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Adelaide at Night (Wikimedia Commons)

Rising Need for Addiction Help in Adelaide

Addiction Help in Adelaide is needed as the number of Adelaideans seeking help for substance abuse problems has risen dramatically in recent years. Alcohol abuse continues to be a major cause of concern in South Australia, even though the percentage of daily drinkers is dropping according to statistics from SA Health, but methamphetamine use has risen dramatically – a recent report in The Advertiser contained following chilling comment that seems to sum up the current situation “methamphetamine is everywhere in Adelaide. It’s huge.”

Why is There a Need for Addiction Help in Adelaide?

Those people who have never developed a problem with alcohol or drugs are sometimes judgmental about those who do. How could anyone fall into this trap? Surely, it is no secret that alcohol and drug abuse leads to terrible problems? How could anyone ignore all the information warning about such dangers?

It is actually understandable why alcohol and drug addiction is such an easy trap for Adelaideans to fall into. Propaganda is partly to blame. The war on drugs means substances like methamphetamine are portrayed in an unbalanced fashion and Addiction Help in Adelaide is hard to access – the message is that ‘drugs are just bad’, and there is no real attempt to honestly understand and explain why people get hooked.

The reality is that when people first use a substance like ice, they will usually enjoy the effects and it usually takes time before the negative effects become apparent. There are also some individuals who do seem to get away with substance abuse. Well before reaching the point of addiction, substance users will usually have decided the information they have heard about the danger of drugs is an overreaction, and this puts them at even higher risk of ending up in trouble needing Addiction Help in Adelaide.

Alcohol and drugs offer a particularly attractive solution for people who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin – particularly, those of us who are dealing with issues such as anxiety, shyness, depression, or low self-esteem. In the beginning, this self-medication can appear to work wonders, and by the time we realize the cost of this ‘cure’ is too high, we are already hooked.

Addiction Help in Adelaide

Once we become physically addicted to a drug, it can then be incredibly difficult to quit without help. There may be days when we feel fully determined to change, yet within a few hours or days, we are back to square one. Breaking away from addiction is often a huge undertaking (especially if you have been abusing a substance for a long time), and it will often require an inpatient drug treatment rehab program.

Some potential sources of addiction help in Adelaide would include:

Alcoholics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous (South Australia)
• Watershed
• Catherine House (addiction help and shelter for homeless women)


Addiction Help Beyond Adelaide

The majority of our clients at Hope Rehab Thailand come from cities in Australia including Adelaide. Our program is suitable for those who are trying to escape methamphetamine addiction, and we also provide evidence-based treatment for other drugs including opiates (e.g. heroin, methadone, or morphine), alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, and prescription drugs.

If you feel ready to begin changing your life, please contact the team here at Hope for more information