Episode 43 – The Recovery Curve

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Episode 43 – The Recovery Curve

Some nuggets from this episode

  • The recovery curve is a general way of describing a person’s changing moods, emotions, and physical experience during early recovery.

  • The first six to nine months of recovery is the most critical when it comes to long-term freedom from addiction, so anything that can allow us to understand this process better is going to be useful.

  • There is a point on the recovery curve when we are most at risk of relapse and being aware of this will reduce this risk.

  • There is nothing inevitable about the recovery curve, and we can take steps to avoid the dangers of the highs and lows.

Chris on the move - bus passing by on main road

In this episode of the podcast, Chris introduces us to the recovery curve. This is a topic of one of the groups that Chris leads at Hope. The first six to nine months in early recovery tend to be the most challenging, so anything that can help us understand this process better can be useful. Knowledge of the recovery curve can help us to avoid potential pitfalls and diagnose where we are on our journey.

Hope Mindful Compassion Show – Episode 43

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Topics covered in this week’s show include:

  • What is the recovery curve?

  • Does the recovery curve provide a map of early recovery?

  • How does knowing about the recovery curve help people who are trying to break free of addiction?

  • Where does the concept of a ‘recovery curve’ come from?

  • Will every client experience the recovery curve?

  • Is the ‘pink cloud’ stage a bad thing?

  • Is ‘hitting the wall’ inevitable in early recovery?

  • What would be the symptoms of someone ‘hitting the wall’?

  • How do people get beyond the wall?

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