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Welcome to Hope Rehabs Individual Counselling and Therapy program. Hope Rehab is the only Rehab that offers you two Individual sessions with your therapist, in addition to this you get a further session with your mindfulness coach and afternoon sessions with you Sober-Coach who helps you complete your assignment work. This is an unusually high level of one-on-one attention.

Hope Rehabs intensive program has been designed to give you the best chance of success. On this page is some detailed information about the Counselling and Therapy you will receive during your stay at Hope.

What does counselling/therapy at Hope Rehab look like?

Here at Hope, we use a combination of therapies to help you find the answers and solutions you’re looking for. Rehab counselling and individual therapy are terms for talk treatment focusing on either specific issues or anything you want to work on. It is a partnership between you and a counsellor who is often trained in a particular school of therapy such as the Humanistic approach, or addiction counselling. Counselling enhances your awareness by exploring your intellectual and emotional processes. Counselling identifies where the dysfunctional behaviour originated and looks for ways to correct it.

Simon Mott’s the best drug counsellor I’ve met bar none. He strikes the right balance between strength and humility, you never feel your being preached to, only helped and inspired to recover. I recommend his services to anyone who wants to take back control of their lives.

– Andy Boyd, Pete Doherty’s Manager

Twice-weekly counselling sessions

In addition to the daily group therapy sessions, when you come to Hope Rehab, you will have two personal (known as ‘one-on-one’) sessions with your allocated counsellor per week. The twice-weekly sessions leave the optimum space needed to process what came up, complete the tasks and homework agreed upon and also avoid unhealthy dependence issues with your counsellor when you leave.

What you can expect from counselling

You will start by building a relationship with your allocated counsellor, sharing your history and agreeing on a treatment plan. Counselling is also a chance to process what is going on for you in the here and now. Think of your personal counselling sessions as a mirror, having what you say reflected back at you so you can identify in detail what needs to change. By attending counselling you are learning to talk to someone regularly and honestly about your problems instead of using alcohol or drugs to try and ‘medicate’ those problems. This as well as learning to accept and follow advice are important abilities for survival after you leave.

We’ll help you to change dysfunctional behaviours

As counsellors, we are here to listen to you, to support you, and to encourage you. Our experience and expertise will also guide you. Whenever necessary, we will challenge any unhealthy attitudes, denial or destructive thought processes you may have. Above all, it is our job to help you change the dysfunctional behaviours that brought you to rehab in the first place, and you can leave here secure in the knowledge that “Hope Changes Everything.

Benefits of Counselling

  • Practice trust

  • Opportunity to talk about private issues

  • Learn how to talk honestly

  • Lack of judgement

  • Accept feedback

  • Reduce stress

  • Explore

  • Identify your goals

  • New perspective on your issues

  • Learn how to cope

  • Take advice

  • Find solutions

  • Grow and mature emotionally

  • Mediation

  • Check in and update

Our unique client workbook has been designed and written by Simon Mott and members of the counselling team. It combines the very best in modern cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) with the tried and tested 12-Step Addiction Recovery model. In addition to taking you through the program and assignments laid out in the workbook, the counsellor will teach you how to use psychological tools, such as CBT. This will help you identify your feelings, negative self-talk, and core beliefs, as well as current and historical issues which will aid you to prevent relapse.

Experience and empirical evidence have demonstrated that clients graduating from the Hope Rehab treatment program with a clear understanding of the true nature of addiction and a visual recovery and relapse prevention plan – both on paper and firmly imprinted in their brain – have every possibility of moving on to lead happy and fulfilling lives without fear of returning to active addiction or alcoholism.

One client's experience

Me again… One year ago, I was with you guys in Thailand. I am sober since 2013 and just wanted to let you know how precious was your help. Nothing compares to your method and program. I knew nothing about Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy before . What a blessing that and your other protocols were, and still are! Thank you! It broke me. I am a new person (almost…) now. Take care. And please thank Simon for me. He helped me amazingly to settle into rehab, and progress at my own pace. I wish I was still with you guys to do my other steps. I hope to visit you again someday.

– Jenny

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