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Alon Hope Mindfulness Program

What Does the Hope Ice Addiction Mindfulness Program Involve?

The one thing that tends to unite those of us who fall into methamphetamine and other addictions is a feeling of being ‘uncomfortable in our own skin’. It is usually this sense of something being not quite right that makes substance abuse such an attractive proposition. We find that drinking or using drugs allows us to temporarily escape or problems – it may even be that for the first time in our lives we feel ‘normal’.

There is nothing wrong with our desire to feel comfortable in our own skin, the problem is that alcohol or drugs is a terrible solution. The price we pay (e.g. spoiled friendships, ill-health, family, troubles, lost opportunities, and poor mental health) is too high for the relief we get. Unfortunately, until we have a better solution, we will always be tempted to return to alcohol or drugs for the relief we need.

The goal of the Hope Ice Addiction Mindfulness program is to provide you with a more effective way to feel comfortable in your own skin. The whole approach can be summed up in five words ‘stop running and face your pain’. When we do this, we find our problems are nowhere as bad as we thought and that true happiness and serenity is to be found by facing our pain. We discover to our amazement that the more we open to life, the better our life become. Once we do feel comfortable in our own skin, the need to abuse drugs like crystal meth falls away.

Is the Hope Ice Addiction Mindfulness Program All I Need for a Full Recovery?

The Hope Ice Addiction Mindfulness Program is designed to be used alongside other approaches such as the 12 Steps and CBT. Creating a new life free of addiction is a huge challenge and mindfulness by itself might not be enough to give you the best chance of success. It is therefore recommended you take something from each of the programs we offer here at Hope. When you have built a solid recovery (this takes at least a year or two), you will be then in a better position to decide which approaches work best for you – in the beginning, it is better to have too much than too little.


What to Expect from the Hope Ice Addiction Mindfulness Program

The mindful compassion program at Hope Rehab is designed for complete beginners. As part of our approach, you will be expected to do some meditation, but the learning curve for this is gentle and takes into account the fact that you will be likely dealing with ongoing withdrawal symptoms that interfere with concentration. Our mindfulness emphasizes experience over theory – this means you will get to try different tools to see if they help you rather than being asked to believe in any type of doctrine.

Some topics covered in the Hope Mindful Compassion Program

• Dealing with cravings
• Dealing with anxiety, depression, and other negative mental states
• Managing social anxiety
• Developing self-compassion
• Improving our relationships through mindfulness

If you would like to find out more about the Hope Ice Addiction mindfulness program, please contact the team for more information.