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Looking for Addiction Help in Sydney – Hope Rehab

Looking for Addiction Help in Sydney

The Need for Addiction Help in Sydney

Hope Rehab Clients Walking The Grounds Looking for Addiction Help in Sydney is a challenge and needed as Addiction is becoming an increasing problem in Sydney – especially in the urban areas such as Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, and Tweed Heads. Alcohol, cannabis, and heroin abuse continues to cause a great deal of suffering, but it is the rise in methamphetamine (ice) abuse that is particularly worrying. A study by National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre found that one in ten Australians have at least tried meth and half a million Australians are regular users.

There is a rising need for inpatient addiction treatment programs in New South Wales, but the government does not seem able to respond. The problem is obvious in places such as Western Sydney where according to a recent ABC News report – rehabs are struggling to cope. The authorities in NSW have even been accused of ‘neglecting’ those with drug abuse problems.

Addiction Help in New South Wales

• St Vincent’s Alcohol & Drugs Services – Sydney
• Bega Garnbirringu Health Service – addiction help for the aboriginal community
• Beat Alcohol – St John of God Healthcare – Burwood and North Richmond
• Odyssey House Rehab – Sydney
• The Glen Centre Rehab – Newcastle
• Alcoholics Anonymous Australia
• Narcotics Anonymous Australia
• Smart Recovery Australia

Alternatives to Addiction Help in New South Wales

The majority of the clients we treat at Hope Rehab Thailand are coming to us from Australia. You could say we are directly benefiting from the failure of the Australian government to provide adequate treatment options at home. We are more than willing to provide the support and resources these clients need to change their lives, and our track-record makes us an obvious choice for those in need of such help. The popularity of our facility as an alternative option for Australians looking for addiction help has been well documented in the media – e.g. see the SBS Dateline documentary Last Resort Rehab.

The addiction recovery program we offer here at Hope is international standard and utilises the most effective evidence-based approaches including mindfulness therapy, CBT, 12 Step work, and wellness therapy. We provide a program based around your exact needs (individualised care), and we regularly help clients escape drugs such as:

• Alcohol
• Methamphetamine (aka ice or crystal meth)
• Opiates (e.g. heroin, methadone, morphine etc.)
• Cannabis
• Cocaine
• Prescription drugs

We can also treat clients who have a mild dual diagnosis (e.g. depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or chronic anxiety) where addiction is the primary problem.

The environment we provide here at Hope Rehab Thailand is highly conducive to recovery. Our inpatient facility is in a secluded residential area on the hills overlooking the Gulf of Siam. Our community is welcoming and supportive. The team here will be able to appreciate your background as most of us have had to deal with our own addiction issues.

If you are ready to find out more about what we offer here at Hope Rehab Thailand, please contact the team for more information.

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