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Avoid the January Blues In The Land of Smiles Thailand

Avoid the January Blues in The Land of Smiles


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by Hope Rehab Team

Rise up this morning, smiled with the rising sun.
Three little birds pitch by my doorstep
Singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true
Saying, “This is my message to you,
Don’t worry about a thing
Cause every little thing gonna be all right”.

Bob Marley

The January Blues

As U2 song goes, ‘nothing changes on New Year’s Day’. This can be a particularly depressing realization for those of us who struggling with some kind of addiction issue. Maybe we can hide the worst of our drinking and drugging over the Christmas period when ‘everyone is at it’, but when the rest of the world goes back to ‘normal’, we can be left feeling lonelier than ever before.

The January blues is made worse by the short cold days and long nights that those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere experience. It is like the darkness outside reflects our inner mood. We may know intellectually that spring is on the way, but it can seem so very far away. Getting drunk or stoned may offer a temporary reprieve but deep down we know it is just making things much worse.

I came to Hope after having a really rough year, depressed anxious and drinking too much. I’d lost who I was and felt worthless. Through the hard work and determination of my counsellors, myself and my peers, I am leaving today, a better me. I’ve gained confidence and am on the right track to loving myself again. I wish I could have stayed longer…


January in the Land of Smiles

Thailand is recognized internationally as the ‘land of smiles’. One reason for this is that the locals are so friendly and welcoming; a smile just seems to come more easily to Thai people. Another reason it’s called the ‘land of smiles’ is the good mood is a bit contagious. Even if you normally suffer from ‘miserable face syndrome’, you may find it hard to resist at least the occasional smile while here.

January is a particularly good month to visit Thailand with plenty of sunshine and warmth (without it being too hot like it sometimes gets the rest of the year). The ‘January blues’ just isn’t really a thing here. This is usually the ‘high season’ for tourism although it has been a bit more subdued the last couple of years due to covid.

We are now offering a unique opportunity for the New-Year 2022 this January

Cost/Fees: Due to financial issues caused the ongoing Covid crisis for many of our clients we are prepared to offer a discount of 15% on longer treatment packages – This offer will only last until we are at maximum capacity which will not take long! If you do not require detox there may be a further reduction in cost.

6 week primary program
2 month secondary program
3 month Advanced program
Long-Term Sober house stays

Current Conditions of entry to Thailand: To start the Hope program right now you will fly directly into Phuket and stay at a beautiful Resort for the first week. Our staff will be staying nearby to offer support and Detox you during this time, following which we will accompany you to our main center for the remainder of your treatment. This is a wonderful opportunity to begin your treatment and is currently being offered at a fraction of its usual price. The additional cost for the Sandbox resort is only approx. $700 USD plus personal spending money. Our admissions team will organize everything with a local agency to ensure a smooth arrival. Thailand issues 30-day visa-on-arrival at the airport that can be extended locally.

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Can Thailand Be the Solution To Your Problems?

Just spending time in Thailand by itself is unlikely to solve an addiction issue. This is a mistake that more than one of our team has made in the past, and we paid a heavy price (it’s called a ‘geographical’, and in our experience it never works). What most definitely can work is coming to Thailand and entering a treatment program. This can be a sensible move at a time of year when we are at particular risk (i.e. the January Blues) of the shit hitting the fan.

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