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Rehabs in Leeds

Are You Hunting for Rehabs in Leeds?

Leeds has some of the highest rates of substance abuse in the UK – one study by The Tab found that 85% of students in the city had at least tried drugs (source: The Tab – Revealed: Who does the most drugs?). The most commonly abused substances in the Leeds include alcohol, cannabis, ketamine, MDMA, and laughing gas, and there is also a high incidence of heroin and cocaine abuse. Addiction is a huge problem in Leeds – it is a source of a major misery for those who develop a dependence on drugs and alcohol as well as their family and friends.

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There are rehabs in Leeds for people who become ready to quit addiction such as Serenity House and T3 (CRI). You will also find services like Multiple Choice which offers rehabilitation and recovery services in the community. The reality is though there are still too many people who don’t get the help they need from rehabs in Leeds, and this means they need to look further afield for help. Many of our clients at Hope Rehab Thailand come from cities in the UK like Leeds.

Problems You May Face When Looking for Rehabs in Leeds

If you are unable to hand over a large amount of money to go to a private treatment center, you may find it difficult to find an appropriate rehab in Leeds. In recent years, the UK government has slashed funding for addiction recovery programs, and this means the criteria for free rehab in Leeds has become much stricter. This all means that there are lots of people who would definitely benefit from inpatient treatment, but they don’t qualify for NHS funded treatment.

Even if you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to qualify for free rehabs in Leeds, there is still the problem that you will probably need to go on a waiting list. This is not a great situation to be in because the determination to change your life can be fleeting – it is so easy to fall back into the denial of addiction. The risk is that if you are put on a long waiting list, you will have already changed your mind about recovery by the time a facility is able to accept you.

There is also the possibility that rehabs in Leeds just might not be offering the exact help you need. There are many different approaches to recovery, and the trick is to find the path that is most likely to work for you.

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Rehabs in Leeds – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

An Alternative to Rehabs in Leeds

If you are serious about breaking free of addiction, why not come and stay with us here at Hope Rehab Thailand. We offer an evidenced-based individualised program that is based around your exact needs, and it includes approaches such as CBT, mindfulness, wellness therapy, and 12 step work. The owner and most of the team at Hope are from the UK, and you will be entering a community that is highly supportive and welcoming – you will also benefit from a conducive client to therapist ratio.

If you would like to find out more about how Hope Rehab Thailand might be a better alternative to rehabs in Leeds, please contact us right away by phone or email.

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Rehabs in Leeds – Hope Rehab Center Thailand