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Why Now is The Best Time to Escape Substance Abuse

Why Now is The Best Time to Escape Substance Abuse

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Delaying until you feel it is the right time to quit is kind of like waiting to feel physically fit before beginning an exercise routine.

When Will You Quit Alcohol and Drugs?

Even after we clearly see how the disadvantages of continued alcohol or drug use far outweigh any benefits, there can still be a real reluctance to quit. This hesitancy can last many years, and it may mean we miss our opportunity for a much better life. The usual excuse we will use to justify a delay is we are ‘waiting for the right time’, but is this logical?

When is the Right Time to Go to Quit Drugs?

There is a real risk that if you wait for the right time to quit your addiction, you may never manage to escape. The difficulty is that abusing these substances will have triggered changes to how your brain function, and one of the effects of this is that you will have developed a mindset (e.g. psychological cravings) that supports the behaviour. Even after you are able to recognise the downside of the substance abuse, the addictive mindset can keep justifying continued using.

Waiting for the ‘right time to quit’ means you are relying on your brain to tell you when you are ready, but an addicted brain is hardly the best judge of this. In fact, there are going to be parts of your brain that favours the status quo no matter how bad things get – the addictive mindset can only be overcome after you stop using or drinking. Delaying until you feel it is the right time to quit is kind of like waiting to feel physically fit before beginning an exercise routine. You need to start exercising first if you want to get fit, and you need to stop the addiction to feel fully motivated to create a new life.

Should You Wait to Hit Rock Bottom?

The need to hit rock bottom is frequently used as a justification for delaying addiction treatment. The reasoning is that things need to get bad enough before you will have the necessary motivation to transform. This is to misunderstand what it means to hit rock bottom. Hitting rock bottom has nothing to do with much you have lost or how much you have suffered. It just means you have decided things have gone far enough, and this is something you can do right now. It is like an elevator descending into hell – you decide where you get off, and you call that place your rock bottom. If you wait for your addicted brain to tell you ‘enough’, you may not survive because no matter how bad things get, it might never have enough.

Should You Wait Until You Are Less Busy Before Quitting Addiction?

Many of us have responsibilities, careers, and other commitments that may make it seem as a good idea to delay getting addiction help. The question you need to ask yourself is would you put this off if you needed treatment for a severe illness such as heart disease or cancer? Continued substance abuse can kill you, so getting help needs to be a priority. If you delay, there is a good chance you could lose your family, career, and reputation anyway.

Now is the best time to quit your addiction – contact the team here at Hope Rehab Thailand for advice on how to take the next step

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