Please, take 5 minutes to read through this list and some testimonials before making up your mind.



“an accredited program in a special place”

? As a modern treatment program, HOPE is more evolved than previous generations of treatment centres and has outgrown old style institutions.

? Hope is officially recognised and a member of FDAP (Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals) in the UK and NAADAC (The Association for Addiction Professionals) in the USA and Simon Mott is also accredited by the APCB (Asia Pacific Certification Board) in Singapore.

? In Thailand, we can offer you more for your money due to lower running costs.

? The only Rehab in Thailand with a western addiction nurse

? Hope is located in an unusually safe environment in Thailand, Sriracha is away from any temptations and is a lovely Japanese town.

? The local coastal climate is perfect for detox and recovery – warm all year round.

? We have an exceptionally fair refund policy.

? Our fees are incredibly good value compared to other Rehabs and for what we provide.

? Hope Foundation use’s resources generated by Hope Rehab to fund local community projects.

? We have a proven track record of success that speaks for itself. 

? Hope’s founder is a recovering addict, and our therapists have a personal history of addiction-recovery, so understand.

? No hidden cost or charges unlike other rehabs in Thailand.

? We have the highest ratio of staff to clients, role modelling and peer support are essential.

? After completing our program you will get the opportunity to stay on as a volunteer if appropriate, no other Rehab in Thailand offers this.

? Coming to Thailand means your privacy is completely guaranteed.

? The size of our client group is kept at 20 people, which is proven to be the optimal number to have in treatment at any one time.

? Hope does not accept psychiatric patients who do not belong in a mainstream rehab.

? The extensive facility is the largest in Thailand with almost 3 acres situated high on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Siam in a quiet residential area – well away from the main tourist areas.

? Travel to our facility is the most convenient: after your flight to Bangkok, Thailand, we meet you at the airport and drive you straight to HOPE in 40 minutes. No other rehab in Thailand is so conveniently situated.

? Hope has a beautiful meditation room.


? Hope has the most comprehensive mindfulness program in Thailand, and probably the world practised for hundreds of years here.

? While at Hope you go out as a group activity 4 times per week, whether Friday evening at the fitness park in town and restaurant afterwards or Sunday excursion, it is what we call exposure therapy.

Recovery coaching in the community with your counsellor also helps you to integrate back in the real world. Other Rehabs cannot offer this due to lower staffing.

? We have on-site SMART Recovery meetings and certified facilitator on the team.

? Our clients come from many different countries and backgrounds, mirroring society which makes for a realistic interesting and unique experience.

? You will join the Hope family for life, and always feel part of our growing network of Hopees.

? Our fees and rates are not the absolute lowest because we want to ensure a high degree of effective treatment.

? We have the most intensive treatment program (possibly Globally) keeping you stimulated in order that you are able to learn the important lessons to stay in recovery.

? Hopes pre-admission assessment ensures that we only accept appropriate (addiction/alcohol) clients with a high level of motivation.

? All testimonials and reviews from our clients who have been through other Rehab programs worldwide (despite others costing more) say HOPE is by far the best.

? Hope’s liberal electronic device policy means clients may retain their laptop and phone so long as it’s not a risk to their recovery and they keep them in their rooms.

? The cuisine and diet at Hope are unmatched, with a custom designed menu of a fusion of Thai and western food, freshly sourced from the local market.

? Hope’s 100-page client workbook has been internationally acclaimed created by the HOPE team.


? Our evidence-based program CBT, Mindfulness, 12 steps, fitness, is backed up by an impressive wealth of research.

? Hope Rehab is the only Rehab to accept psychology interns from international university’s

? The only Rehab in Thailand with using didactic therapy methods.

? The option to do daily supported physical fitness activities.

? The only Rehab to have a specialist Muay Thai Boxing trainer.

? We take weekly island beach excursions.

? At Hope, we have regular visits by wild monkeys and Elephants.

? Away from your home environment, you will experience fewer cravings and less interference with your treatment.

? Hope is not a business it’s a recovery lifestyle for all involved.

? Our Program is a professional holistic approach.

? Geographically HOPE has the best position in Thailand, in a pollution free area with a steady uplifting climate all year round.

? All clients attend both onsite and offsite AA and NA meetings.

? All accommodation is ensuite single occupancy.

? Hope is big enough to find your own space – but not so large you feel alone or lost.

? The Rehab facility is made up of 12 substantial buildings, with a varied choice of bedroom to meet all needs. A restored DC 3 passenger airplane, 3 group rooms, Gyms, Restaurants, Pool…..

? Hope has a community family feel that makes for a loving, supportive and caring experience – not a locked-in factory feel.

? Thailand’s service minded people, spiritual culture and unique food make for a pleasurable and comfortable treatment experience.

? Hope is the only Rehab in Thailand with an indoor aircon Gym and out door gym.


Why Choose Hope Rehab?

The key to escaping addiction is to combine your determination for change with the right resources. Even if you are still a bit uncertain of your ability to give up alcohol or drugs completely, the right environment can boost your motivation so this then becomes possible. By choosing an appropriate addiction treatment program, you greatly increase your chances of success. Here are just some of the reasons for why Hope Rehab Thailand might be exactly what is needed.

Hope Rehab Is Where the East Meets the West

Our program emphasizes approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, 12-step work, and mindfulness therapy because these are backed by evidence. We believe it is important to offer you a good selection of therapies because this increases the likelihood you will end up with the tools you need to succeed in the future. There are some local practices here in Thailand that are of value to people in recovery, and we have also incorporated these into our program – e.g. Thai massage, mahasati meditation, and brahma vihara meditation.

You Will Find Support and Understanding in Our Community

Almost all of our therapists and support workers have the experience of dealing with addiction in their own lives. It is also common for clients who pass through the Hope program to stay involved afterwards – some of them even decide to come back as volunteers. This means you will be entering a community of people who have a good understanding of what you have been going through. We have confidence in the Hope program because it allowed us to become free of addiction and it continues to help us on a daily basis – our advice may be of more value to you because it is of ‘do as we do’ variety rather than ‘do as we say’.

Our Location Provides the Perfect Environment for Recovery

Hope Rehab is located in a secluded residential area in Sri Racha, Chonburi. We are less than an hour away from the International Airport. Our treatment center is located on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, and we are surrounded by jungle. It is a peaceful environment where you can begin to recuperate and transform your life. There are some amazing things to see in this part of Thailand, places most foreigners miss out on, and you will get to visit some of these locations during your stay with us.

Our Program Gets Results and is Gaining Respect Internationally

Many clients choose to come to Hope after hearing about us in the media – our facility is increasingly being talked about in newspaper and magazine articles, and there have also been documentaries featuring our treatment approach. We are gaining respect internationally because our program gets results.

Hope Gets the Balance Right between Affordable Treatment and the Comfort of Clients

If you are uncomfortable in your surroundings, it is going to be hard for you to get the most out of any treatment program. This is why we strive to offer a good level of luxury while still providing treatment at an affordable cost. Our accommodation is similar to what you will find in a decent resort here in Thailand, and our facilities include an air-conditioned gym, swimming pool, and ample well-maintained communal areas.

Some Common Reasons Our Clients Give for Choosing Hope

• They were unable to find a similar program at home

• They were impressed by reports of friends or family who had already been to Hope

• They were attracted to a certain aspect of the program (e.g. our Mindful Compassion Program)

• They become curious after seeing pictures or reading blog posts on the website

• They were looking for rehab in Thailand and Hope seemed like the ideal solution

• They had relapsed following rehab somewhere else and wanted to try a different approach



Why Choose Hope Rehab? By Paul G