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Rehabs in Israel

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If you are having trouble finding the help you need in Israel, we would like you to come to Hope Rehab Thailand. We have already helped a number of Israeli clients transform their lives by ending their addiction to alcohol or drugs. The founder of our facility, Simon Mott, has close ties to Israel after having lived there for a number of years. Our program has an international reputation for using the most effective treatment approaches to get results.

The Availability of Effective Rehabs in Israel

The State of Israel has a serious drug problem. The country has become an international hub for the cocaine trade (mostly coming from Jordan and Lebanon), and heroin continues to destroy communities in areas such as South Tel Aviv and East Jerusalem. Officially, there are believed to be around 300,000 people who regularly take illegal drugs, but the real number is likely to be significantly higher than this.

Like most culturally western countries, Israel has a bit of a drinking problem. Overall consumption of alcohol has declined in the population, but there has been a worrying change in the pattern of drinking. Binge drinking is now the norm, especially among young people, and this involves consuming a large amount of alcohol in a short period of time. It is this pattern of drinking that is most likely to lead to alcoholism, alcohol poisoning, risk-taking behavior, and alcohol-related crime.

Addiction treatment is available in Israel, but there are still far too many people who are not getting the help they need. There is also a serious lack of choice when it comes to approaches to recovery – this is worrying because it is usually a mix of approaches (e.g. CBT, mindfulness, SMART Recovery, and 12 Steps) that give people the best chance of escaping substance abuse.

Recovery Resources and Rehabs in Israel

Alternative to Rehabs in Israel

If you don’t find the addiction help you need in Israel, you may be tempted to just struggle on like you have been doing in the hope that things will get better. This is likely a mistake. Thailand is a fantastic country in which to begin anew. You will be made to feel very welcome in our community, and we can provide all the resources you need to begin rebuilding your life.

Some of the issues we will be able to help you with at Hope Rehab Thailand include:

• Alcohol dependency/abuse/addiction
• Prescription drug abuse (e.g. cold medicine, sedatives, and opiate painkillers)
• Illegal drug abuse (e.g. cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine)
• Post-traumatic stress disorder
• Mild depression
• Chronic anxiety disorder
• Process addictions (e.g. gambling, shopping addiction, or internet addiction)
• Relationships addictions (e.g. codependency or sex addiction)

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Don’t delay getting help for your addiction problems. You don’t have to commit to anything right away, but please contact us if you are curious about how Hope Rehab Thailand might offer you a way out.

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