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So Many Rehab Treatment Centers – How to Choose?

The fact there are now reality TV shows (e.g. Celebrity Rehab) and movies set in rehab treatment centers means most people will have a reasonable idea about what goes in this type of facility.  The portrayal of rehabs in the media is reasonably accurate most of the time, but if you are considering entering this type of program, you will want solid information about what the program actually involves. You need to consider what the different rehab treatment centers can offer you, as this will make it easier to select the most appropriate option.

One way that residential rehabs differ is the type of addiction they are best qualified to treat. Fierce competition in the west means private facilities will often claim to be able to treat any type of addiction. This is problematic if it means offering a ‘one size fits all’ program to treat different types of substance abuse. There will be aspects of your recovery from drug abuse that will be the same for all people escaping addiction, but there will also be other aspects that are unique to you. It is vital that any rehabilitation facility understands the process of recovery from your particular drug as this will give you the best chance of recovery.

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Rehab Treatment Centers -Hope Rehab Centers Thailand

Another way that rehab treatment centers differ is their overall philosophy towards addiction. Some facilities are committed to a single approach (e.g. 12-Steps), and their approach to recovery may not change much over time (this is not necessarily a bad thing if you are certain this approach is all you need). Other facilities offer a more a holistic path to recovery – this means they make use of the best of the current evidence-based approaches to addiction recovery.

Other things you will want to consider when choosing a treatment center will include:

  • The size of the facility – number of beds
  • Client to therapist ratio
  • Level of comfort
  • Types of recreational activities available
  • Communication with the outside world
  • The amount of aftercare
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Rehab Treatment Centers -Hope Rehab Centers Thailand

A Different Kind of Addiction Rehab

Hope Rehab Thailand offers a unique approach to addiction recovery in a stunning tropical location. Our team of therapists are all trained in the west, and our holistic program focuses on evidence-based treatments such as CBT, mindfulness therapy, 12-step work, and wellness therapy.  We deliberately keep our community small so that you will have sufficient input from therapists and enough access to the resources you need to begin changing your life.

All of our team at Hope have experience with overcoming our own addictions, and we have helped many other people do the same. Our clients come from all around the world – predominately from Australia, Europe, and North America. We are careful to tailor our treatment towards the needs of each individual client (something we can do because of our size) because we know this offers the best possibility of recovery.

The location of Hope is also what makes it so different from other rehab treatment centers. Our center is situated in a secluded area on a hill surrounded by jungle and overlooking the sea of Siam – it is worth visiting for the view alone! All of our clients get to experience some of the local tourist attractions including tropical islands, Thai markets, and authentic Thai culture.

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Rehab Treatment Centers -Hope Rehab Centers Thailand

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