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Thailand’s Special Rehab – Hope Rehab
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Thailand’s Special Rehab – Hope Rehab

Thailand’s Special Rehab is Hope Rehab – Why? If you are looking for a rehab for yourself or a loved one, then Read through this list and get an brief idea of what Hope offers. We guarantee no other rehab can match what we offer for the cost. We are confident you won’t get the same level of treatment anywhere else in the world.

The Team

50 qualified staff members in our team ensure you are given the support you need and kept comfortable during your stay. A ratio of 2 staff to every client is unmatched anywhere in the world

The Facility

Our main site is a 22-bed, 5 acre grand facility surrounded by stone walls and located on a mountain side overlooking the Gulf of Siam with sea views and surrounded by jungle rain forest.

Advanced Program

We have a separate very cosy new 14-bed advanced treatment facility located nearby and right beside the sea for clients in second and third months, offering special privileges and activities.

Swimming Pool

We have an on-site swimming pool where clients can swim, have fun, relax, or just do a bit of sunbathing. (Update -we are also currently building a fabulous new swimming pool.)

Stay Connected

Our facility has good Wi-Fi access throughout, and clients are also allowed to bring phones, obviously carefully supervised so as not to disrupt treatment.

Intern Training

We have 10 places for psychology and therapy interns coming from universities in different parts of the world who come to learn and support our clients.

On weekends, we take clients (depending on weather) to one of the nearby islands (Koh Si Chang) where they can explore, enjoy some beach activities, or just relax in the sun. It is just a forty-minute boat ride away and a great way to unwind after a busy week of class work.

Hope Rehab Thailand Testimonial client

The nearby town of Sri Racha offers a wonderful blend of modern and traditional Thai urban life. This is where we take clients so they can purchase necessities along with some well-deserved treats. At the centre of the town is a large department store.

Success Rate

Our success rate is higher than most rehabs. The general completion rate for Hope primary program is 97.5% and 80% of clients apply to stay longer than a month. We take this as a strong endorsement of our work.

Intensive Program

Addiction isn’t conquered overnight, but our 30-day intensive program offers what we believe to be the best chance of success. We make the most of of your time by packing a lot of activities into each day.

Thai Culture

Experience Living in Thailand and get to enjoy the local culture, natural beauty, the people, and wonderful quirkiness of Thailand. There is plenty of serious work to do, but you are also going to have time to explore Sri Racha.

Kick Boxing

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, and clients get the opportunity to train in this renowned martial art with our skilled trainer Khru Yut (all skill levels welcome).


Ex-clients with the right skills and determination may be given the opportunity to come work with us as a volunteer – this can sometimes lead to something more permanent.

Motivated Clients

Our in-depth admissions process is designed to find the clients who will fit in well with our community and be able to gain the most from what we offer.

We realize that coming to rehab requires a significant financial sacrifice and we do not take that lightly, however once you consider how much we have to offer, we hope you can see it is a great opportunity and investment. We guarantee all financial resources are used wisely.

Addiction Counselling at Hope Rehab Thailand

Community Spirit

Hope Rehab is not owned by a large corporation. We are a small community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about helping people recover from addiction.


Our community is committed to honesty and openness. This means we avoid false promises or misleading advertisements. There are also no hidden costs in joining the program.

Visa Extensions

If you need to extend your Thai tourist visa during your stay with us, we will support and guide you through this process (including escorted immigration and border runs if necessary) .


Leaving rehab is when the work really begins. We are pleased to maintain close personal contact with each client and you will join out online aftercare group.

Teaching English

Opportunities for our Sober house clients to teach English are available in Thailand and can be arranged with a local college and summer camp schools in the nearby city.

TEFL Certificate

Sober house clients have the option to complete TEFL training that enables them to teach English locally. This has proven highly popular opportunity with clients.

A beautiful place for beautiful people! If you’re serious about restarting your life, Hope is where you want to be. With breath taking views, wonderful mentors and exotic food of the highest quality, I can’t recommend a better rehabilitation center. You are bound to find a new family who are friendly and supportive beyond anything I can describe. I strongly recommend Hope.

 Google Review

Hope Rehab Thailand Recovery Coin

Your Room

All our rooms are private and refreshing with unique furnishings, single occupancy with a double-beds, air-conditioning and wifi.


