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International Rehab Centers Thailand

Why Are So Many People Now Going Abroad for Addiction Treatment?

International Rehab centers are no longer just an option for the rich and famous. Cynics might still try to dismiss this option as a bit of an indulgence, but there are many compelling reasons for why this is a good choice. If you are currently looking for addiction treatment, you would probably do well to consider this as a viable option for you, International Rehab Centers.


“My two months in Thailand in treatment working with Simon as my counselor and the team was incredible: a bright star-month of hope, healing, and happiness (an emotion/emotional state that I generally–being an addict– do not authentically feel) against the backdrop of a dark, stormy sky of a drug-addicted life in New York City. I have been to four outpatient centers and three in-patient rehabs here, and the Center in Thailand was so superior in many ways. Not only did it cost much less, the treatment and experience was overwhelmingly more effective and interesting and special. Hope rehab is the best choice for treatment, do not consider anywhere else; you would miss out on so much” Cat Marnell New York

International Rehab Centers

One driving force behind the hunger of International Rehab Centers is of course affordability. Private rehab for alcohol and drugs can be prohibitively expensive in most western countries. This means many of us feel compelled to follow the example of medical tourists who find it is much cheaper to go abroad to get the help we need. Some countries do provide state-funded rehab for those of us are most in need, but the criteria to get this help is getting tougher, so there is an increasing number of us who desperately need rehab but are not eligible for a state-funded slot.

Another important reason for why many of us consider International Rehab Centers is that it increases the likelihood that we will get the exact help we need. There are now many approaches to addiction recovery, and the trick is to find the path that best suits your temperament and abilities. The problem is that many rehabilitation centers in the west offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach that doesn’t take into account your needs as an individual.

There are plenty of other benefits that come from choosing International Rehab Centers. Being far away from your usual stresses and triggers can make the job of quitting alcohol and drugs easier. Staying in a treatment center that is in a completely different environment than what you are used to can also make it easier to see things in a new way.

International Rehab Centers in Thailand

Thailand has become the most popular of all International Rehab Centers for addiction treatment. The relatively low-cost of living in this country makes it easier to offer affordable rehab to clients and some of the top addiction therapists have been attracted at the international treatment centers here. There are also some unique aspects of the local culture (e.g. Thai mindfulness practices) that make it a good place for anyone looking to escape addiction.

“….And the Winner for Best Rehab in Asia goes to…. Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Okay- so we didn’t officially win any award for the best rehab in Asia, but this may be because such an award doesn’t exist. If it did, we are confident of being a main contender for this title. This all might sound a bit arrogant, but our confidence is based on our results, and the feedback we get from clients.

Here are just some of the reasons we believe Hope is the best rehab in Asia:

“My thirty days in Thailand in treatment working with Simon as my counsellor and the team was incredible: a bright star-month of hope, healing, and happiness against the backdrop of a dark, stormy sky of a drug-addicted life in New York City. Not only did it cost much less, the treatment and experience was overwhelmingly more effective and interesting and special. I received incredibly intelligent addiction therapy, both one-on-one with my counsellor, Simon, and in the group sessions, that were compelling, powerful, and educational” Cat Marnell New York

Take a look at a few photo’s of Hope International Rehab Center….

Here at Hope Rehab Thailand we offer a residential program that includes cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness therapy, wellness therapy, and 12 Step work. When you first arrive in our community, you will be fully assessed to determine exactly what your recovery program should involve – we have found this individualised approach to recovery gives you the best chance of success. The fact that we are a relatively small community (16 beds) means our therapist can give you enough of the 1-to-1 interaction that can be so important for your progress which makes us the best International Rehab Center.

“Thailand is a wonderful place to recover and live, it is also a spiritual place. Living and working at Hope Rehab has given me a purpose that I am proud to be a part of. As a result our program is a marriage of eastern and western ways. Hope Rehab is what’s known as a ‘Life style business’ a business that we set up and run to sustain a recovery lifestyle for all involved. Back in 2013 I Decided not to wait any longer, the time is never perfectly right so I started Hope with 5 clients and Alon. We worked with what we had, and have been building ever since. Now we have one of the biggest and best treatment centres in the world. It is beyond our wildest dreams” Simon Mott

International Rehab Centers may feel like the right solution for your addiction problems, but you may have many questions as to how to proceed. Our team here at Hope Rehab Thailand will be happy to answer any questions you have so contact us now for International Rehab Centers.

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