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It is OK Not To Be OK


In this episode of the podcast, Sophie shares her ideas about why it is OK not to be OK. Those recovering from an addiction can sometimes feel uncomfortable about admitting that life has become a bit of a struggle - this may be because they don't want to appear negative or incapable. The danger with this is that pretending that things are fine  can mean not getting the support that is needed to deal with the situation.

It is OK Not To Be OK2020-06-09T09:10:10+07:00

Without Imagination There is No Hope


Without Imagination There is No Hope by Paul Garrigan  The Link Between Addiction and Impoverished Imagination The nastiest trick that addiction plays [...]

Without Imagination There is No Hope2020-05-21T07:07:49+07:00

The Ultrarunner Mindset – Podcast Episode 49


Ultrarunning is all about going beyond our preconceived ideas about what we are capable of doing. Even if we have no intention of ever running an ultramarathon, this mindset of leaving our comfort zone can be of a huge importance for anyone attempting to break free of addiction and start a new life.

The Ultrarunner Mindset – Podcast Episode 492020-02-14T08:09:12+07:00

How Arrogance Prevents Connection


Surprisingly enough, most people don’t respond well to our attempts to make them seem inferior to us. It can make us hard to be around, and our behavior may even be damaging to others.The first essential step to overcoming arrogance is the recognition of this behavior in ourselves.

How Arrogance Prevents Connection2020-01-21T10:06:30+07:00