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Addiction Help in Brisbane

Guide to Finding Addiction Help in Brisbane

Are You Seeking Addiction Help in Brisbane?

Addiction Help in Brisbane starts by admitting you need help with an alcohol or drug problem takes courage. Even after we clearly see how using these substances is damaging our lives, there can still be a strong desire to sort things out our own way without any outside inference. Asking for help may seem to us like a sign of weakness –it may trigger feelings of deep shame, and we may worry the professionals are just going to treat us like ‘junkies’.

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Unfortunately, it can be hard to break free of alcohol or drugs if we insist on just doing things our own way. The problem is that the process of addiction produces cognitive distortions (e.g. denial), and this means it can feel as if our own brain is working against us (e.g. cravings) when we try to go it alone. This is why even after we genuinely make the decision to quit, we can find ourselves back using alcohol or drugs within a few days, weeks, or months.

If you are serious about breaking free of addiction, wouldn’t it make sense that you give yourself the best possible chance of making this happen? By going it alone, you may not be given yourself this ‘best chance’, and it could mean that your current motivation to change is lost.

The Need for Addiction Help in Brisbane

Substance abuse is a major problem in the Brisbane area. In December 2015 alone, Queensland police charged 799 people with drink driving and 557 people with drug driving. It is also estimated that over 30 per cent of fatal road accidents in Brisbane involve drug use. Currently, it is ice (methamphetamine) addiction that is causing the most concern – it is claimed that ice is easier to obtain in Brisbane than it is in any other part of Australia.

Addiction Help in Brisbane

• Queensland Government Alcohol and Drug Information Services – Telephone 1800 177 833
• Amend – relapse prevention program
• Palladium Private – Detox facility
• Fresh Hope Association (for mothers with children)
• Alcoholics Anonymous Australia
• Narcotics Anonymous Australia
• SMART Recovery
• Teen Challenge (Christian-based addiction services for teens)
• Urban drug rehab

Alternatives to Addiction Help in Brisbane

Even after you decide that you do need some help to overcome your addiction problems, you may still struggle to find the exact help you need. There is a great deal of pressure on addiction services in Queensland right now – demand is far greater than available resources – and you may not have much choice about which path away from addiction is available to you. This is a problem because there is no one approach to recovery that works for everyone and what is available locally might not be what you need.

If you are having problems finding Addiction Help in Brisbane and finding appropriate addiction help in Brisbane, we suggest you consider coming to us here at Hope Rehab Thailand. Our inpatient program not only has an international reputation, but it is also affordable. Contact us now to find out more.

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