Episode 41 – Advanced Treatment

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Episode 42 – Advanced Treatment

Some nuggets from this episode

  • Advanced treatment provides a bridge from primary treatment to normal living.
  • Although the client still benefits from a protective and supportive environment, they gain more freedom and privileges as advanced treatment progresses.
  • Advanced treatment can mean remaining in a supportive community for three to six months (or even longer), and this increases the likelihood of long-term recovery from addiction.

Chris, Sober Coach at Hope Rehab ThailandA conversation between Chris and Paul 

It this episode of the podcast, Chris gives us his opinion on advanced treatment. We look at who might benefit from this option and what it actually involves. It turns out that there are many options when it comes to advanced treatment, and this is also something we offer here at Hope Rehab Thailand.

You can find out more about our advanced treatment program by clicking here.

Hope Mindful Compassion Show – Episode 42

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Topics covered in this week’s show include:

  • What is advanced treatment?

  • What does it involve?

  • What are the benefits?

  • Does it increase the likelihood of long-term recovery?

  • What is your experience of it?

  • Is this something that could benefit every client?

  • Would you recommend it to every client?

  • Can you think of an example where it could be a bad idea?

  • Are there any potential negative outcomes from advanced treatment?

  • Is there a risk of becoming ‘institutionalized’?

  • What would you say to clients who just can’t afford advanced treatment but they feel they need it?

  • Can you recommend any resources?

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