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Rehabs in Liverpool
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Getting Help from Rehabs in Liverpool

Getting help for a drug or alcohol problem in Liverpool can be the first towards a much better way of living. Choosing the most appropriate resources is going to give you the best chance of success so this is a decision it is worth considering carefully. For most people, the best option is going to be some type of inpatient program and there are a number of rehabs in Liverpool to choose from.

Merseyside has been described as a ‘drugs capital’ with the death rate for certain substances higher than anywhere else in the UK (source: Liverpool Echo) – although things have improved since the eighties when some people would refer to Liverpool as ‘smack city’. The most commonly abused drugs in this part of the world would include cocaine, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy, and alcohol. The fact that substance abuse is such a huge problem in the Merseyside area means that there is a high demand for addiction recovery services, and this is both good and bad news for those looking for help.

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High Demand for Rehabs in Liverpool

The government, charities, and businesses in the private sector have responded reasonably well to the high demand for addiction treatment in the Merseyside area by providing services. The most well-known rehabs in Liverpool include ARCH Birchwood Treatment Center, Phoenix Futures, and the Park View Project. There are also community programs such as Action on Addiction, and the unique Raucous Caucus Recovery Chorus. As you can see, there are options for those of us dealing with addiction problems in the Merseyside area, but there are also too many of us who are not getting the help we need.

Problems You May Face While Looking for Rehabs in Liverpool

Here at Hope Rehab Thailand, we regularly receive clients who come to us from cities in the UK like Liverpool. These are people who just weren’t able to find the resources they needed at home, and they made the empowering choice to travel elsewhere for help.

The list of addiction rehabilitation services in Liverpool looks impressive at first glance, but you are likely to find that many of these options won’t be suitable for you. Remember – just because a program works for some people doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to work in your case. These services are also often targeted towards a certain section of the population (e.g. young people) so they might not be ideal for everyone.

If you are looking for NHS funded rehab in Liverpool, you may be facing an upward struggle as well as a long waiting list. The government has slashed funding to this type of service, and this means drugs and alcohol rehabilitation is being rationed like never before. You are going to need to meet strict criteria to qualify for free rehab in Liverpool, and there are many people who are desperate for help but do not qualify for free rehab.

Hope Rehab Thailand is Another Option for Liverpudlians

Coming to us here at Hope Rehab Thailand may be your best chance for a better future. We offer high quality evidence-based treatment that includes mindfulness therapy, wellness therapy, 12 step work, and CBT. Most of our therapists come from the UK, and you will be entering a small supportive community where you will be treated like an individual.

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If you are willing to consider an alternative to rehabs in Liverpool, you can contact us now by email or phone to find out more about how we might be able to help you.


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