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Alcoholism Treatment Melbourne

Alcoholism Treatment Melbourne

If you are looking for alcohol treatment in Melbourne, where should you go? If a family member, or someone you care about, is in need of this type of service, what help is available for them?

Alcoholism Treatment Melbourne there are a number of addiction treatment programs available in the Victoria area, but there are some compelling reasons for why you might want to consider going abroad for help. If you are unable to find the right alcoholism treatment in Melbourne, we want you to consider coming to stay with us here at Hope Rehab Center in Thailand.

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Alcoholism Treatment Melbourne – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Your Need for Alcoholism Treatment Melbourne

It is easy to get confused by the use of different terminology, but if you are an alcoholic, it basically means you have developed a physical and psychological dependence on alcohol. The fact that you are addicted means when you try to stop, you are likely to experience withdrawals and cravings. This makes quitting a tough thing to do unless you have the right type of help with Alcoholism Treatment Melbourne.

All humans struggle when it comes to making major changes in their life, just think of all those broken New Year’s Eve resolutions, and it is even tougher to do this when addiction is thrown into the mix. A rehab can provide all the support and resources you need to achieve the transition to sobriety. This is the treatment option you need to choose if you want to give yourself the best chance of recovery.

People are Dying Waiting for Alcoholism Treatment Melbourne

“For service providers, it’s heartbreaking when someone comes to your door in desperate need and is motivated to do something, but you have to turn them away and say it’s going to take some time…”

Dr Stefan Gruenert (Source: The Age)

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Alcoholism Treatment Melbourne – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Deciding you need to help to deal with your alcohol problem is a major breakthrough, but it is important that there is not too much of a delay between making this decision and going to rehab. The problem is that just because you are ready for alcoholism treatment in Melbourne doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to be there for you. An article in The Age newspaper a couple of years ago described how Victorians are dying while they wait for a rehab bed to become available.

The situating in regards to alcoholism treatment in Melbourne has been described as insufficient and ‘overwhelmed’. There are too many people in need of this type of help in the Victoria area, but there are not the resources to satisfy this demand. This can mean that you have the option of waiting for months (sometimes longer) to access the help the help you need or you can try to go it alone – both of these solutions can mean a lost opportunity for sobriety.

The other danger with alcoholism treatment in Melbourne is that even when you find an inpatient program, it may not be suitable for your needs. There is not one approach to recovery that works for everyone, but in Australia there is a bias towards one style of treatment – the psychiatric and pharmaceutical approach. One of our Melbourne clients recently described the situation like this:

Alcoholism Treatment Melbourne

“…after a bad acid trip I went to a well renowned GP who specialised in addiction. I was instantly placed on anti-depressants and a nice little cocktail of other pharmaceuticals”. 

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Alcoholism Treatment Melbourne – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

An Alternative to Alcoholism Treatment Melbourne

Alcoholism Treatment Melbourne is in Thailand

We have had many clients from Melbourne and other parts of Australia stay here at Hope Rehab Center – in fact, Australians are our largest client group. It is relatively easy to fly from the big cities to Thailand, and even after you have paid for your flight, it is still going to be significantly cheaper than going to a private rehab in Australia (even a fairly average facility can want to charge as much as AUS $30,000 for a short stay).

By choosing to come here to Thailand, you get the help you need as soon as you are ready to come. We provide you with an evidence-based program that is built around your exact needs – this individualised approach offers you the best chance of achieving permanent sobriety. We also provide you with the right therapeutic environment, and we support you every step of the way into your new life.

Can you imagine how much better your life is going to be once you deal with your alcoholism? Don’t waste any more time to addiction, contact us now so you can begin your transformation.

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