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Thailand – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Thailand – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

I always say of Thailand “it is a place where you have a lot of freedom but few rights” I guess its the other way round in the west – I know which way I prefer? Thailand Bangkok 6 January 2015 – Thailand is celebrating the New Year with good news. The country has just been listed as one of the world’s 5th best places to retire.

Thailand is very safe country for foreigners – the occasional political unrest is mostly peaceful and doesn’t really impact tourists. The Thais always seem to be there if you look like you are in need of help, and  they are always willing to offer a smile.

Thailand – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Hope Koh Loi

“These guys gave me HOPE when I had none… I initially signed up for one month but stayed for three after a taste of really being alive for the first time in my life, I now have stopped hurting myself and loved ones, I am back and want to start helping others in the same situations I was…”
– David C

Hope Rehab Thai House Terrace Garden

“Thailand is a wonderful place to recover and live, it is also a spiritual place. Living and working at Hope Rehab has given me a purpose that I am proud to be a part of. As a result our program is a marriage of eastern and western ways. Hope Rehab is what’s known as a ‘Life style business’ a business that we set up and run to sustain a recovery lifestyle for all involved. Back in 2013 I Decided not to wait any longer, the time is never perfectly right so I started Hope with 5 clients and Alon. We worked with what we had, and have been building ever since. Now we have one of the best and exciting new treatment centres in the world. It is beyond our wildest dreams” Simon Mott

Why did you choose Thailand for addiction recovery?

When we ask the above question to our clients, the most common response we get is – “I couldn’t find what I needed at home”. People come to us from countries like Australia and the UK, where the treatment options are limited and quality rehabs are prohibitively expensive. We offer a quality programme that is not only affordable, but also has a proven record of success. Thailand is still most well-known for its delicious food, tropical beaches, and fascinating culture. Over the last decade, it has also developed a name for high-quality addiction treatment. This reputation is well-deserved, because Thailand offers an ideal environment for addiction recovery.

Hope Rehab Thailand
The buddhist culture of Thailand offers the perfect location for your recovery

What Makes Thailand the Perfect Environment for Addiction Recovery?

Cutting Edge Western-style Treatment

Here at Hope Rehab, we use the same evidence-based treatments (e.g. CBT) as found in the best addiction centres around the world, but there are significant parts of our program you won’t find anywhere else –most significantly the environment and some uniquely Thai recovery tools.

“It’s almost like you can feel the hope in the air”

There is a great deal to be found within culture and traditions of Thailand that is of value to anyone trying to break free of addiction. Long before mindfulness became a multi-billion dollar industry in the west, it was a natural part of the daily life of people here. It is the ability to be at peace in the present moment that explains why Thai people tend to be so laid-back and easy-going. As part of the programme, we use authentic local practices to help you develop mindfulness. This is likely to be an important tool in your recovery.

Hope Rehab Thailand

We make sure all our clients get to experience as much of Thailand as possible during their stay with us.

There are plenty of excursions and activities to enjoy – including trips to the local islands. We encourage our clients to interact with the local community, and this is a wonderful way to learn more about the culture. It is also good practice for getting back into the real world as somebody who doesn’t drink or use drugs.

Hope Rehab Thailand

We have also seen how the tropical climate can have a positive effect on our clients. It does get uncomfortably warm in some parts of Thailand during the hot season, but we enjoy a cooling breeze from the sea. The sun shines here almost all-year round, and this can make a real difference to those who are prone to seasonal depression.

Thailand is a Sanctuary for Addiction Recovery

Thailand – the land of smiles, where people live with a balanced, laid-back (mai pen rai) attitude to life. Tourism is viewed as crucial to the future of the country, so the local people go out of their way to make visitors feel welcomed and protected. It may be hard for you (or someone you care about) to break free of your addiction problems in your current environment. There just might be too many distractions, pressures, and triggers for the addictive behaviour. Hope Rehab offers you a place of sanctuary where you can begin to repair and transform your life. Once you are strong enough, you will then find it easier to maintain your sobriety back home.