Our dedicated domestic team clean your room daily. There is also a professional unlimited laundry service that delivers directly to your room.

Community Spaces

There are plenty of communal areas where clients can hangout, relax together, meditate, admire nature, or make a personal call.

Hope Workbooks

We have produced unique and well presented workbooks that have been specifically designed for you to complete our program.(see them here).

Afternoon tutorials

All clients get assistance completing their counselling assignment work in the afternoons from our many support staff and peers.

Support Groups

We provide a variety of mutual support group options including 12-Step, Refuge Recovery, and SMART Recovery.

Our buffet lunch includes an impressive mix of salad, vegetables, fish, and meats – all of it prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients. Clients regularly rave about the delicious food.

Hope Rehab Thailand Buffet

Our menu includes a good mix of Thai and Western food . Healthy snacks are available throughout the day for anyone who is feeling a bit peckish. Our clients also get to enjoy 100% natural juice smoothies


Thailand is a country that can be visited all year round. Our location has mostly sunny and dry days with the occasional refreshing tropical shower that keeps it a fresh and healthy environment.


Long-haul flights have never been so cheap, and this makes Hope a realistic option for more people. we suggest taking a direct flight to Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi BKK).


There are no immunizations or malaria medications required for adult travellers to Thailand. Local Thai hospitals are very good and cheap when it comes to treating everyday general health issues.

Mindfulness Program

The mindfulness training program is specifically designed for our community to meet the needs of those dealing with addiction and related problems.

Mindfulness Coaching

Each client has a weekly one-to-one session with our mindfulness teacher. This is an opportunity to raise questions and receive feedback on meditation experiences.

Daily Meditation

Daily guided meditation so clients will have the ability to meditate alone once they return home – further guidance given in one-to-one sessions

Hope is everything I could have asked for and more. The groups, counselling, facilities, food, accommodation and atmosphere I couldn’t fault. I spent four months there, and it was the best money I’ve ever spent, and the most constructive time I have ever spent anywhere.

Google Review

Hope Rehab Water Volleyball

Exercise Park

Every Friday afternoon, clients get to visit our local exercise park here in Sri Racha. Here you get to walk, run, or engage in other activities with the locals.

Thai Massage

Massage sessions twice per week. As well as being fantastic for relaxation, this is also an effective therapy that eases any lingering withdrawal symptoms.

Hope Food

We are lucky to live in a part of the world where fresh, nutritious ingredients are abundant. Our menu includes salad, veggie, meats, fish and much more. Food that is healthy and tasty.

Our Clients

Addiction does not discriminate between nationality, race, religion, culture, or social class. Our clients come from all around the world and from every walk of life, so it’s a great opportunity to come together and learn from each other and much more than addiction.

Your Loved Ones

Many clients are helped by their families to get to Hope. We are happy to support and help families understand addiction and the treatment process. We have a family feedback program and will coach you on how to support your loved one returning home.

Long Term

The psychological process of recovery and change can require longer-term treatment, and the cost of this is going to be an important factor for most people. We charge far less for long-term treatment than other facilities that are offering inferior programs at much more cost.

The real work begins once clients return home so aftercare is crucial. We provide weekly online meetings, and there is also phone support to ensure a smooth transition. There will also be plenty of time to plan for this move with your recovery coach.

Hope Bridge Aftercare

Our 35-page aftercare book provides advice and tips so clients can hit the ground running once they return home. It includes suggestions on staying motivated and avoiding relapse triggers.


We understand that cost is a significant factor for clients and their families so we are determined to keep our rates as low as possible


Hope has a fleet of comfortable and safe 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers to ferry you around between activities.

Personal Therapist

Hope provides an unusually high level of one-on-one attention to give you the highest chance of recovery and success.

Group on the Beach

Friday process group is outside the Hope Centre on the beach, this happens in the second month and makes a refreshing change from our group rooms. We do this not just because it is unique but to get clients used to attending recovery groups after treatment.

Advanced Program

Clients enter our advanced program after 6 to 8 weeks. This is because returning home from a 30-day rehab program can involve a difficult transition for some. For clients able to commit, this is an ideal way to futhur develop their recovery.

Restaurant Visits

On Friday evenings and Sundays we visit local restaurants. An important part of our program is recovery coaching which involves exposure to everyday activities outside of treatment. At Hope Rehab we focus on providing a bridge to normal living.

