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Benefits of Online Addiction Addiction Treatment

Benefits of Online Addiction Addiction Treatment

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Please Note: Using our latest online help that we are providing is not meant to replace or substitute actually being at Hope Rehab itself for detox and treatment. Hope Rehab is where you experience the powerful realizations and unity working together as a group, learning to work as a team, or the face-to-face intimate relationship with your counsellor. Part of what makes Hope one of the best treatment centers is our secure environment and unique atmosphere, the Thai culture, the diverse team, the facility and accommodation, the food, sharing the everyday lessons learned by living in our community, also all our many recourses and much much more…we do understand this! — However, our online program that we have (initially used for aftercare) now also used for pre-Rehab preparation due to delays in getting here is working very well and is now part of our package.

New Possibilities in the Online Universe

The internet has opened the world up to a multitude of web-based services, and created a huge online world that has become an integral part of our life. Online counselling and therapy services are now a huge part of this. There are countless communities, approaches, and services that traditionally could not be offered or reached before due to geographical restrictions, physical restrictions, or time restrictions. Recent events have led to a heavier reliance on these, however for many there is still scepticism, and I was certainly one of those people.

Moving to an online environment I have found many benefits I did not see before, and grown a new appreciation for web-based addiction counselling.

Here are 8 of the benefits I have found most beneficial about online addiction counselling.

Helping people stick with it:

This was surprising for me to find out, but it makes a lot of sense. People recovering from opioid addiction especially, there was a higher success rate with web-based treatment. This could be for a number of reasons, many of which are included here, such as anonymity, less feelings of guilt and shame, and a more authentic connection within the therapeutic relationship. Combining web-based treatment services with residential treatment can be a massive help, so beginning online treatment prior to attendance has been shown to significantly increase chances of long term recovery. This is because web based treatment before allows you to get yourself prepared for treatment and to learn the ropes. Web-based therapy after provides a continued support network after you leave treatment. It also provides an easier transition back into your day to day life.

Access therapy more easily:

Many people can be greatly restricted by what they actually have access to. Some people may live quite far out in the countryside, or in a town that doesn’t have a huge selection of treatment options or specialty counsellors. Some people living in larger cities may have access to specialised counsellors, however are out of network or unable to see them due to availability. Whatever the case may be, online treatment options provide safe access to many specialised counsellors and treatment options, no matter where you live or what your restrictions are.


Running an on-site treatment centre can be expensive. Office costs can run high, and facility costs can be even more expensive. Online therapy gets rid of all of that, and strips it down to what matters: the therapeutic environment. Costs for web-based services are significantly lower than face to face environments, providing many people who could otherwise not afford treatment to engage and get the help they are seeking.


many facilities – either in patient or out patient – run on their own schedule. There may be only certain hours a counsellor sees clients, or a restricted schedule that requires people to change their own schedule to be able to get to sessions or treatment. With web-based counselling services, this changes. Schedules of online counsellors is much more flexible than other treatment options, with many counsellors working from home offices. This enable you to continue living your life, and being able to fit counselling and treatment around that. There is also less travel time, so you can make the most out of your time, and the most out of your treatment.

The good news is Hope Rehab Thailand is accepting international clients again. Thailand is prioritizing medical tourism visitors for licensed facilities like Hope. The first step is to get in touch, and we will start your medical visa application. If you require immediate help, we suggest online counselling by one of the therapeutic team. Some of our Counsellors offer independent online professional counselling and coaching. On the next page you can select a counsellor of your choice.

Able to stay connected to your life:

With traditional treatment options, especially residential treatment, you have to either put your life on pause or run it remotely. With web-based treatment, you aren’t required to do that. Work can continue, family life can continue, and you can stay connected to what matters to you. This also ties in nicely with the next point – real life experience with recovery.

Real life experience with recovery:

Recovery is all about learning how to live your life without the use of addictive behaviours. Online treatment options allow that to happen. You can discuss possible solutions in session, and leave with it fresh in your mind and immediately begin putting that to practice. While this may allow for more falters, it also give that real world experience of solutions. This also shows immediate results, and tends to lead to more engagement in treatment, and more trust in the process of recovery.


This one is big. Many people beginning treatment are carrying around a lot of emotions and experiences that hold them back. Many people I work with refer to drugs and alcohol as a crutch that they are using in order to get through life and survive with what they are carrying. Online treatment is a benefit to this because there is a bigger level of anonymity. In my experience, people are more comfortable opening up and sharing what is actually going on for them, which is an imperative part of counselling. If something is shared and voiced, then it all of a sudden has less power, and a solution can be discovered together.

Greater choice in counsellors:

This was touched on a bit in point number two, but I felt it deserved its own choice. Looking at potential counsellors there is a lot of different specialties. Many people have very specific needs and it takes a good amount of digging to find someone that fits those needs. Many times that counsellor who is right for you is not close to where you live, or lacks availability. Online counselling opens that up hugely – and provide you access to the worlds counsellors, no matter what specialty you are looking for!

The reality is there is a lot of benefits to online addiction counselling. No solution is right for everyone, so take care when researching and discovering which option is best for you. Web-based treatment is just another option and another level of care available, and an option that greatly benefits many people in a variety of different situations.

You can arrange a session with Chris or one of our other online team members by clicking here.

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