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A Lot of People Struggling With An Addiction Won’t Quit Because

A Lot of People Struggling With An Addiction Won’t Quit Because…

No More Excuses

by Hope Rehab Team 

There are always going to be reasons to justify continued use of alcohol or other recreational drug long after the negative consequences clearly outweigh any benefits. These excuses may sound convincing to those of us who are caught up in denial, or who are so beaten by our addiction that we can no longer even imagine a better life, but when we look closely at these justifications, they soon  fall apart.

Here are just some of the excuses we have either used or heard:

Now is Not the Right Time to Quit

Waiting for the right time to quit is dangerous because the mind will always be able to come up with another reason to delay. For it to be the right time, all you need to do is see through these addicted-mind created obstacles that have been put between you and your future happiness.

If there is a lot going on in our lives, it might sound reasonable to suggest that the added challenge of dealing with an addiction problem would be just too overwhelming. The problem with this reasoning is that drugs are often the reason life has become so difficult in the first place. We may have initially turned to these substances because they seemed to help us deal with life (e.g. a drink in the evening helps me unwind after a hectic day), but ultimately, they make us less able to cope.

I Haven’t Hit Rock Bottom Yet

Rock bottom is not an event but a decision. It just means that you have reached the point where you decide that you have had enough. It does not require losing your health, wealth, relationships, job, or reputation. There is no guarantee that losing more will make you more motivated. The problem with waiting to hit rock bottom is that you could end up losing everything.

I’m Waiting for Things to Improve

Waiting for things to improve so you can quit an addiction is like waiting to get fit before taking up exercise. The most significant thing you can probably do right now to improve your life is to quit alcohol or drugs. Addiction creates a downward spiral, and this means that over time things will usually get worse and not better.

My Life Would Be Even Worse Without Drugs

Imagination is one of the casualties of substance abuse, and this means that it can become hard to imagine a better life. One of the saddest things about addiction is that many of us end up believing that this is the best we can do in life. Hope means opening up to the possibility of something better. Initially, this may involve taking a leap of faith, but if we become willing to take the necessary steps, we quickly get the evidence that life is much better without drugs.

I’ll Miss My Drinking or Drug-Using Friends

Some of us had no problem seeing less of friends who didn’t engage in substance use, yet we balk at the idea of losing our drug-using buddies. The reality is that it is natural for people to come and go in our lives as our interests change. Some of these friends we will hook up with again in the future, and some we won’t. One of the wonderful benefits of recovery is that you can get to meet new friends who share your determination to live a better life.

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