Advice for Those Looking for Addiction Rehabs in Laos

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Advice for Those Looking for Addiction Rehabs in Laos

by Hope Rehab Team

Are You Looking for Addiction Help in Laos?

There tends to be a strong drinking culture among tourists and expats in Laos. There are also places like Vang Vieng where foreigners are been able to easily buy shakes and pizzas containing cannabis, magic mushrooms, or opium. It is not so surprising that many visitors run into trouble with alcohol or drugs during their stay – unfortunately, there is a noticeable lack of services in Laos to help them get out of this trouble.

The number of foreigners visiting Laos has risen dramatically in recent years – it went from 14,400 in 1990 to well over 4 million in 2014. There is also an increasing number of foreigners living full-time in this part of South East Asia. The infrastructure in Laos is definitely improving, and this means it has become a more viable destination for the less adventurous tourist. When it comes to things like health care though, Laos is way behind neighboring countries like Thailand. This means if you develop an addiction problem during your stay, you will probably need go elsewhere to get the help you need.

Laos is a fabulous country to visit, and it is understandable why so many want to live there permanently, but it is not a good place to be if you develop an addiction problem. What often happens is people who have been heavy drinkers or functioning addicts at home, will lose all control while staying in Laos – this always ends badly unless the person is able to get the help he/she needs to escape the downward spiral.

Addiction Services in Laos

Alcoholics Anonymous – Saturday Meeting in Vientiane
Narcotics Anonymous
Alliance International Medical Center Vientiane – this is probably the best option in Laos if you have developed serious medical problems related to your addiction



Rehabs in Laos

Rehab is probably going to offer you the best you the best chance of overcoming an addiction. The problem is there are no rehabs in Laos, and the addiction services available in the country are pretty dismal and unlikely to be suitable for foreigners. This is why even citizens of Laos will travel to a nearby country like Thailand for the help they need.

Hope Rehab is located in Sriracha in Thailand, and we offer international standard addiction treatment at an affordable price. Our facility focuses on evidence-based approaches to recovery that have a proven record of success such asmindfulness therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, wellness therapy, as well as 12 step work and local practices such as Thai massage.

There is plenty of information here on the website, but you are still likely to have some questions about how Hope Rehab can help you overcome your problems around alcohol or drugs. Our team is always happy to offer advice – remember, you are under no obligation to do anything just because you talk to us so contact us now by email or phone (do it now before you have a chance to second-guess yourself).

Contact us now for more information.

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