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Rehabs and Treatment in the UK

Rehabs and Treatment in the UK are now in Thailand

Rehabs and treatment in the UK are no longer the only option available to it citizens. Why are so many people from the UK willing to travel almost 6,000 miles to Thailand just to get help for their addiction problems? Is the situation at home so dire it is forcing people to look abroad for help? Are rehabs and treatment in the UK somehow insufficient?

We find our clients have different reasons for choosing to come to the Hope Rehab Centre, but mostly it’s about taking charge of their own recovery.

If you have never before considered the possibility of Rehabs and Treatment in the UK or coming to Thailand for drug or alcohol treatment, you could assume this is something the super-adventurous or rich would consider. Maybe you read somewhere about celebrities like Michael Barrymore, Pete Doherty, Cat Marnell, or Gail Porter who chose this option? The reality is people from every layer in society are coming to Thailand for help, and it is now a preferred option for many people.

There are many reasons that if given the choice, Thailand and Hope Rehab are a more exciting and interesting option. Not least because the staff and clients are multi cultural, they come from all corners of the globe. We are the only family style rehab in Thailand, with a personal touch and service that cannot be offered by the larger corporate style facilities. Of course the environment is second to none, and you get to go out everyday once you are healthy enough.

Rehabs and Treatment in the UK

Hope Rehab Thailand
Rehabs and Treatment in the UK – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Are There Enough Rehabs and Treatment in the UK?

There are about sixty addiction rehabs in the UK, but this is actually less than a few years ago – over thirty facilities have closed since 2010 because of lack of resources. The NHS Choices website claims there are 2 million people in the United Kingdom that are in need of help for substance abuse, so sixty rehabs is not much at all. There is also a severe lack of Detox beds in many parts of the country, and this means that people who are ready to break free of addiction aren’t able to do so safely. A report this year in the Guardian revealed how lack of cash meant getting addiction help had become a type of lottery based on where the person lived.

The NHS no longer has the resources to deal with addiction – it never really did, but things are much worse now due to government cutbacks. The healthcare system is being stretched to its limits, and it looks as if things are only going to get worse. So even if you meet the strict criteria for NHS inpatient treatment, you can expect to be put on a waiting list.

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Rehabs and Treatment in the UK – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Are Rehabs and Treatment in the UK Failing Clients?

The UK is home to some of the most dedicated and talented addiction professionals on the planet, but there often just aren’t the resources for them to do their job properly. This is why many are making the tough decision to abandon ship and to move to places like Thailand, where they have the resources they need to make a bigger impact on the lives of clients.

If you develop the motivation to break free of addiction, the last thing you want is to be put on a waiting list. It is vital to move fast and get the help you need because otherwise this passion to change can begin to wane. Even the private rehabs in the UK are under pressure, so even when you have the money, there is no guarantee of a bed being available for when you need it.

It’s also important to understand that it shouldn’t just be about gaining admission to any rehab that will have you specially Rehabs and Treatment in the UK. You are an individual with unique needs, and rehabs differ in what they can offer you. Your best chance to break free of addiction is to find the rehab that best suits your needs, but the high demand for rehabs and treatment in the UK means you often don’t get this choice.

It would be unfair to say rehabs and treatment in the UK are failing clients, but the system is certainly showing signs of strain. The fact that so many of these facilities are closing means there are now fewer available beds, and this is a real worry considering that the addiction statistics are moving in the opposite direction.

Rehab in Thailand is an Economical Solution

Going to a private rehabs and treatment in the UK can be expensive, but you can choose a luxury option here in Thailand for much less. You still end up saving a significant amount of money even after you pay for flights and other expenses. It means you get to access the resources you need for recovery, at a price you can afford.

It isn’t just the ability to save money that is causing people to abandon rehabs and treatment in the UK for treatment centres in Thailand. We offer a level of care that just wouldn’t be possible in the west unless you were super-rich. In order to be able to get the most from this type of program, you need to be comfortable in your surroundings, and we offer the perfect environment for recovery here at Hope Rehab Center.

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Rehabs and Treatment in the UK – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Hope Rehab Center Thailand an Alternative to Rehabs and Treatment in the UK

Hope Rehab Allows You to Take Control of Your Recovery.

Thailand is a wonderful place to take your early steps into sobriety compared to Rehabs and Treatment in the UK. Being in this new environment gives you the space to begin creating your new life, and all the resources you need to do this are going to be there for you. It is all about empowering you, so you feel able to continue building on your good work once you return home.

Rehabs and Treatment in the UK by Simon