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Ice addiction Melbourne

Ice addiction Melbourne – police say this drug is the ‘most harmful they have ever seen’ with some users as young as 12 years old (Source: The Age)

Ice Addiction in Melbourne has Reached Epidemic Proportions

Ice Addiction Melbourne has replaced heroin as the drug that is the biggest threat in Melbourne. The word ‘epidemic’ tends to be overly-used in the media, but the description is appropriate in this case. Australia has the highest rate of methamphetamine abuse in the world (source: National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund), and it has become the most common reason for people requiring addiction treatment.

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Ice Addiction Melbourne – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

There has been an 88 per cent increase in the number of people needing medical care due to Ice Addiction Melbourne  between 2012 and 2013 (source: Drug Info Australia). It is now the fourth most common drug-related cause of ambulance callouts.

The epidemic of ice addiction Melbourne has been developing over the last decade. One reason for this is the popularity of methamphetamines as a ‘party drug’. The other important factor fuelling the crisis is the reduction in the availability of heroin due to changing conditions overseas in area like Afghanistan where this drug normally originates.

It is not only Ice Addiction Melbourne that is having to deal with the negative effects of ice addiction. It is a problem that is occurring all over Australia especially in the cities like Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane. A report by Australia 21 (a non-profit think tank made up of experts) was so pessimistic about the situation that Prime Minister Tony Abbot has admitted the war on drugs can never be won (Source: ABC News).

Ice Addiction in Melbourne – What Can be Done?

The Australian government is no longer confident by dealing with Ice addiction by enforcing tough laws, so the focus now needs to switch to prevention and treatment. The problem is recovery options for ice addiction in Melbourne are insufficient. What is needed are approaches directed specifically towards dealing with Ice abuse, but most of the current treatment options are too general and biased towards the pharmaceutical-psychiatric model.

Ice is a type of methamphetamine that is usually smoked, snorted, swallowed, or injected. It goes by other names such as crystal meth, shabu, or glass. Ice is so particularly addictive because it raises dopamine levels in the brain, and this is experienced as euphoria, high energy, happiness, wakefulness and confidence. This high can be incredibly appealing, and this is why people get hooked fast.

The reason Ice addiction Melbourne is particularly hard to treat is that giving up the drug is a challenge. People experience a sudden drop in dopamine levels in the brain, and this leads to a state called anhedonia – this means the person may find it hard to experience any pleasure. Any effective treatment for methamphetamine has to be capable of helping the person deal these symptoms – something a more general approach to addiction isn’t usually capable of doing.

Ice Addiction Melbourne

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Ice Addiction Melbourne – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Thailand May Offer a Solution for Ice Addiction Melbourne

The majority of our clients come from cities like Melbourne where they are unable to find the resources they need to recover. At Hope Rehab Center, we have the experience of helping people break away from this exact type of substance abuse, and we provide individualised care directed specifically towards this form of addiction.

If you, or somebody you care, is unable to break free of Ice Addiction Melbourne, the prognosis is going to be grim. This drug is not only capable of stealing your physical and mental health, but it also robs you of your dignity and causes pain for those around you. This is serious stuff, so you need to give yourself the best chance of recovery – and this is what we believe you get by choosing Hope Rehab Center.

To start on your road to recovery contact us now.


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