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Hope is Back – November 2021 Reopening

Hope is Back – November 2021 Reopening

Hope is Back

by Hope Rehab Team

Are You Ready to Join Us for the Next Chapter in Your Life?

We know from the emails and telephone calls that there are many of you waiting to come and join us at Hope Rehab. The good news is that Thailand has  removed most of the border restrictions that were there due to the pandemic, so we are now able to reopen our doors.

We Have Been Busy

Our doors may have been closed, but we have been busy preparing Hope for the next chapter in our history. We have just completed a thorough refit  of our accommodation and therapy rooms. The place has never looked so good thanks to the hard work of Danny, Adam, and Steven. We have also retired our old swimming pool, and built a brand new one that is much larger with a comfortable deck area where clients can hang-out in their free time.

Swimming Pool

How to Join the Hope Program in Thailand

Clients coming to Hope Rehab from abroad will need complete some simple steps in order to be allowed into the country. The current entry regulations (November 2021), are called the Thailand Pass. It is all very straightforward, and we will be able to guide you and support you through the entire process. We expect things to get even easier in the future, but for the time being the requirments are:

It currently takes about a week to apply for the Thailand pass, so the sooner you can get started the better.

We Can’t Wait to See You

Our community exists to help those struggling with addiction and mental health issues. It has been difficult for all of us over the last 18 months to know that there were people looking to join our program, but that we were unable to accept them. We are once again ready and eagerly waiting to help people begin a brand new chapter in their lives.

Contact us now for more infomration.

Other Topics That Might Interest You

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Singing Bowl Therapy

Sound therapy is based on the idea that vibration is a foundational principle of our universe. We can use sound as an aid to meditation and relaxation.

The Joy of Climbing Your Own Personal Everest

It is by overcoming incredible challenges that we become better able to deal with life. This realization is often what is driving climbers of Mountain Everest. It is never about life becoming easier, but about us becoming better at navigating it.

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