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Rehabs in India
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Trouble Finding Addiction Rehabs in India?

Despite the Indian economy being one of the strongest in the world, and the incredible pace of modernisation in recent decades, the state of addiction treatment remains unimpressive. There are only a limited number of options when it comes to effective inpatient rehabs in India, and this is becoming a source of increasing concern as substance abuse is on the rise in almost every state. There has been a lot of media attention focusing on poor communities in areas such as Haryana and Punjab which are being destroyed by drug addiction, but it is also an increasing problem in the more affluent parts of India too.

A major obstacle to effective addiction treatment in India is that there is still a tendency to view it as a moral failing rather than a disease. This negative public perception of addiction means that it is often only those who are obviously struggling, and have lost everything, who are willing to admit to such a problem. The reality is that the majority of substance abusers can function at a reasonably high level, many of them are even outwardly successful people, and they may be only willing to seek help after their life completely falls apart – unfortunately, by this stage, it may be too late for a full recovery because of lasting damage to the body and mind. If there were a better understanding of addiction, and better options for treatment, these people could overcome their problem before it destroyed them.

If you are having trouble finding suitable rehabs in India for yourself or a loved one, we would like you to consider coming to us here at Hope Rehab Thailand. We offer a modern approach to addiction recovery, and we will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve as you begin to rebuild your life.

Good reasons to choose Hope Rehab:

  • International standard program
  • Evidenced-based treatments that get results
  • Individulised care – the program is based around your needs
  • Environment that promotes recovery
  • Small recovery community with a good client-to-therapist ratio
  • Lots of activities and excursions so you get to see how recovery can be fun
Rehabs in India – Hope Rehab Center Thailand
Rehabs in India – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Rehabs in India for Women

The number of Indian women developing addiction problems has risen significantly in recent decades, yet there aredepressingly few options for those who are willing to seek help. Women abuse alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication for different reasons than men, and there is usually an intense feeling of shame associated with the behaviour, but there are hardly any programs in India that recognize the unique needs of females who are looking for addiction treatment. Here at Hope Rehab, we understand the needs of women in recovery, and we provide a program capable of addressing these needs.

Rehabs in India for Professionals and Business People

If you are worried that seeking addiction help in India could harm your reputation, you can get the help you need discretely at Hope Rehab Thailand. We will respect your privacy, and there is no reason for anyone at home to know that you have come here for addiction treatment – it is up to you who you tell. Hope Rehab is located in Sri Racha, well away from the main tourist areas, so there should be little risk of bumping into somebody you know from home.

Hope Rehab Thailand Where East Meets West

Here at Hope Rehab, we have a reputation for getting results. We focus on individualised care which means the exact program you follow will depend on your exact needs. Our team is committed to offering the best evidence-based treatments available and includes western approaches such as CBT, and eastern approaches such as mindfulness therapy.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can be an effective alternative to rehab in India

“For every person that comes to Hope my life becomes richer, as Gandhi said, ‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others’ and of course this is true for all people in recovery, as part of our program is to pass it on to others” Simon Mott

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Rehabs in India – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

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