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Rehabs in Scotland

There are addiction treatment options in all the big cities in Scotland including Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Dundee. The reality is though that too many people are still dying or suffering from drugs and alcohol because they can’t find the help they need. The Drug Outcome Research in Scotland Project found that many desperate addicts are being refused residential rehab because it is just cheaper to offer methadone (source The Independent – Rehab Needs a Fix – August 11, 2011).

“I call it the ‘Rehab revolution’ of Thailand, in William Wallace’s words ‘Every man dies, not every man really lives’ Addiction kill your spirit however in recovery you will learn to live again – come to Thailand. Actions are what makes your hopes a reality. The therapeutic process can be more exciting than you could ever imagine – Mountain running in the morning, Buddhist chanting, food fits for the gods, sharing your life story with your peers and having a counseling session on the beach – Not bad for a day in Rehab” Simon Mott

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Rehabs in Scotland – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Unless you are able to afford to go somewhere expensive like Castle Craig (most of these exclusive facilities don’t even advertise their price openly because you’ll probably require counselling after hearing it), you will be relying on an NHS funded bed. This is becoming much harder to get as government cuts mean the criteria for eligibility becomes higher. Even if you do qualify for funding, you could be put on a long waiting list where you will still be in great danger as you wait.

It’s not just finding rehabs in Scotland that is the problem – it is finding somewhere that offers what you need. There can be a great deal of variation in what a rehabilitation facility provides, and your best chance of recovery means finding the one that has the right resources. Some of our clients complain that the treatment approach in Scotland is too psychiatric in nature and too often involves swapping illegal drug dependence for prescription drug dependence.

Hope Rehab Thailand – A Better Alternative to Rehabs in Scotland?

We regularly have clients from Scotland coming to stay with us here at Hope Rehab Thailand. These are people who felt disappointed with the recovery options back home or who were just attracted to the approach we offer here. Nowadays travelling to the other side of the world for addiction treatment isn’t such a big deal due to the availability of information on the internet and low-cost airfares. The fact the cost of living in Thailand is much lower than Scotland means we can provide you with quality evidenced-based treatment for much less than you would pay for private rehabs in
at home.

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Rehabs in Scotland – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

“I’m so glad I came here. It’s about dealing with a lot of shit I never have before”

Kyle Falconer (The View) talking about his experiences at Hope Rehab in the Scottish Sun (May 15, 2015)

We feel the program we offer here at Hope Rehab Thailand is superior to what you will find at most rehabs in Scotland. Most of our therapists were trained in the west, and we are committed to evidence-based treatments, but we also make use of local approaches such as Thai mindfulness and Thai massage – our more athletic clients also like to do some Muay Thai during their stay. Our holistic program has four foundations including CBT, mindfulness therapy, 12 Step Work, and wellness therapy, and these will give you a solid basis for your future life in recovery.

If rehabs in Scotland are not really giving you what you need, we suggest you contact us now to see how we may be able to help.

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