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Some Reasons Hope Rehab Thailand is So Successful

Some Reasons Hope Rehab Thailand is So Successful

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Why Choose Hope Rehab Thailand?

Going to rehab can be a major turning point in your life. If you have been struggling due to an alcohol or drug addiction, this can be your chance to recover and begin a brand new chapter. A lot will depend on how determined you are, but choosing an appropriate rehab is also going to make a huge difference.

Choosing an appropriate addiction treatment program requires matching your needs to what a facility is capable of offering. You will want to choose a rehab with a good record of success – somewhere like Hope Rehab Thailand.

Here are just some of the reasons our facility is successful:

Hope Rehab Offers the Perfect Environment for Recovery

Hope Rehab is located in a peaceful and secluded location in the hills of Sri Racha overlooking the Gulf of Siam. Thesunny climate and sea air contributes to a positive mental outlook that makes change easier. Being surrounded by so much beauty can also put you in the right mindset for transformation. By coming to Thailand, you will be well away from the usual stresses and addiction triggers, and what once appeared impossible can now be seen as achievable.

The Team at Hope Understand Addiction from the Inside

As well as professional qualifications, almost all of the members of the team at Hope have a personal history of addiction. This means we understand first-hand what you are going though and the difficulties you are likely to face in the future. Working at Hope is far more than a job to us – we are passionate because we know that by helping you we are strengthening our own recoveries. Our personal struggles with addiction mean we have already comprehensively ‘road-tested’ the tools we promote.

The Hope Program is an Evidence-Based Approach to Addiction Recovery

Even though most of our clients choose to stay for longer than one month, it is still impossible to cover everything that may be helpful for your future life – there is just too much that could be included in the program. This is why we limit ourselves to those approaches that are backed by evidence as these give you the best chance of success.

Thai Mindful Movements
Thai Mindful Movements

The Hope Rehab Program Utilises the Best of Western and Eastern Knowledge

It would be kind of strange to travel all the way to Thailand to engage in a program that is no different than what is found in the west. There are local approaches to addiction (e.g. Thai mindfulness practices) that will allow you create a better life, and we include these as a core part of our program.

The Hope Treatment Program Doesn’t End When You Return Home

The Hope aftercare program is there to support you once you return to your normal life. We can stay in touch with the team by phone or email – we also offer possibilities such as mindfulness/recovery coaching via Skype. It is common for ex-clients to come back to see us and some of them become volunteers. We are eager for you to always feel part of the Hope community because ex-clients inspire the newcomers and we want to know how you are getting on.

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