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Rehabs in Bristol
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Do You Need Help for Addiction Problems in Bristol?

A question you may regularly get asked by concerned friends or family who notice how negatively substance abuse is impacting your life, is ‘why don’t you just quit?’ You may respond with justifications about how you need to use alcohol or drugs in order to cope, but deep down you are likely troubled by the idea that you just can’t quit – this is particularly likely to be the case if you tried to stop in the past but found you couldn’t.

The reality is that most of us are going to need some type of recovery program in order to break free of addiction. Sure, some of us will be able to stop for a few weeks, or possibly even a few months, without help, but staying stopped is hard when we go it alone. Look at it this way, people struggle to make even small changes to their lives, so it’s hardly surprising that prevailing alone against addiction is too much for most of us.

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Rehabs in Bristol – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Finding Help for Addiction Problems in Bristol

There is a high demand for addiction services in Bristol with the most commonly abused substances locally including alcohol, heroin, prescription drugs, and crack cocaine. In recent years, there has been rising concern about the abuse of ‘legal highs’ such as laughing gas (nitrous oxide) with young people at particular risk from this type of behaviour. Bristol has a population of less than half-a-million, but it is on a par with Birmingham and Manchester when it comes to addiction.

There are a number of options in Bristol if you are looking for addiction help such as:

Your best chance of recovery is likely to be some type of inpatient treatment program. The problem is that government funding for addiction treatment is disappearing (e.g. Hawkspring is currently at risk of closure due to lack of funds) and a private rehab in England may be beyond your budget.

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Rehabs in Bristol – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Alternatives to Rehabs in Bristol

There is a growing number of people, from cities in the UK like Bristol, who are deciding their best chance of recovery is to be found abroad. This course of action wouldn’t have been practical for most of us up until recent years, but now it is feasible due to low cost airfare, access to information online, and the availability of high-quality yet affordable addiction treatment centers in places like Thailand.

If you have developed an addiction, getting away from alcohol or drugs is going to be the most important step you ever take to improve your life. Until you take this step, you are dead in the water and not going anywhere. Here at Hope Rehab Thailand, we offer a program suitable for many different types of addiction. The majority of our team comes from the UK with personal histories of overcoming addiction in our own lives.

Don’t delay – contact us now if you want to find out more about a viable alternative to rehabs in Bristol.