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Gratitude Therapy – Hope Rehab

The Power of Gratitude Therapy at Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Gratitude is a positive emotion, modern medical research shows it’s the most direct route to restoring happiness and balance in our lives.

The practice of gratitude is the antidotes to feelings of not having enough or not being enough

According to a study (Watkins et al. 2003) after prompting participants to think about things they’re grateful for, they demonstrated multiple advantages, more patience, and were able to keep their impulses in check. Most of us favor short-term gratification over long-term rewards like credit-card debt or substance abuse. Using willpower to suppress our desires is a stressful way to curb this need for instant gratification.

Gratitude Therapy – Hope Rehab

So a five-minute a day self-guided gratitude journal can increase your long-term well-being and happiness that money cannot buy. Because of hedonic adaptation we quickly get used to money.

The Power of Gratitude – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

The Power of Gratitude Therapy – Hope Rehab Center Thailand
The Power of Gratitude Therapy – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

We suggest taking 5 minutes every day to write a self-guided Gratitude journal. Writing these down helps you because…

  • It is a daily ritual
  • It is quick and simple
  • Turns negative into positive
  • Magnifying the positive
  • Glass halve full – not half empty
  • Mood altering

Every client at Hope Rehab gets given a note book to use as a Gratitude Journal, find out more about our treatment plan here.

Hope Rehab Thailand

Hope Gratitude Meditation

Bhavana is a concept that comes from Buddhism, and it means to cultivate or develop. The idea is that we can use meditation to produce specific virtues that will guide us to well-being and mental freedom. One virtue that is well worth developing is gratitude.

The Hope Gratitude Meditation

To do the Hope gratitude meditation it is helpful to have a set of mala beads, but it is not essential. The practice takes approximately 20 minutes if you are using the beads, but you can set a timer if you don’t have them. The idea is to recall 108 things (the number of beads on a full set of mala beads)* that we feel grateful for. Here are the instructions for the meditation:

• Find a comfortable upright position where you can relax without getting too drowsy – it doesn’t have to be cross-legged.
• If you are using the mala beads, allow each bead to represent something you feel grateful for. Otherwise, you can just recall things you are grateful for until the timer is finished at 20 minutes (you don’t have to count).
• It can help to also focus on the heart area and feel a physical sense of gratitude for each thing.

*108 things may seem like a lot, but when we consider our lives more objectively, it should become apparent that there is much we take for granted (e.g. the fact that we can buy food in a shop or travel to other parts of the world).

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