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Hope Rehab Center Thailand Foundation Manifest

Hope Rehab Center Thailand Foundation Manifest

Hope Rehab Center Thailand Foundation

Hope Rehab Center Thailand Foundation is a proposed charitable trust and foundation in Thailand to work in the addiction treatment sector. We are active however await registration.

Please click here to get the PDF-version of the “Hope Foundation Proposal” which is also available for download.

Introduction: This document is the proposal for a charitable Foundation focused on assisting people who have issues involving alcohol or drug addiction and require rehabilitation in Thailand.

Background: The Hope Foundation is a vehicle for ‘Hope Rehab Center’ to give freely to Thailand and the local community in Chonburi.

Launch of Hope Foundation: The project is designed and funded by Simon Mott and sub-lieutenant Alon Kumsawad, the owners and founders of Hope Rehab Center Thailand.

Purpose of Hope Foundation: Our overall goal is to help improve addiction treatment in Thailand for public benefit. Our intention is to share our Western drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. This will be achieved by providing free training to Thai healthcare, rehab staff, and the public.

Hope Rehab Center Thailand Foundation structure and constitution: (See ‘Constitution below’)

Mission statement: to increase public understanding of alcoholism and addiction, to improve treatment options, and to be pro-active in regards to prevention.

Our charter: The Foundation’s vision is to share our specialist knowledge and expertise with the local community and greater society of Thailand.

Practical application and implementation

Overall objectives of Hope Foundation: 5 major areas of interest based in improving treatment.

Where Hope Foundation will help: Our goal is to support local Thai communities in the Eastern Seaboard area and other provinces who may need and benefit from this sort of attention – alcoholics, the families of addicts, people in crisis, the local community, and providing educational training when invited.

Working together: Promoting participation of medical staff, religious people, employers and community leaders in the rehabilitation of alcoholics and addicts.

Public perception: To change the perceptions of the Thai people about drug addiction and alcoholism treatment as well as to influence the public health departments in Thailand and existing rehabs regarding drug treatment programs, policies in Thai rehabs, detoxes, and hospitals.

Educate the community by using public information methods. To educate the family and community in the correct ways to support addicts/alcoholic family members. Also, to offer education programs and work with local schools, with the intent of changing the attitude of the next generation through, e.g. explaining how to recognize the effects, signs and symptoms of drug or alcohol addiction.

Family involvement: Good practice in treatment today is the social inclusion of families especially those with children. We believe that families are negatively affected by alcoholism and addiction, so it is especially important to focus on supporting them.

Thailand is a multicultural society today so can include many useful approaches such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

Volunteer and sponsorship scheme

Volunteer work at Hope Foundation enables the correct people to accept volunteer opportunities in Thailand. There is a wide variety of community service positions including work with patients, teaching English to Thais who are looking for Jobs, and volunteering as helpers, fitness coaches, or rehabilitation assistants according to their preferences.

Eligibility criteria for volunteers: Potential applicants can be a team or a network of members from various backgrounds, with a proven record of delivering results in a treatment area.

What applicants should bring to the table:

Our goal is to send volunteers to Thailand for a minimum of 2 weeks each – 3 months. Volunteers pay their own way but will have access to any discounts we have available as members of a not-for-profit organization. We invite people of various experience to join this effort and believe we can all play a part.

We need people who care. It’s really that simple. People who know about recovery and who want to make a difference.

Applicants must be:

Hope Foundation International voluntary program will invite professionals from across the world to help the Alcoholism and Addiction sector in Thailand.

Political Environment supporting the Hope Foundation

Needs assessment: Alcoholism and addiction is a global problem and is a drain on government healthcare recourses – addiction causes a lot of pain and death for the people affected. Thailand is no exception. Our goal is to help the people and communities affected by alcoholism and addiction.

Hope Rehab has already been approached and shared our western treatment techniques and method by training ministry of health officials. An example is the Training Hope Rehab’s team took part in Pattani has been very helpful. Hope has been approached recently to provide training to the Apakorn Hospital Rehab (Navy hospital) in Sattahip, Chonburi.

The justice ministry has called for help (Bangkok post article 2015)

The current prime minister has ordered more be done about drug addiction (Bangkok Post 2015)

Political Environment supporting Hope Foundation – currently, the Thai Ministry of Health approves and promotes the type of addiction treatment that Hope Foundation provides, and welcomes our influence on the general treatment system.

Hope Foundations Constitution

Beneficiaries’ involvement in the planning and implementation of the project

Note: This is a private Foundation (a non-profit organization). Furthermore, no trustee, director, or any member may directly benefit from the foundation financially.

Registration of Hope Foundation: The foundation will be duly registered under the regulations of Thai law at Thai Ministry of Interior for public benefit. The place for the registration is at the foundation location’s District Office, with Thailand’s Ministry of Culture.

Location of Foundation:

45/16 Moo 9

Bang Phra Sri Racha,

Eastern Seaboard,


20110 Thailand

Executive Summary

The background and mandate of the project are summarized as follows: The Foundation will engage in activities relating to the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. The founders and directors are all experienced or connected in this sector. The proposed methodology that will be used for doing the work is outlined below.

