Episode 41 – Is There Hope for a Chronic Relapser?

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Episode 41 – Is There Hope for a Chronic Relapser?

Some nuggets from this episode

  • “I had lost any faith that I could stop.”
  • “Removing myself from Australia was really important because there were so many triggers there.”
  • “Having a child does not keep you clean.”
  • “I am sick of people not talking about addiction.”

Hannah vice.com writer

A conversation between Hannah Brooks and Paul Garrigan

Hannah stayed with us at Hope for about five months. She documented her stay in a series of fascinating articles for Vice Magazine (see links below). Here she talks about her experience of being a heroin addict and a chronic relapser. We planned for this interview to last 15 minutes, but we ended up talking for much longer.

Hope Mindful Compassion Show – Episode 41

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Topics covered in this week’s show include:

  • How did you end up at Hope?

  • Did you manage any substantial clean time before coming to Hope?

  • Do you think it is harder for women to recover from addiction?

  • Is there any truth in the claim that rehab programs tend to be aimed towards men?

  • What has changed for you since coming to Hope?

  • Is there a tendency to treat atheism as ‘part of the disease’?

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