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Rehabs in Brighton, UK

Rehabs in Brighton

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Are You Having Problems Finding Rehabs in Brighton?

When seeking Rehabs in Brighton and if you have made the decision to begin the process of recovery from addiction, you will want to turn this resolve into concrete action as soon as possible. The risk with delaying action is that your willingness to change my start to diminish as you slip back into the fog of denial. There are addiction services available in Brighton and elsewhere in East Sussex, and these can be your first port of call, but you may also want to consider options further afield.

Here are just some of the addiction services and rehabs in Brighton area:

  • Brighton Housing Trust
  • CRI
  • Smart Recovery
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Middleway Recovery

You will find some useful addiction services in the Brighton area on Rehabs in Brighton, but this help may not be sufficient to get you solidly established in recovery. This is because breaking free of addiction is a huge undertaking – it requires a new way of dealing with life. Ending the physical addiction is only the first step, and it is not usually stopping that is our biggest challenge but staying stopped.

An inpatient recovery program can offer you the best chance of a permanent break from alcohol or drugs. There are private rehabs in the Brighton area such as The Priory, but this can be an expensive option. Government funded rehab is becoming more scarce, and even if you do qualify, you may be faced with a long waiting list. It is this lack of appropriate inpatient treatment options in the UK that drives many of our clients to come to us here at Hope Rehab Thailand. This is an option we would also like you to consider too (see below).

Are You Looking for Rehabs in Brighton for a Loved One?

If you are concerned about a loved one who is suffering due to alcohol or drug abuse, and negatively impacting his/her family, you will want to encourage this person to get help. Sometimes this can involve approaching the person at the right time (e.g. when hungover or feeling remorseful) or it can mean staging an intervention where you give your loved one an ultimatums. One of the best outcomes from this type of confrontation is that this person agrees to go to rehab, but the question then becomes – which rehab?

If your loved one agrees to get help for his/her addiction problems, you need to get them into a program before there is a change of heart. Unfortunately, there is probably not going to be a rehab place available in the Brighton area for your loved one right away unless you can afford to pay a large sum of money. There are other options though – and one of them is sending your loved one to us here at Hope Rehab Thailand.

Hope Rehab Thailand
Rehabs in Brighton – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Hope Rehab Thailand as an Alternative to Rehabs in Brighton

Even after you take into account airfares and other expenses, it can still be much cheaper to choose rehab in Thailand rather than a facility in the UK. Our high evidence-based program has an international reputation for getting results, and we attract clients from every corner of the globe. Most of our team comes from the UK, and we have experience helping clients overcoming all types of addiction including:

We suggest you have a look around our website to see what we have to offer and then contact us for more information

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