Funding and budget: Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization NPO – funded by a major grant from Hope Rehab Trust-Fund and overseen by the trustees.

Financial mandates – funding cycles and terms: One-off grants capital structure donation from Hope Rehab

Operating the project: Simon Mott will be the program implementer. The foundation will be overseen by Simon Mott.

Stages involved in the Project

About Simon Mott and Alon Kumsawad – Founders of Hope Rehab

Current programs, activities and accomplishments involving Simon Mott and Alon Kumsawad.

The Co-Founders of Hope Rehab Center, established in 2013, are Simon Mott (UK) and Alon Kumsawad (Thai) who are partners.

Simon Mott is a world-renowned rehab owner in Thailand and international specialist in substance misuse (Addiction and alcoholism) treatment.

Simon Mott has a 20-year history of substance misuse and addiction treatment management. He is an AQA certified Integrated Humanistic Counsellor in the UK; he also has UK DANOS specialist substance misuse training from Hertfordshire University in the UK. He is trained by The Royal College of General Practitioners to administer treatment in the UK. His experience includes working for the criminal justice sector in the UK and also for the local government in London managing public services.

During his time working in London, Simon was a member of the ‘All Party Meeting of the Parliamentary Drug Misuse Group’. He attended debates and session in parliament house and gave presentations to the PM and Lords.

Simon’s work in harm-reduction research trials that have been recognised by the Home Office and contributed to proposed–misuse of drugs act–changes. He has also been active as a service-user champion, helping to establish and run mutual aid recovery groups throughout London and Thailand.

During his many years working as addiction counsellor and manager in the UK and Thailand, he has been involved in Charitable foundations, “being of service” to the community is part of Simon’s personal recovery.

Simon is often called upon by various media sources around the world to share his experience and expertise on addiction.

Alon Kumsawad was the Meditation teacher, also Yoga and Fitness trainer at the Cabin Chiang Mai. Alon is a graduate of the Chiang Mai Rajamangala University in Liberal Arts and Administration and is a qualified fitness instructor; she also has qualifications in Yoga and Pilates. In addition, Alon served five years in the territorial Royal Thai Army holding the rank of Sub-Lieutenant.

Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Hope Rehab treats substance addiction, including alcoholism and all drugs of abuse. The 32-bed facility is in Bang Phra, Sriracha, Chonburi.

The property belongs to Dr Sribhumi Sukhanetr who served Thailand for 25 years as Director General – permanent secretary to state for the ministry of transport and telecommunication. Since then he is appointed Consul General to Monaco. Dr Sribhumi Sukhanetr was awarded the French Legion of Honor for all his important work over the years.

Treatment at Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Our treatment method is best described as holistic. It combines the following core components:

Our approach at Hope Rehab is based on addiction science and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Brain disease model. We see addiction as a complex illness characterized by craving, beginning with the voluntary act of taking drugs or drink, then later becoming compulsive. This behaviour results largely from the effects of prolonged exposure of the substances on brain functioning. Addiction is a chronic brain disease that affects multiple brain circuits, including those involved in reward, emotions, motivation, thought, learning, memory, and inhibitory control over behaviour.

We also use the National Institute on Drug Abuse (USA), Treatment guidelines and UK training Standards (DANOS). UK Confidentiality and duty of care standards, also health and safety conditions.

Included in the program

Hope’s Philosophy: Medical-assisted detoxification is the first stage of addiction treatment and by itself does little to change long-term drug abuse.

Group therapy is widely acknowledged to be of unparalleled value for their common goals, the support and learning experienced. We believe an addict or alcoholic cannot beat their addiction alone. We teach and encourage the use of Self-help groups like AA/NA.

Hope Rehab residential model: We are a therapeutic community (TC) that incorporates the Minnesota Model based on the twelve-step program and philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Psycho-Therapy: Individual counselling includes, treatment planning, CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to modify client attitudes and behaviours related to drug or alcohol abuse, and increase healthy life skills.

Physical therapy: is just as important as emotional therapy so Fitness is a core element of our treatment. Daily exercise improves self-esteem and installs the structure and discipline needed for ongoing recovery. Physical activity releases positive brain chemistry and is recognized to help with motivation and depression.

Mindfulness and meditation are also essentials tool in treatment and have many benefits from applying a brief daily practice in the morning and/or evening. Mindfulness is a state of mind that a client learns to create by using techniques to self-regulate their thoughts and feelings through observation.

All types spirituality are encouraged (prayer and meditation) and especially Buddhism is taught and practised throughout a client’s time in our program.

Patrons and Founders

Founder and responsible for Foundation (Trustees) endorsed by technical advisers below, board members, decision-making process. Structuring the foundation (giving programs, funding, leadership, the role of Hope, etc.).

Dr. Sribhumi Sukhanetr

Consulate General of Monaco

245/9 Soi 31, Sukhumvit Road

Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Sub Lieutenant Alon Kumsawad

Siraveth Sukhanetr

Address of Lessor:

65 Sukumvit Soi 61,

Bangkok 10110

Simon Mott

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