trees, and wildlife. Don’t be surprised if while sitting on your balcony, you spot some monkeys at play or other exotic creature – you may even catch a glimpse of an elephant! We encourage clients to soak up this natural beauty as it reawakens wonder, joy, and hope.

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