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Activities & Excursions at Hope Rehab

Activities & Excursions at Hope Rehab

By providing safe, exciting and varied excursions, we reintroduce fun into the lives of our clients. Learning to help each other enjoy new experiences, brings its own rewards by raising self-esteem and dispelling loneliness.

Overcoming an addiction is a serious business, but this doesn’t mean that enjoyment is off the menu here at Hope Rehab. In fact, we see fun excursions and activities as a key element of your treatment. We are going to teach you how to enjoy life again because we know this is going to increase your commitment to sobriety.

Hope Rehab Thailand Beach Football Koh Sichang
Footie on the beach

A Bridge to Sober Living

You have suffered due to the process of addiction. The only good news is that the level of pain has now reached a point where you feel ready to change – you feel sick and tired of being sick and tired. The negative consequences of the behaviour gives you a great reason to quit, but it might not be enough to keep you sober long-term. This is because the memory of the pain of addiction fades over time, and you can start to question if it was really all that bad. In order to stay sober long-term, you need to learn to love this lifestyle, and this is what you start to do with our rehab excursions and activities. One of the unique features of the Hope Rehab program is that we emphasize the importance of outdoor therapy.

The costs of all the excursions are included in the treatment package.

Weekends on the Beach: Sunday Activity Koh Si Chang

Most weekends we take all our clients on the short and pleasant ferry ride across to the island of Si Chang for a well-earned break. The island is within easy reach of Hope Rehab – it’s just 30 minutes away from Si Racha by boat. This is by far our most popular excursion destination.

The idea is to help you develop a closer connection with the natural world and with the other members of the group. These excursions and activities also trigger the release of ‘feel-good’ hormones in your brain, and this can help you heal from addiction. Most important of all, you get to see for yourself that it is going to be possible for you to enjoy life without alcohol or drugs. Some of the other benefits of the Hope Rehab outdoor therapy include:

The Perfect Location

Our location on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand means we are ideally placed for excursions and to visit some of the nearby islands – including some that most foreign tourists never get to see. The nearest island to Sri Racha is Si Chang, which is only a few minutes away by speed boat. Here you get to enjoy the Chinese Temple, the old town, Dracula’s Castle, and Tham Phang Beach. There are also other popular islands within easy reach of us, such as Koh Samet and Koh Chang.

Here are just some excursions we offer at Hope Rehab:

Why Finding New Hobbies Is So Crucial

One of the challenges you are going to have after you return home from rehab is finding productive ways of using your time. If you have been abusing alcohol or drugs for many years, you may not have any hobbies, and you may even forget what it is you enjoy doing. One of the purposes of our activities is to give you the opportunity to do some experimentation, and you may decide to continue with some of these options afterwards.

Here are some of the activities offered at Hope Rehab:

Island Ferry
Coconut Beach

Excursions Close to Si Racha

Hope Rehab offers a bridge to normal living, and this means being able to function well in the outside world. Our excursions are great fun, but they are also considered part of the therapy. We are lucky to have some wonderful attractions close to us here in Sri Racha, such as:

International Sand City – Chachoengsao – Distance 60km

The exhibits at Sand City are likely to have you scratching your head as to how they can possibly be made from sand. The collection includes giant statues of mythical figures, cultural icons, and scenes from modern life – there are also some spectacular images of the Buddha. As well as local sand sculptors, the collection also includes examples of the work of other artists from around the world. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see how they are made in the on-site workshop.

Wat Phra Yai – The Big Buddha (Big Buddha Hill) – Distance 38 km

This picturesque park is home to a huge 18-meter statue of the Buddha, and there are also lots of other interesting structures to admire. There is a nice view of Pattaya from the top of the hill – make sure you bring your camera. Local people come here to pay respect and to make merit, so it is a nice place to mingle with regular Thais.

Laser Engraved Buddha Image at Khao Chi Chan – Sattahip – Distance 50 KM

Khao Chi Chan is better known to foreigners as ‘Buddha Mountain’. The main attraction is a 130-meter high Buddha image that was carved into the mountain using laser beams to create a golden mosaic – it’s an impressive achievement, and it looks magical at certain times of the day due to reflections of the sun. There is also a nice park around the mountain that visitors can walk around in.

The Bottle Art Museum – Banglamung Distance 30 Km

The Bottle Art Museum is one of the most underappreciated attractions in Pattaya, but those who make the effort to go here are rarely disappointed. There is a large selection of bottle art on display, and some of the items are quite remarkable.

Phayun Beach – Ban Chang, Rayong – Distance 70km

The nice thing about Phayun Beach at Ban Chang is that it is a lot less crowded than beaches in nearby Chonburi. It’s a good option for those looking to get away from it all, especially on the weekdays. There are quite a few interesting things to see in the area including a fishing village and a Chinese temple.

Friday Evenings …

Every Friday evening the whole group, clients and staff all go into town. First, we spend an hour joining in at the local exercise park, a typically Asian experience – then at about 7 pm, we go to the Japanese restaurant for dinner. It’s a bit like Waggamuma, for this of you who know.

Cave Temple
Cave Temple

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