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Hope Sober House Facility Thailand


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Hope House is located in what was once a sleepy fishing town of Ban Sarey, Sattahip. The second stage facility is the next step for clients who complete treatment at Hope Rehab Thailand. This is where everything you have learned during primary treatment can be put into practice in everyday life. You still receive support from each other and the staff at Hope House.

At Hope Sober House you have the freedom to manage your daily live and embark on a journey of recovery from alcoholism/addiction. This is a key component to treatment and is widely recognized as an important part of the treatment process bridging the gap between primary treatment and returning home. The outcome for a successful recovery is increased greatly by continuing with a residential sober living program like the one at Hope House.

Whilst at Hope House clients will continue with the work they were doing in primary treatment by attending regular groups and sober coaching sessions with a team of dedicated staff. Attending self help groups held locally and continuing with a regime that will include Mindfulness, Exercise, Meditation and Healthy living. Here they will be encouraged and assisted to undertake volunteer work ranging from helping with disadvantaged women and children to helping at the orphanage in the local city center.

Opportunities for our clients to teach English are available in Thailand and can be arranged with a local college and summer camp schools in the nearby city. Clients can attend a course with full support of staff at Hope House thus achieving a qualification (TEFL) enabling you to teach English. This has proven highly popular and successful with past clients and is very useful in giving structure to addicts and alcoholics in early recovery.


The Sober House Team

Paul Loftus is the managing director of Hope house and has been helping addicts/alcoholics as a sober coach since his own recovery from addiction began over 13 years ago.

After arriving in Thailand nearly 6 years ago Paul decided he wanted to devote himself to a career which would see him assisting with the recovery journey of addicts/alcoholics in a far greater way. His love of this work makes him an easy person to approach and he has seen great success from past clients at Hope Rehab Thailand, where he assisted Simon Mott in the birth of one of Thailand’s most amazing treatment facilities.

Natalie Sloan has worked in the field of addiction since 2006, she has a university diploma in addiction strategies and substance misuse, NVQ health and social care, interventions counselling and psychology qualifications to her name.

Her career has seen her working in a female only subatnces misuse services, an out reach worker in Brighton Oasis, as a support worker dealing with substance abuse .

She along with Paul shares the running of the house. She facilitates groups , one to one sober coaching sessions, 12 step guide , healthy living and eating programs, transports clients to and from local meetings and Co-ordinates resettlement plans with clients moving on..

Raymond is one of the sober coaches working with the clients on a one to one basis. His understanding of the 12 step program is far reaching. His enthusiasm for the program makes him a very positive influence for the clients and an essential part of the team.

He has over 16 years of working in self-help groups in both Denmark and Sweden, he also speaks 5 Languages including Thai. He is our key link between the sober house and the local recovery community and organizes many of our meeting attendances.

Daniel Julien having been one of Hope Rehab Thailand’s youngest and first clients makes him an ideal person to support clients at the sober house. He has actually been through everything they will face. He completed treatment at Hope and was the first client to go through Hopes sober living program.

He gained a TEFL certificate whilst at the sober house and went on to work as an English teacher for the past year. After which he decided his energy and skills would be better used working with addicts at the sober house. Just like a real family the sober house team has evolved in this way, past clients wishing to change career having got clean here in Thailand make a refreshing addition to the team.

Hope House Timetable


Morning rituals

The program starts each weekday with a morning cycle along Ban Sare beach followed by breakfast and our first unofficial group, which centers around the clients list of things to be grateful for on this day. This is followed by a reading from the recovery textbook . Starting the day with a positive ritual breaks the cycle of negativity that addiction dwells in and helps the group to bond on a daily basis.


Goals Group

Here is where the clients set themselves goals to achieve in their everyday lives whilst at the house. They take on far more challenges with personal fitness levels, getting greater motivated with their recovery goals which have an added real meaning. Now that they have additional freedom it comes with additional triggers and emotions. Here they will use all the resources they gained in primary treatment to help them manage all of these situations that everyday life will throw at them, whilst still having the support of their peers and staff.

Step Workshop

We will select certain areas of the program to target specifically in this group. Our aim is to highlight areas of recovery the group need to focus on at this time. All of the team have direct experience in these types of workshops. They are vital in helping a person to understand aspects of the program that may seem confusing at points. This could involve a step 4 workshop or informational film on the disease concept and many other subjects of recovery.


Hope Rehab and Hope House joint recovery meetings

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