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How to Find a Good Rehab in Thailand

How to Find a Good Rehab in Thailand

by Hope Rehab Thailand Team

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The Current Situation Facing Those Looking for Rehab in Thailand

New rehabs are opening-up in Thailand all the time. This can be a good thing if it means more variety, more choice and more support available for those of us looking for affordable treatment. A bit of competition can also encourage service providers to be constantly improving their services.

The arrival of new treatment centers in Thailand benefits those of us working in the local recovery community if it means more people go home and tell their family and friends that they had a good experience and would recommend it to anyone in need. This kind of publicity puts Thailand more firmly on the map as a serious place to get help for addiction issues. So new rehabs in Thailand can be a win-win for everyone.

One of the problems is that basically anyone with a website and a couple of empty rooms can claim to be a Thai rehab.

Not All Rehabs in Thailand are Reputable

There is a good selection of rehabs in Thailand that are doing an amazing job, and each of these faculties has something to offer, but there are also programs that are less than ideal. Of course, there are also opportunists who see opening a ‘rehab’ as an easy way to finance their stay in Thailand. We regularly hear from people who have had a terrible experience at one of these “cowboy outfits”.

One of the problems is that basically anyone with a website and a couple of empty rooms can claim to be a Thai rehab. These outfits are often run by enthusiastic amateurs, but they lack expertise and the resources necessary to provide safe and evidence-based care. Worst of all, they often mislead those looking for help about what they can provide – this can have fatal consequences. These facilities are usually operating illegally, but it can be hard for someone looking for help from abroad to realize this.

The Danger of Choosing the Wrong Rehab in Thailand

How to Find a Good Rehab

The following six points can help you find a good rehab in Thailand:

Important Questions to Ask When Looking for a Rehab in Thailand

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