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About Us – Hope Rehab Center

About Us at Hope Rehab Center in Thailand

Hope Rehab Center Thailand is the longest running, most successful, most experienced and well established treatment facility in Thailand. Hope has earned a worldwide reputation with its successful treatment program. The center is fully licensed by the Thai Ministry of Health with 30 beds, a Detox unit, Primary treatment and a separate Advanced facility. Hope was founded by Simon Mott and Alon Kumsawad, FDAP Affiliated  and accredited by Asia Pacific certification board APCB. Simon and Alon met while working another well known Rehab. Simon was the Manager and Head Counsellor and Alon was the Fitness, Meditation and Yoga coach. Hope Rehab is now managed by an extensive professional and accredited team of over 50 staff from UK, Holland, USA, Australia and Thailand.

Hope Rehab Team Group Picture

Hope's Mission

“Hope’s mission is to improve Addiction treatment options globally, and provide low-cost, high-quality, stimulating, exciting, effective and unique treatment to all those able to access it. We pride ourselves on creating an international recovery community at Hope Center”

Hope's Philosophy

Our Approach at Hope Rehab is based on addiction science and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) brain disease model. We also use the National Institute on Drug Abuse (USA) treatment guidelines and UK training standards (DANOS). UK confidentiality and duty of care standards as well as health and safety conditions. We understand addiction as a chronic brain disease that affects multiple brain circuits, including those involved in reward, emotions, motivation, thought, learning, memory, and inhibitory control over behaviour.

Hope's Promise

If you are willing to work our program and follow our suggestions, then you can recover from addiction or alcoholism. You will never need to use again. However, we cannot completely cure you from the disease of addiction. Therefore, we do not claim to have a cure because that is impossible. There is no doubt that addiction has a detrimental effect on the brain, causing long-term damage to brain chemistry and pathways now considered a chronic disease because we cannot remove the damaged parts of your brain. Also what triggered the addiction is individual and interesting, reconciling abuse, trauma or changing your environment, unfortunately, does not remove the pathways of addiction, so on-going self-management is essential. Hope Treatment Center is what’s known as a ‘lifestyle enterprise’, a project that has been set up and is run to sustain a “healthy recovery lifestyle” for all those involved including the team, Simon, Alon and the clients. They have also shaken up the Western private rehab sector in Thailand by offering affordable and better treatment. Hope offers a way out to many people who have no other options.

A letter of thanks from a highly valued client:

“Hi Simon, You do a fantastic job running Hope Rehab! I have enjoyed working with you as my counsellor, you helped me so much. I think you have a very good heart and good clinical skills that will benefit people wherever you go. I have all of the faith in the world in you. I will always be so very grateful!! C____ USA”

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The Founders

Simon Mott, Founder of Hope Rehab Thailand

Simon’s history includes working in the addiction recovery field for over 20 years, working in the criminal justice sector in the UK, as well as managing public services for the local government in London. He is certified APCB (AsiPacificic Board) and AQA Accredited Counselling, He also has a portfolio of DANOS specialist substance misuse training from Hert Uni and the Royal College of General Practitioners. Simon, a former heroin addict himself, has dealt with addiction from both sides of the fence, so understands the struggle. Eventually, he decided to use his experience to create the most effective program possible. Read his story in this Telegraph article…

Hope Rehab Thailand Co-Founder Alon Kumsawad

Alon Kumsawad is the co-founder of Hope Rehab. Alon is a Thai national with years of experience of working with people dealing with addiction problems. Alon is a qualified fitness, pilates and yoga instructor and also has a degree in Liberal Arts and Administration from Rajamangala University in Chiang Mai. With her skill-set, she is bringing a unique flavour to the mix at Hope. Being Thai and a Buddhist, she has her own meditation and mindfulness practice that she shares with her clients. This is perfect, as much of the solution to addiction is best described as spiritual. Therefore, Thailand is the ideal place for recovery to begin. Alon has dedicated her life to helping other people improve themselves.

Hope Foundation donates free treatment places to Thai nationals

Hope Rehab Training Services: Hope Foundation also provides training. See the official letter PDF from Thai Government thanking the Hope team for our efforts.

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