I volunteered at Hope for 4 months this summer and have nothing but the highest praise for both the staff and the facilities and for what it offers people in recovery. It was a life changing experience for me. It is a very special place. I made some amazing friends during my time there as part of the team and it will always have a very very special place in my heart

 Google Review

Hope Rehab Team Group Picture


We provide alcohol detox and opiate detox using the latest methods to keep you comfortable, in addition we have female and male nursing staff.

Mindfulness Manual

Our comprehensive mindfulness manual provides helpful guidance for your practice, also special meditation beads and compassion teddy bear.

20 Topics

Clients attend two mindfulness classes per week. These are divided into first month, second month, and third month, so there are potentially 20 topics to cover.

All-Day Refreshments

Never go thirsty. Soft drinks, healthy smoothies, our own brand bottled water, filter coffee, tea, and electrolyte drinks are available all day.

Team Work

Team building is not only for business. Addiction leaves us isolated and powerless, but you can become a champion at our sports day.

Mindfulness Aftercare

Clients can continue their mindfulness journey once they leave Hope with optional mindfulness coaching via Skype

Our cognitive behavioral therapy training (CBT) helps you understand how your thoughts affect your behavior, and it provides you with tools to help you stay sober and live more effectively.

Group Therapy Doug Sarah Hope Rehab Thailand

Clients not only learn about the tools of CBT, but they also get the opportunity to apply these tools to challenges with the help of a CBT coach.


Running and cycling not only help you get back into shape, but they are also a fantastic way for you to explore the local countryside.

Temple visits

Visiting a Thai temple is an intersting and relaxing way to spend the afternoon, and the monks will usually be happy to welcome you.

Shopping trips

Clients have the opportunity to go shopping locally. As well as modern department stores, there are also markets and boutiques where you can pick up some nice souvenirs.

Gratitude Circle

Clients then have an opportunity every morning to express gratitude for any positive feelings or events they’ve experienced in the last 24-hours – this helps affirm their evolving positive mindsets.

Graduation Coin

We celebrate graduations with positive feedback along with a specially minted Hope Coin + Certificate of Completion. This occasion becomes a cherished memory for most Hope clients.

Smoothie Break

Healthy banana and mango smoothies are waiting for the clients after gratitude. Our kitchen team makes them from scratch with fresh, local fruit every day – a treat that is both good for you and tasty!

The staff is great, the place is beautiful, the quality of the teaching and the sports available is unique. I ended up staying 60 days because I found out that I was doing much more than getting clean at Hope . I learned a lot about myself, I tried lots of new things, got out of my comfort zone and really felt part of a community of friends. Thank you Hope.

Google Review

Hope Rehab TukTuk

Hope Sober House

Located in the fishing town of Ban Sarey, the second stage facility is a perfect step for clients who complete treatment at Hope Rehab. Here you benefit from a safe environment where you can put everything you have learned into practice.

Hope Education

The amount of knowledge about addiction and psychology we offer will likely surprise you. The program includes many stimulating presentations from our therapists/psychologists on a wide variety of topics.


The facility is full of surprises like a historic and imposing DC3 passenger aircraft from the Saigon airlift at the end of the Vietnam war. We have 16 different buildings spread across 5 acres that provides an authentic village feel.

Fitness Assessment

Fitness assessment and goal setting is where we will explore your fitness goals by completing our onsite fitness test. Your personal trainer will then set up a training program to help you achieve your goals.

Hope FC

Hope offers basketball, football, and boot camps. Joining one of these team sports will help you to overcome social anxiety, build trust and learn how to be a team player

Early Morning Exercise

We say get up before your addiction does – at Hope we are up and exercising before breakfast. Not every action brings happiness, but there is definitely no happiness without some action. Little by little you will get stronger.

Family Feedback Program

Our family feedback programs gives loved ones a chance to get involved in treatment. This benefits our clients by helping them come to terms with the impact of their addiction on all the family.

Google Reviews

Hope has received many powerful and positive testimonials on Google. We recommend you take a few minutes to read some of them so you gain insight into what we have to offer and what is possible.

Hope Media

Hope receives plenty of coverage from international media. Recently, Vice published a series of articles written by a client who was a journalist. Visit our Media page and check out some of the articles about Hope.

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