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Reasons to Celebrate Christmas Holidays at Hope Rehab Thailand

Reasons to Celebrate Christmas Holidays at Hope Rehab Thailand

Hope Rehab Christmas

News Flash – We are offering a reduced rate 20% discount if you arrive before Christmas as most clients are booking for our busiest period after New Year, so we have some beds available in December. If you do not require detox there may be a further reduction.

The Perfect Christmas Gift For Yourself and Your Loved Ones

December is high season in Thailand. For tourists coming from the Northern Hemisphere, it means escaping the long dark days of winter for warmth and sunshine. The weather is perfect at this time of year, so it is no wonder that visitors to Thailand see it as a real treat to spend some time here.

Clients arriving at Hope Rehab in December aren’t just coming for the nice climate though. This is their opportunity to begin a brand new chapter in their lives. It is their chance to start letting go of a painful past so they can clear the way for a better future. It is the perfect Christmas gift that those who join the Hope community give to themselves. It is also a gift that benefits friends and family back home who get to enjoy the recovered, healthy, happy, and more productive loved one who returns home.

It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid.  At Christmas time, we let in light and we banish shade.

Band Aid- Do They Know It’s Christmas

Is Going to Hope Rehab Thailand Over Christmas Selfish?

Spending time with family can be hugely important over the Christmas period. It is a special time of year when we can have many commitments. This can also be a particularly busy period at work. So, there can be the concern then that flying off to a tropical paradise at Christmas might be seen as a bit selfish.

If going to rehab over Christmas is selfish, then so is getting treatment for a heart condition or cancer. Addiction is a life-threatening disease, and the longer people delay treatment, the more harm is caused. Christmas is a particularly bad time of the year for people in this situation because there is a higher likelihood of overdose, accidents, suicide, domestic violence and alcohol poisoning.

Escaping the Stress and Loneliness of Christmas

Christmas can be a stressful and/or a lonely time for many people. Those of us with addiction issues are at risk of increasing our intake of alcohol or other drugs in an attempt to self-medicate our way through it. This can lead to disastrous consequences. Coming to Hope Rehab Thailand in December means escaping all this stress. It also involves joining a community where we will be supported and enjoy companionship.

A Christmas Carol in Thailand

The story ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens provides a good analogy of the journey we take when we go to rehab. Like Ebenezer Scrooge, who was psychologically damaged by living through the Napoleonic War and enduring severe economic hardships, we too have been damaged by our own past. During our time at Hope Rehab, we get to experience the ghosts of Christmas past (our past traumas and bad memories) , Christmas present (the possibility of taking a new path), and Christmas future (the positive or negative future we can look forward to depending on our choices in the present) so that we can gain insight and grow. And, just like old Ebenezer, we can find redemption and radically transform our lives.

If you are interested in experiencing a different kind of Christmas this year, please contact Natalie or Parice to find out more (you can just use the contact form on this page).

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Hope Rehab Christmas

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