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Hope Rehab Guide to Addiction Help in the Gold Coast, Queensland

by Hope Rehab Team

The Prevalence of Addiction Problems in the Gold Coast

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Addiction Help in the Gold Coast is needed but the transient nature of the population in the Gold Coast region means the situation in regards to substance abuse changes throughout the year. This part of Queensland attracts around 12 million visitors each year. On top of this the population is also expanding rapidly with an estimated extra 12,500 new residents every twelve months. It is common for tourists to overindulge in alcohol and/or ‘party drugs’ during their stay.

Alcohol continues to be the most common reason for why people will be in need of addiction help in the Gold Coast. The local Salvation Army claims this accounts for 55 per cent of the inquiries made to their addiction services. Methamphetamine (Ice) is also a huge cause of concern in this part of Queensland  – there are fears that it will soon replace cannabis as the drug teenagers first try.

How Can I Find Addiction Help in the Gold Coast Region?

There are local services if you are looking for addition help in the Gold Coast. Some of the options you might want to contact would include:

Alcoholics Anonymous Australia
Narcotics Anonymous Australia
SMART Recovery Australia
Gold Coast Alcohol and Drug Services
• Salvation Army
• Goldbridge Rehabilitation Services

Alternatives to Addiction Help in the Gold Coast

There are many reasons for why you might not find the addiction help you need in the Gold Coast region. Maybe you have already tried some of the available services, but you didn’t feel your needs were being addressed. The reality is addiction recovery resources in Australia are overstretched, and there are too many people falling through the gaps.

If you can afford to invest a lot of money, the addiction resources available to you in Australia do increase, but these private facilities are going to be beyond the reach of many of us. Even if we can afford to go to one of these exclusive rehabs, there is still no guarantee we will get the help we need because lack of competition in Australia means there tends to be a reliance on old-fashioned (one size fits all) or ‘trendy’ but lacking in substance approaches to recovery.

One of the advantages of the modern world is it should mean you are not limited to just Queensland when it comes to seeking addiction help. It should be possible for you to travel abroad for the quality treatment you need at an affordable price. We would like you to consider Hope Rehab Thailand as a potential option.

Hope Rehab Thailand as an Alternative to Addiction Help in the Gold Coast

We regularly receive clients from Australia here at Hope Rehab Thailand – the experience of one of our Australian guests was featured in the SBS Dateline documentary ‘Last Resort Rehab’. We provide a program that is going to be tailored around your exact needs. We can’t guarantee you will permanently break free of addiction (only you can do that), but we will provide the resources you need to make this possible. Contact the team now to find out how this all works.

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